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Found 24 results

  1. hi guys, got tired of my sparkling looking 1689 and decided to bleach the bezel a bit, now however the bezel looks a bit blueish? see before and after below. what do you think? how far is realistic? please share some photos thanks. specs: cartel case ETA movement gen crow whoopy dial dial hands and insert dot relumed by Kenny gen top hat plexi jassembled by SSTEEl
  2. I've been holding on to an 80's 1680 white service dial and insert for about a year now. My original plan was to put it into an MBW case but once I realized, to make it fit I was going to have to shave the dial down I decided not to go down that route. I have also been away from the rep game for a while. I see this new SH3135 movement being offered by JF Factory. I was wondering, if I bought a Phong case that was more correct spec, would I be able to combine the service dial and this new movement with out cutting the dial feet? Would the date wheel line up and would this movement f
  3. For all of the experts out there, can anyone confirm that this insert looks like a GEN service insert? I would rather not overspend for something from Cartel or other sources. I still am trying to figure out how all you figure out the small nuances between the different type of inserts. I believe the seller when he says that it is a GEN service insert, but given my level of skill in identifying differences, I would feel a lot better with some other confirmation. The seller just overlayed the bezel on his sub to show the look and it does not have a pearl for those wondering. Finally any ideas o
  4. I'm curious about the 1680 and it's crystal. Is it really worth spending $150+ on a GEN crystal when there are replacement T-127 crystals all over the web for $25 or less? I've read some info about a "Black Hole" and witnessed it with a 1680 that I had briefly last year. As I begin this new build, just thought I would solicit some info from all of you experts that know way more than me.
  5. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Cartel maker (aka JKF) who released a load of decent Vintage Rolex recently. I saw on Ryans site that he now offers a second "Best" version that appears to be from a different maker. I don't know in what way it should be better, it's just called "best", so I'm going to keep referring to it as "best" to distinct it from the JKF/Cartel edition. I personally prefer the "best" version's insert. Crown guards appear to be bigger, which isn't a bad thing if you're a modder. I personally don't care about the dials, since I would never wear either one of t
  6. Hey all !!! Today I want to introduce my last mod, a ROLEX Red Submariner 1680 Tiffany. I hope you enjoy it Case: The cheap variant 1680 (dg 2813) by Sead. Crown and Tube: Athaya 702. Bezel Insert: Yuki. Movement: ETA 2846. Dial: GEN Singer stamped dial, custom printed and Refinishing. Hands: Yuki aged. Plexi: 25-127 "CLARK".
  7. Hey guys! I'm sorry but I have been searching the various fora and not finding an answer. I'm trying to replace the T27 on my MBW with a Clark T39. I was able to remove the crystal retaining ring but the crystal would't come out just by pulling. So then I removed the movement and tried to apply pressure from inside with my thumbs but not a single budge. Tried to pry it up from the sides but couldn't get anything underneath it. What else can I try?
  8. I just purchased this service set of a 1680 insert and dial. The dial looks a little different from what I expected. The surface of the dial kind of reminds me of the Yuki I just bought. Not as grainy as I expected. The white print definitely looks much better then Yuki though, much finer. The seller did not state this as a refinished dial, just as a service dial that had possibly been relumed. What do you guys think? Did I get a legit dial? The insert looks 100% gen service insert to me.
  9. So... What's the consensus? A bit fantasy model? I for one, love the non-cyclops plexi. http://www.puretime.watch/shop/product/vintage-submariner-1680-ss-black-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a2824/
  10. Hello all, I will post this text both here and in the sales area so the information is communicated. Just to remind first what drived me into this Rolex Ephemera project : simply to have papers for all my watches, rep and gen. Having a full set is such a nice feeling ! Only, as we all know, Rolex ephemera prices have gone really expensive, and I am not willing to pay over 1k for a blank certificate, or settle for a Date or Datejust certificate with the wrong numbers and all. This is not a business, just an attempt to finance this project. Please do not treat me like a dealer, I am a collector
  11. Dear all, I am building a red sub 1680, currently running on slow beat ETA 2824. Was thinking about Yuki dial but on his website it says that it will ONLY take 1570 movement. Does this mean i can place it on my ETA movement at all ? please help me out here. In comparison, Ingod dials do not mention the movement type at all. Thank you. azbank
  12. Happy to share photo of the 1680 installed. The yuki dial is wrong. The triangle on 12 is too short. I can't find a good red dial. If anyone knows where to find a good dial, please let me know. -Case from PT reshape cg and lug hole by me -Refinish brushed lugs by me -Yuki dial -Athaya crown and tube -Gen vintage insert removed pearl and fade by me -After market bezel and end link -Clark Plexi -fat spring bar spec -PT bracelet + TC clasp -silver date open 6-9 For Rolli I want also to make 1665 Double red, maybe. Thanks for looking.
