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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I'm pretty new to building/modifying watches, but I am just finishing my first 1601 datejust franken build, and thought I would share my project with you- hoping to get some tips/ providing some pointers from my experience. I have started another build aswell, and would like to perfect my skills and keep building time pieces with a personal touch :-) this topic will include both projects. #1: - genuine 1601 case - genuine 1601 bezel and acrylic - genuine Rolex tube and crown - ETA 2824–2 - genuine blue dial - Tudor hands - movement holder raffles time #1 (slightly modified) - aftermarket leather strap # 2 - About the same specs but with the pan pie dial - aftermarket Jubilee bracelet (signed 554) ----- Just ask me whatever you want, and I will try to help you out if I can. I would gladly share my experiences/provide tips/pictures/explanations if it could be of any help to others doing similar projects ;-) trim.7BE67496-CB21-449C-8D5A-BD6A5F132EE9.MOV
  2. It was about a few weeks back, LHOOQ and I were discussing Speedies, 1016's or Daytonas...I don't remember. Finally we ended up talking about the "Cartel 7836" bracelet and how well it's replicated, considering the competitors and price. LHOOQ made a nice write-up about it www.rwg.cc/topic/120850-rep-7836-bracelet-photo-review/ He also took a look at the "Yuki 7836" www.rwg.cc/topic/141396-a-look-at-the-yuki-7836 Both show severe problems in the, what I call "connecting link area". They are both weirdly bend in the middle instead of being smooth like the normal middle links. First time I noticed it, never had been a problem for me, probably because I didn't really read his thread attentively Now it was bugging me though. On my 1675: Apart from the angular shape and boxiness of the clasp, the slightly wrong coronet placement and the oversimplified link that connects the bracelet to the clasp, it's a stellar bracelet. These faults are not as visible and instantly noticeable as the "connecting link"! So there we were...I'm not a modder, but have access to very good goldsmith tools - a bit advanced to the average watch working bench. It took me a while to figure out a way to modify the existing links, since I don't have the time or tools to machine completely new ones. (Which is probably easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for JMB ) Anyways, I thought manpower is the way to go... I'm now sharing the almost complete result. (I need to polish it once more and then brush finish it, but it will be two weeks, until I have access to the good tools again and I'm just to excited to wait ) All gen pictures are for reference only and used from their original host location. It's a bit of a dull rainy day, therefore not better light in the pics. Please let me know your thoughts Is it an improvement? Do you think it's necessary or not? Akira
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