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Found 1 result

  1. I had a bit of an odd situation with servicing a 2824 to fit my replica Bond Omega. Movement was working fine and in hindsight somehow regret touching it! Have successfully serviced 20 of these without a problem, so am I learning something new? followed the exact recipe of making sure that the gear train was spinning freely and recoiling upon stopping, checked that the pallet fork flicked from side to side upon a couple of turns of wind. Placed in the balance, fully hand wound it and a after a few swings it stopped! after careful examination and sequential disassembly, noticed that the third wheel bottom pivot had broken! Bummer!! These are hard to replace,but was lucky to have other dud movements to find a couple of spares! Carefully assembled it with great caution and the same happens with balance wheel stopping after a minute! Can lightening strike twice? In my case if did! Bottoms pivot of third wheel broke again! Cannot suspect any bent pivots or cracked jewels as it was working fine before I awoke sleeping dogs! Could the mainspring have put too much pressure on the gear train while I was gently had winding before putting on automatic assembly? Can anyone solve this riddle? I am baffled? 😮
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