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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I am looking to buy a rep Tag Heuer watch. Please let me know websites that are trustworthy. I am in US. Thanks.
  2. Check out the item posting on Trusty Time at ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=3407 Ok, so, onto the review. I unwrapped this beautiful rep today and couldn't have asked for more. It's made from a genuine used as sample (not 100% sure what that means, but assuming the casing is gen?) and it weighs in at just under 150g, so very substantial. It is, without a doubt, flawless. The detail is extraordinary, and the mechanism/complication works without an issues whatsoever. There was a light blue film on the crown and the start/stop, but this came off with my thumbnail, and as it was visible in the QC I have no issues with it. In addition to buying the watch, I also splashed out on a Tag Heuer box, as I feel an item of this quality needs a good home when it's not on my wrist. Again, I wasn't disappointed, and the leather/wood finish was indistinguishable from the real thing. My only little niggle, and it is a little one, is that the strap feels a bit plasticky, but this may resolve when the leather softens over time. Now, I can't finish this review without saying a few words about Andrew and Trusty Time. I have been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the incredible level of customer service. Every response was dealt with almost immediately, he has been courteous, helpful and efficient. Oh, and the item was delivered within 10 days of being paid for. What more could I ask for? And now, on to the pictures...
  3. Ok, so it's been out on the open market for nearly two years now, but as far as I can see, the reps haven't even considered trying to create their own version of the stunning Microtourbillons Tag (to my mind, the most beautiful watch ever made). So what do the members think? Am I asking too much of the Chinese? Will there ever be a functioning Microtourbillons Tag on the rep market? ( I mean, come on, if they can create carbon forged AP's this can't be totally impossible, right?). Love to hear your thoughts... tagheuer.com/int-en/luxury-watches/tag-heuer-carrera-mikrotourbillons-watch calibre11.com/tag-heuer-double-tourbillon/
  4. I have long been attracted to the Aquaracer Auto Chrono Date only version because it nicely fit my relatively small wrist. The watch itself is 41.5mm. Having tried on the upgraded version with Day-Date, I felt a little too big for me. This older version has been sold out from official Tag stores where I live and I could not find any replica of this watch - only Day-Date version is available. Correct me if I'm wrong here. This is perfect candidate to be my outdoor-active watch as oppose to my current dress watch mini-collection. Now I found a seller selling a second hand GEN and I would love to hear from the community here of what you guys think of it. Here are the photos: Love to hear you comments here. Cheers!
  5. I'm a newbie so I can't post images or links, but does anyone know if there is a rep of the subject watch? It's the all black with rubber strap and red numbering. Item CAU111A.FT6024. I haven't seen anything discussed on the site and I don't see it on the dealer websites.
  6. I know it can't be just me and I guess this was sort of discussed in another thread a few months ago posing the question - Your thoughts on TAG Heuer as a brand? Well I have a new question, Why does Rolex get tons of credit for their parachrom hairspring while the watch world questions the validity of TAG Heuer as a brand. Sure, they made Quartz watches... still do, but so do Breitling and Omega. They use ETA based movements in a lot of watches, Breitling, IWC, Omega would never do that though?????? TAG Heuer spends lots of Cash on advertising and sponsorship - Kind of like any big brand in the watch world. And while watch snobs look down their collective noses at TAG Heuer they are busy doing this... Okay, Okay, Anyone can make an ultra high beat movement that beats at 7,200,000bph, they're already close with 28,800bph, yep, close enough! But I guess that's all that TAG Heuer has done recently..... What does Pendulum mean? does it mean that TAG Heuer has successfully created the first watch in history to be regulated without a hairspring, can't be. Now they went ahead and created a Twin Tourbillon 1/100th Chronograph and instead of stopping there they went ahead and.... regulated both Tourbillon with their pendulum magnetic oscillator. Have I seriously overlooked something or can the conversation shift toward why TAG Heuer is the most innovative Watch builder in the business? Discuss, Ha!
  7. Hi, so this will be my first post here on a replica Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 36. I thought i would share my thoughts on this low-end replica watch. And of course post some pictures I bought this watch from Priceangels as an experiment, but because of its superb design (for me the dial and brown and white contrast) I started using it as my daily "beater". So for the first months it held up great and it harvested lots of compliments. But suddenly the dial-ring (turning part located over the watch-face) pusher/control fell off and rendered useless. But I liked the design so I made some effort to repair it and kept using it. Another sign of the low-end watch was that the Chronograph function never worked - Hence it being a a21 movement. On the positive side, the whole dial was beautiful with nice details and good print and carvings. Whenever my friends checked it out they didn't even consider that it was fake. And i was impressed as well. And maybe not in the replica world, but otherwise the most important function: Timekeeping was very precise a few seconds +/- each day and i could comfortably trust its timekeeping. In addition the power reserve surprised me with about 16h. Otherwise the watch lens produced almost no reflections which made it great in sunny conditions, but i think a plastic material was used so scratch resistance wasn't great. Furthermore the date function was fully working and easy to adjust. Which meant that the two key elements of this watch was working and the watch was doing its primary job. In conclusion it was/is a great looking watch with an elegant leather strap (though not of highest quality) an exquisite dial and accurate timekeeping. This was a great short term daily beater, but due to its quality this watch is not in it for the long run. I'll leave my first post with some pictures for you to admire its design. Best regards -C/P Ps. Is there a review of the Omega Seamaster 300m chronograph Ceramic, in BLUE?
  8. Lost some of the Bold Design, smaller size (41mm), lost some originality and became looking like another common dive watch. At least for me. Looks good but looks more like an invicta. The ceramic bezel is cool, although. BTW the old model is still in production http://www.calibre11...r-500m-ceramic/
  9. hi, I was trying to find the TAG HEUER microtimer ca111..male editions, since they were also made for women. TAG stopped the production of the genuin last year. Any ideas who sells them? cheers approciate ALL input and suggestions
  10. Hi all, I buy from PriceAngels Tag Heuer Carrera 36, but watch was defected. Is anyone know where can I get/buy just movement? One wheel inside is broken, i tried with two others cheap Chinese watches but they have different movement. Maybe is this Asian 21J ? Can anyone help me? Thank you all.
  11. So I had this watch worked on by our resident modder, Vaccum ... if you read my post in the Tag area, don't spoil it for people who might want to guess ... can you see what's changed? I think the watch is better for it.
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