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Found 2 results

  1. I just built this franken 5513. My plan is to use all gen parts eventually. I'm liking the gilt though, so it may be a while before I get bored with it The build list is: Gen 5513 midcase Gen 24-700 crown and 24-7000 tube Ingod gilt dial Yuki case back ST vintage bezel assembly, pearl removed from insert ST t-19 crystal DG 4813 movement Rafflestime #2 movement ring, modded 21j hands, "gilded" Gnomon NATO I settled on an Ingod gilt dial for the franken stage. It's not as correct as some put there, but the Ingod is relatively inexpensive, and more than adequate as a temporary solution. I had an old cartel 1675 case back that fit the gen midcase well, by there was no room for a gasket. Luckily, I found this Yuki from dbane... I used a DG4813 movement. It fits perfectly--the stem hole lines up smack in the center of the case tube, but I had to sand down a Rafflestime #2 ring pretty far to get it to center the movement properly in the case: I rubbed some 21j hands down with 1500 grit paper to produce a gilt effect, then baked them enough to get a decent color match to the dial markers. I popped the ugly base pearl out of the insert and tried to fit an acrylic I have, but the acrylic was too big. So that still needs to be done. But here is the semi-finished product: I still need to find a bezel assembly, a case back, hands, and a movement. But, these will help when I decide to go full-gen:
  2. Looks like his paypal isn't functioning. Does anyone have his email?
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