  13. Hi friends, For the moment I have a bad caseback for my 1680, the look is not gen and I'm looking for another... What do you think for the caseback proposed by Yuki?, I am not idea for this item...Someone has purchased a Yuki caseback's ? or a more specific example photo? Tks very much guys for your answers and have a nice day, jim
  14. To all the modders around the world: I am working on designing my own watch, which is partially based on a sub mid case. I need to have a prototype put together ASAP, and the factory I'm working with is taking its time. Does any modder have a sub midcase that they can reshape for me, whether it be a 16610, 1680, 5512, or 5513? Even if it is from a canal street grade rep, it may be fine. The crown guards would need reshaping, the midcase would need to be thinned, and the lugs would need some reshaping a bit too. Who can offer some assistance with this? Thanks!
  15. Attention all vintage 1680 gurus! Do you believe that this insert is gen? Also, do you believe the crystal is gen? The mag is certainly right. Thanks! P. S. I know the CGs need some work. This is a project.
  16. Hey All, Happy Thanksgiving! I am closing in on my next rep purchase..currently looking at a Rolex 1680 Red Sub from Trusty. Link Here: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_7&products_id=7091 I have analyzed it and was wondering, since 99.99 % of you have more knowledge than I do in this area, I was hoping you all could critic the flaws so I know what I am getting myself into...
  17. Hello all, I understand this must be a variation on the classic " Best Sub" Question, however, I am trying to find a good, if not the best out there, Rolex Red Sub, Vintage 1680. Have any of you had any luck? Any suggestions or direction would be a huge help. Btw, I am noticing a big flaw on some are the silver/metallic date roll....weird...so I am trying to avoid that. Thanks all in advance!
  18. Hi. I'm planning to build a vintage sub and I just have a few questions that some of you may know: 1. I know that a gen 1570 movement runs counter clockwise in winding the hands. How about the date: does it turn clockwise or counter clockwise? 2. Would a 1570 fit an MBW case? If not, what would I need in order to use both? 3. Does the serial numbering on an mbw case run in sequence like the TC or is it a fixed (same) serial numbering all through out production? 4. Has anyone successfully changed the 'Polex' engraving into 'Rolex'? Thanks for your help as these are seldom discussed r
  19. Hey everyone, thought I'd start a new thread as the previous two were getting a bit cluttered. Dials arrived today! I would have taken more pictures, but I only have a crappy iphone camera to work with atm. First thoughts: I'm amazed at the level of consistency in regards QC. No dials have any discernible print problems - everything looks crisp as it should. I will be setting up a post in the "parts" section, as I have more dials from this batch available. While I'm extremely happy with the outcome of this batch, I will not be doing another run (so please don't ask me). I want to
  20. I finally received the last remaining piece of the puzzle for my 1680 build. It came yesterday, but I am actually too tired to do anything with it today. It is killing me because it has taken over a year to find all of the correct pieces. But....I know that I will be in a better frame of mind to work if I get a little sleep. Here she is in all of her glory.... Here are the other pieces to the puzzle (all pieces are new or NOS)... I know that I could have bought one for the price I paid for all of the parts, but there is no fun in that and it would not be as n
  21. Finished these today! Akira
  22. Hi guys! Quick question for the resident vintage experts: Can a old school MBW 1680 be turned into a 5513? Can the plexis and dials be changed over without major problems ! Has anyone ever done this? Thanks for your help!! Cheers Robert
  23. Hi all, what do you think of that built? I still have to change the case -this one started as a cartel case, I'll have a fully engraved one soon- and the crown and I'll be done with it ! I'll put up for sale that case in december. If someone needs it just PM me. BTW, I'm back in China... If anyone needs some cartel watch parts or discontinued models : let me know !!! Mabye can I help.
  24. Here is a pic that I thought some of you good people might be interested in seeing; my gen Red Submariner. It’s the 1680 model and dates from 1972. It used to be my Grandfathers and it’s true to say it doesn’t come out to play very often, but it’s very special to me (both as a rare watch and as a sentimental heirloom). It was last serviced in 2003 at the Rolex service centre in Bexleyheath, Kent (UK) and it’s been keeping good time ever since. A couple of years ago I treated her to an aftermarket Sub box (pictured) and I’ve recently invested in a Modalo watchwinder to keep everything moving /
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