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Found 13 results

  1. Here are my thoughts and some of the current crop of 126600 seadwellers. I’m by no means an expert, so these are my basic observations. I currently have 3 different 126600s. I bought the first cheaper version from BP when that was released. Obviously there were a number of issues with that version such as the wrong bracelet width, small font on the insert and the wrong pearl size, shape and height. I haven’t been fortunate enough to see a gen 126600 in the flesh, so my observations are based on comparisons with photos and videos of the gen which obviously doesn’t compare to seeing the real thing. I then bought the BP ‘best’ version when it was released. This addressed the biggest issues, particularly the bracelet width and bezel insert. The pearl on the bezel is lower like the gen but the profile doesn’t look exactly the same as the gen pearl to me. It looks more like a lowered version of a deepsea pearl. The font size and colour seems pretty good and the bezel action is smooth but not too slack, which is good. Recently I also bought the ARF version. For me this is the best version so far. The bezel insert looks particularly stunning. The font colour is lighter and looks much better in low light than the BP best version. The BP colour is lighter than noob v7 but the ARF is lighter than the BP. Also, the font is slightly larger on the ARF bezel but this seems correct when I’ve compared it to gen photos. The BP font is slightly larger than the font on the deepsea v7 but not as large as ARF. The Cyclops on the ARF is also slightly smaller than that on the BP and the magnification seems slightly less. It is true that the bezel teeth are sharper on the ARF compared to the BP and you can feel it when you turn it. On my particular ARF, the bezel action is the most disappointing part compared with the BP. The ARF has more of a rocking action when you press down on it and the action when turned is quite loose and sloppy. I’ve noticed it moving during general daily wear. The action on the BP is much firmer and it does not rock in the same way. This, however, may be just the watch I have. Other ARFs might not have this issue. Both bracelets feel and look good. I’m still in two minds about the 904L thing. At first glance there doesn’t seem to be a difference at all when you compare the 904L and the 316L. However, in certain lights, to me especially in low light, the 904L does seem to reflect the light with more ‘lustre’. I’m not sure if this is an actual difference or wishful thinking. Both the BP best and ARF looked good on the QC pics but on closer inspection once arrived, the cyclops is a tiny bit off being straight and the pearl is not absolutely dead centre on the BP. Everything is spot on on the ARF. There is a difference in the weight of the watches. All the weights are taken with 2 links removed from the bracelets. The original ‘cheap’ BP is 163g, BP ‘best’ is 175g and the ARF is 181g. I have to say that I’ve messed about with the BP cheap version. I swapped out the pearl for an old style one I had hanging around and I swapped the original insert for an old noob deepsea one I had. The insert fit perfectly but it is about half the thickness of the 126600 insert, so it now sits lower down in the bezel a fraction. In all the photos the original cheap BP version is BP1 and it has the white deepsea insert, not its original. Both the BP best and the ARF are great watches but the bezel insert on the ARF is the thing that clinches it for me.
  2. Anyone have anything to say about this one? I searched but I didn't see any reviews. http://www.pf-828.com/0-0-0-rlsd00188-2017-sky-f-43mm-sea-dweller-4000-126600-ss-ss-black-a-2813.html
  3. Hello Everyone, Greetings! Am a newbie in replica watches and i bought these SDDS and Sub in Bangkok 2 years ago. got a few question hope you could help me out thanks ! 1. judging on the picture, could the replica company be identified? 2. if yes, which version could it be? 3. could the movement be identified? 3135/A2386/ETA2386 ? 4. what are the current market value for these? SDDS SUB
  4. I'm going to purchase a jk factory 1665 for an upcoming build. My question is there any mods that need to be done to fit 26.5mm dials? I'm thinking I will get a dial from Minh and don't really want to have to make major changes to it or the case if I don't have to. Also is there a TD that anyone recommends over the others? I've been in contact with Mary, Toro, and Sead. They all seem about the same price and all claim they can get the JK Factory 1665.
  5. Hi, I Lost the bezel of my MBW 1665, I am looking for a complete MBMW bezel or if anyone know where to buy one that is close to MBW, please let me know. I have away from the forum for some time as I am not into watches anymore, but I do love the one I have. Let me know what you have. thanks Cyb
  6. Hello guys im new here and i need some advise or the opinion from you experts out there. I bought a DSSD Blue from a Guy that sells Rep's here in my country and for obvious reasons he wont tell me who or from where he bought it, all i want to know if it is a good rep, older version, piece of crap or if there is anything i can do to make it better. I have never seen the real one in person so i dont even want to use it because im blind here. Below are some pics of the what from different angles and a couple of it side by side of a Gen GMT Batman i own for you guys to compare the loome. Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for the bad pictures.
