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  1. Hi there . This is my first post in Rwi.I building a 1665drsd. I buy a case from Ruby . But it's not perfect. Can anyone tell me which modder is located in or near China? Will update picture Late. Any useful information is greatly appreciated!
  2. This build was EPIC! Almost two years in the making. The owner was very demanding as he's familiar with the original of this specific year. Dial was redone twice !!! As well as the engravings untill the goal was reached. A great piece resulted of all this good attention. Enjoy the pics !!!
  3. What is the diameter of the O ring that goes under the Retaining ring of a MBW 1665, Ofrei sells a 100 ring package of different sizes will this work?
  4. I am sure that someone has done this before, I have this set of Gent 1665 hands or better said Gen Rolex hand that fit a 1665, some of the lume if coming off, What can i do to stabilize it and stop it from keep falling off? Cheers Cyb
  5. Looking for a Gen Specs 1665 Bezel, for a MBW case, or perhaps a complete Gen Specs Bezel. Any advice where to get one or if you have one that you want to let go let me know Thanks Cyb
  6. as the post says need a pair of movement screw to secure it. let me know if you have those handy, i know that wholesaleoutlet has them, but he will not sell to me
  7. Hi, I a m trying to make a decent 1665 DRSD MK4 with the help of @rolojack. Now I am in the hunting of a good bracelet combo without going gen. Could you help me to find the best 585 end links, 93150 links and clasp to fit the cartel 1665 case? Thanks!
  8. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Cartel maker (aka JKF) who released a load of decent Vintage Rolex recently. I saw on Ryans site that he now offers a second "Best" version that appears to be from a different maker. I don't know in what way it should be better, it's just called "best", so I'm going to keep referring to it as "best" to distinct it from the JKF/Cartel edition. I personally prefer the "best" version's insert. Crown guards appear to be bigger, which isn't a bad thing if you're a modder. I personally don't care about the dials, since I would never wear either one of t
  9. I'm going to purchase a jk factory 1665 for an upcoming build. My question is there any mods that need to be done to fit 26.5mm dials? I'm thinking I will get a dial from Minh and don't really want to have to make major changes to it or the case if I don't have to. Also is there a TD that anyone recommends over the others? I've been in contact with Mary, Toro, and Sead. They all seem about the same price and all claim they can get the JK Factory 1665.
  10. Hi, Do you guys know where I can buy a decent 1665 rolex insert? I saw that pmwf inserts were no more available. I saw the yuki one http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/9020785/10270361.htm and the Phong http://www.jewelryandwatch.com/contents/en-us/d242_Insert_Bezel.html what do you think of these ones and do you know better 1665 insert on the market?(except gen ones of course) thank you for your help.
  11. Hi All, it's my 1st reshape, so I'd like to have some comment from the experts to check if I did a mess or I'm proceeding well. And if you have some suggestion to give me. One crown guard and the relative lug have been reshaped, the other is stock. The lug holes have been already moved to 1.25mm Thank you. GenTLe
  12. As the title says, looking for a gen Specs or gen one 1665 insert thanks
  13. Lost the bezel of my 1665, I am not active in the forum and into watches anymore, priorities in life and a divorce made me realize what I really need. I still have 5 watches that I collected during all these years since 2003. I am looking for a replacement bezel for my MBW 1665. anyone has one or knows where to get one that will fit a MBW case, not looking for a gen one, way too much money for me. Let me know what you have
  14. Hi, I Lost the bezel of my MBW 1665, I am looking for a complete MBMW bezel or if anyone know where to buy one that is close to MBW, please let me know. I have away from the forum for some time as I am not into watches anymore, but I do love the one I have. Let me know what you have. thanks Cyb
  15. Lost the bezel of my 1665 MBW, does anyone knows where can I find one or a replacement that will fir the MBW case Thanks Cyb
  16. Hello all, I will post this text both here and in the sales area so the information is communicated. Just to remind first what drived me into this Rolex Ephemera project : simply to have papers for all my watches, rep and gen. Having a full set is such a nice feeling ! Only, as we all know, Rolex ephemera prices have gone really expensive, and I am not willing to pay over 1k for a blank certificate, or settle for a Date or Datejust certificate with the wrong numbers and all. This is not a business, just an attempt to finance this project. Please do not treat me like a dealer, I am a collector
  17. Hi! Just wanted to show my first build. I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys. Unfortunately the watch is not waterproof, I think it's because the xtal retainer has worn out. Sorry for the bad pics with the fingerprints The specs: Case - Cartel. Reshaped, aged and polished. Lug holes drilled. Caseback - Cartel. Aged, the paint in the engravings removed. Bezel assemby - Cartel. Ssteel made some work to tighten it. Bezel insert - Yuki. Had it in bleach for 15 min for a slight faded effect. Bezel insert pearl - Yuki, relumed by Big Daz Crown - Gen vintage 703. Dial
  18. I'm thinking about a high end Comex 1665 build with possibly a gen Rolex movement and Phong made case but, who has the best Pisani dial? thank you for all your help and input. Max
  19. Hi, can anyone tell me whether the phong 1665 bezel assembly fits on the Cartel 1665 cases? Phong told me they fit on 'genuine rolex cases', but I was hoping I can also use a Cartel case (1500$ for his case set is definitely too steep for me). Thanks
  20. Friends, I am fairly new to this so please bear with me. I recently picked up a semi franken 1665 with gen bezel, crown, crystal (plexi dome), date wheel and and nice relumed patina. It came with an old school MBW case. I have always been a fan of vintage rolex and love this rep. My question here is the watch came with 503 B end links and a decent rep bracelet. The end links were not a very tight fit and the spring bars are very poor. One spring bar has very little to no spring in it so the watch is basically unwearable. My first move was to order the SD bracelet from TC. Total
  21. Hey all, Having trouble locating a specific rep clasp. Anyone have anymore info on this/know where I could source one? See link: http://www.rwgforum....real-after-all/ According to Alligoat, these came on 2006 era DRSD's Any help would be greatly appreciated
  22. Hey everyone, thought I'd start a new thread as the previous two were getting a bit cluttered. Dials arrived today! I would have taken more pictures, but I only have a crappy iphone camera to work with atm. First thoughts: I'm amazed at the level of consistency in regards QC. No dials have any discernible print problems - everything looks crisp as it should. I will be setting up a post in the "parts" section, as I have more dials from this batch available. While I'm extremely happy with the outcome of this batch, I will not be doing another run (so please don't ask me). I want to
  23. One of my favorite watches is my 1665 DRSD with a gen 1570 under the hood. I've been gathering parts to build a 1665 Comex to complement it for some time. After several setbacks, I decided to pick up an already built 1665 DRSD (yes, I now have 2) with a beautiful 1570 in there as well. As i debate which dial to sacrifice, I'm reaching out to all the experts. Both dials are beautiful but very different. My original one has only a faint tint of yellow in it - almost whitish creamy. The new dial is more yellow/orange. I like them both. I swear they are the same dial except for the col
  24. What do you guys think? Gen? Phong/Minh? Cartel? - ok maybe not the last one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rolex-1665-casebody-used-/300924332213?pt=AU_Watches&hash=item46107ce8b5
  25. Just snagged a Phong midcase/caseback, yuki hev, and clarks bezel assembly/crystal from fellow member Think7. All I can say is: WOW. Flawless transaction and the fastest shipping I've ever experienced (coast to coast in 2 days!). I'd like to drop a 1570 in here, but for the moment I will settle with an eta. Does anyone besides yuki sell the eta movement adaptor? I also have an old-school MBW bezel/thin numbers insert - would this be more accurate than the clarks assembly?
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