  7. My Vintage Rolex Collection The time has come to finally show you all my vintage Rolex collection. I love every one of them and still wondering about what should come next. Suggestions? Thanks for watching! - Sub007 Nr. 1: Rolex 16014 Franken Datejust (built by StoneP) Parts: Gen 16014 Case, Gen Tube, Gen Stem& 600 Crown, Gen Caseback, Gen Bezel, Gen Linen Dial, DWO (rep), Clark 25-135 xtal, 2834 movement, Rep Jubilee and ends (Riyi), Gen spec 2.0 mm springbars I´m a sucker for vintage rolex and the Datejust seemed such an elegant and very wearable watch, especially when wearing suits and cuffed shirts. Sourced this watch with StoneP who is just great guy with too many Rolex parts LOL. So when he wanted to get rid of some parts I pulled the trigger. But then the franken bug bit me and I wanted more, more and more...so while I intended to `just` buy GEN dial I ended up buying fully built Franken. But the result is just breathtaking, linen dial is something you have to see in real life and this is a 6 million gen case in pristine condition. Engine turned, I love it and at 36mm it feels so nice on the wrist. Found a very nice rep jubilee on the bay from Riyi002 (what a gentleman) and fitted some gen spec springs to it. Nr. 2: Rolex GMT 16700 (TW Maker with GEN Insert) So I just love this watch because it really adds colour to the black and white of Rolex Sports watches. The rep insert was really bad so I changed it for this GEN insert (required a new bezel as well). And now it looks and feels like GEN to me. Got this particular watch from Marvellous Replica (not sure if he´s TD here) but he is one of my favourite TD´s. This for sure is a keeper!!! Nr. 3: Rolex 5513 Franken Submariner Parts: Cartel 5513 case (Modded to a 1984 5513 by Rolojack), Helenarou Caseback, NOS Swiss ETA 2846, GEN ROLEX 5513 Spider Dial, GEN TUDOR Mercedes Hands, GEN ROLEX 5513 Insert, GEN ROLEX T-19, Aftermarket Bezel Assembly, Athaya 702 tube & crown, Yuki Bracelet and clasp, WSO 580 ends, Gen spec spring bars This was the one that got me all started with vintage Rolex in the first place. It has been discussed by my elaborately on this forum. And thanks to the great craftmanship of Rolojack and assembly and watchmaking skills of DR3M3L (Mod at RWI) this baby is now finished. Love the clean look of it and the gen spider dial is really making this a one of kind 5513. Nr. 4: Rolex 16600 Seadweller Parts: Stock BP SD with TC Dial, TC hands, TC insert, TC bracelet & clasp, GEN 704 Crown, Swiss ETA movement This baby originally comes from @OCCB2 who is by far one the greatest guys I ever met on the forums. True gentleman and went out on a limb to get this baby safe from CONUS to EU. It originally came with TC crown but fitted one of my 704 crowns as the TC kept slipping. And now it is a nice and steady beater with great lume, has date but no cyclops (so no issues LOL) and TC parts surely make this one badass rep that could certainly meet up with GEN.
  8. I've been searching forums and I came across a rolex rep called SSD, hearing enough praise for it's beauty and close to gen physical attributes with functional HEV. Can anyone tell me what is SSD and where can I get one, Is there an updated 2015 version?
  9. Dear all, before I start I want to thank this really nice community! I already bought some nice pieces here from some members and met some really friendly people - Also from Germany or Netherlands. Lots of support here!! I did not know that the scene would be so big in Germany too. Sorry to copy and paste that from my other two threads. But I am really impressed here! So this time no work log. I just want to show you my daily watch I bought from "dutchguy2" and of course I would love to read your feedback and I have one question. Specs: SSD V2 GEN crown CGs trimmed by Jackjo Bezel insert shaved by Jackjo Watchmaterial pearl installed by Jackjo Caseback and crown seal lubed by Jackjo Bracelet Lubed and buffed by Jackjo Relumed with Tritec C1 super luminova Movement serviced and regulated to +2 seconds a day First questions: What else should I change to GEN? I think this is already close to perfect. Might only consider a GEN insert with pearl. What do you say? The bracelet does not look as good compared to a GEN watch. What is closer to GEN? This? Any other ideas? I do not like the space between the links. Depending on the year of the watch I do not need to drill holes for the drill lug holes, right? So what are your thoughts? Any other ideas or hints or feedback? Thanks!!
  10. I'm thinking about a high end Comex 1665 build with possibly a gen Rolex movement and Phong made case but, who has the best Pisani dial? thank you for all your help and input. Max
  11. Hi All, just got this new addition in a perfect service from Andrew (Trustytime). For the IWC I ordered together with this I was quite picky because of misaligned dials but also got a replacement and new qc-pictures after several tries. When it arrived after an eternally long, unsusual shipping time of over 4 weeks I have to say I am overly pleased with both watches as I did not go for the expensive ones this time and these are really good. This is the 16600 Classic Sea Dweller SS Black Asian 2813, ultimate, superlumed version which I took quite some time to choose: New Breed Nickle Plated Asian 2813 Automatic Movement, 25J, Highbeat 28800bph, Rolex Style Perforated Rotor CASE DIAMETER: 40mm THICKNESS: 14.5mm DIAL COLOR: Black Dial, Superlume White Dot Markers Waterproof to 100 m factory tested (a little bit less than the original but it should be enough....) I really have to say I think this Seadweller is my kind of watch, love to wear it, works 100% (certainly had a lucky day when ordering this) runs +1 sec a day (!) Want to wear this as a daily beater, either with bracelet or nato-strap and swim with it after applying Nyogel (Synthetic Hydrocarbon Gel) to the stem and post a review in one years time. These are the first pics, with time I will get better ones. Up to the pics now: The bezel is just one click off, didn´t notice it when taking the pics, adjusted it later.. Side by side with the 116610 Ceramic Submariner which was not my first choice because of too big hands and dots and blue lume, but I have to say it has also grown on me in the last few weeks because I had no alternative to wear and I really started to like it also, lets see what I prefer in a Year from now:) and finally a lume-shot of the 16600 Seadweller (bezel one click off on pic, its perfectly centered otherwise) Love the more classic 16600 design (same goes for the Sub) and with time...... This is a nice, solid watch, definitely and the lume is very good, pearl included. The rotating bezel has 1/10th of a mm play in it, 120 solid clicks otherwise, on the ceramic its a touch better, but that's nitpicking. The bracelet on the 116610 Sub is superior and adjustable. The diving extension on this one did not try it out yet . These new Seadwellers seam quite perfect to me the sapphire glass itself and the height/thickness look good, so I´d appreciate all true specialists to point out which flaws there are (datewheel?) and what is different (or similar) to the gen. Any comments from the Forum very welcome. Time is what prevents everything from happening at once . ~ John Archibald Wheeler
  12. Reps have come a long way since I last played. What can $128 buy you? Lets take a look (Green arrow for Gen, Red for Rep): First Tell is the Pearl of the Bezel Insert. But to this day, it is the most common mistake on a rep: I bought a Clarks Replacement Bezel insert : http://www.ebay.com/...#ht_1240wt_1396 But I do not know yet if I am only taking the pearl or replacing the bezel. Because the Bezel Font is spot on: 0-15 minutes: 20 minutes: 30 minutes: 40 and 50 minutes: In fact, most of the watch face is spot on: Slight angle to show the Hour Marker Surrounds are correct thickness: Even the lume is accurate: Bezel Teeth is correct: Now on to the case: The second biggest tell is the Escape Valve. The Gen is polished while the Rep is dull: [bLINK]CORRECTION:[/bLINK] I have been informed that later SDs have matte escape valves, so this is accurate per serial #M of the rep. Crystal is just slightly taller: Crown position is lower than gen: Lugs are pretty close: The Caseback is the closest/ best I have ever seen, correct font and Rolex Crowns: On to the Bracelet: This is where it fails, but no one will see it: Clasp: Weight and feel is EXACTLY the same: Video of Movement sweep: https://vimeo.com/42226379 CONCLUSION: Overall a GREAT OUT OF THE BOX BUY FOR $128 + shipping from ANDREW of Trusty. I bought it here: http://www.trustytim...roducts_id=9252 With minor modding, Change the Pearl (or Pop it out) you have a great rep. I liked it so much, I ordered a 2nd one as a backup. I always have a backup to my favorites. Others have swam in the pool with it and have no problems. I have not tested that, yet. UPDATE: NEW PEARL ON FACTORY BEZEL I just changed the Pearl. Took the pearl from an ebay aftermarket bezel for my 14060: CHANGING THE PEARL I used an exacto knife to lift the old pearl out of the bezel. I chose to do this over taking the whole bezel out. I am really good at mauling inserts trying to insert them back. BEFORE: After "lifting" the bad pearl out and comparing to Gen and the New Pearl New Pearl sat too high, hand drilled with a drill bit, ONE TURN AT A TIME. Shave and test set the pearl, shave and test set. Try to shave while forcing more pressure on the BASE of the upside down triangle so you can keep most of the TIP of the triangle. Took me 2 turns only. You want the friction of the bezel vs the cup of the pearl as the main source of holding it in. I added a dab of crazy glue around the cup for insurance. AFTER: 5/29/12 UPDATE: POOL TEST Whats Memorial Day without BBQ and Pool time! I swam with the SD shallow and Deep End, NO PROBLEMS whatsoever. I just checked again (day after) and no condensation inside. BUT ALWAYS RINSE your watch (gen or rep) after going into the pool to wash off the salt or chlorine from the O-rings.
  13. I purchased this watch (http://www.1-pc8838.com/0rlsd00177-classic-dweller-a2813-p-12018.html) from Perfect Clones and found the bracelet to be AWFUL...something that would come out of a gumball machine so I am looking for a bracelet to purchase for it. The head is decent...looks great but the crown seems to rub the crown guards which I can live with. I am very much a Newbie and can barely put the bracelet on and off let alone file or sand end links to make it fit. Can anyone point me to a bracelet that will fit and where to buy it? The crappy one on it now says "93250" on it but information about the Gen is that it was supposed to be a "93160" with "592" end links? In the meantime I am thinking a Zulu 20mm strap would work?
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