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Found 7 results

  1. Why? I have been watching the dealers closely for weeks now, hoping for the new Omega 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition. Instead they have produced the Aqua Terra James Bond 15,007 G in multiple colors and I'm trying to figure out, Why? the Omega Edition is a blue face with yellow accents. The dealers (PT, TT, KW) began offering that model months ago... but just this week it has been released in 'all new' white face, grey face, black face on black leather, brown leather, SS or seemingly any mix of the above... even the bumble bee 15,000 G seconds hand has reappeared on some models. I do realize the adage is 'different strokes...' but do people really line up to buy a LE watch that is obviously by color, etc. incorrect? or, maybe it's just me.
  2. Hello everyone. I have just started getting into reps. This whole world is very interesting! I love that you guys are all here for each other. Since I am new I have only been able to look around for a little bit, but still feel lost. there are a lot of things to look for when looking for a good rep. With that said I am having a hard time finding a rep for this Omega AQUA TERRA 150 M OMEGA CO-AXIAL ANNUAL CALENDAR 43 MM I really like it cause I like that way watches around the 43mm-45mm look, and look on me. is there anyone out there that can help guide me in the right direction I have looked at pureti.me and they have one I think but it is the smaller version (the one that is only the date and not the calender/date) and also trusty time, but they don't have it. Those are the only two sites I have found that people say or trust worthy. is there other places to be looking? I tried doing a search for this watch on here, but didn't find anything. Thank you all for your help in advance and thanks for helping a noob to this world. sorry I am new and can't post a pick or link yet. Cheers
  3. This is a continuation of the thread where I reviewed Trusty Time and the Planet Ocean. Following the successful purchase of a 42.5mm Omega Planet Ocean I decided to purchase a present for my mother and to treat myself to another watch. I decided to buy the Swiss movement Aqua Terra (Black) for myself and a Constellation Eagle (Quartz). I originally decided to get the Blue Aqua Terra but after seeing the QC pictures the shade of blue did not even look close to the gen so I thought I would play it safe with black. After waiting patiently for delivery I finally managed to get the packages. I slowly examined my mother's watch to check the quality of the metal etc and clasp etc. I then proceeded to check that it actually worked after fiddling around with it for several minutes the watch did not seem to actually work and I thought that the battery must have been dead, in addition the watch was too small for my mothers wrist and there were not enough links for included and it was quite tight on her wrist. I then went on to inspect my Aqua Terra and found the watch to feel a lot lighter than my Planet Ocean, its as it the links were hollow or something and the watch felt like it was an obvious rep. It felt pretty flimsy and the movement was actually loose. Andrew at Trusty Time assured me that I would be getting a sturdy one as the factory does "checks" before they are sent out. After looking at the watch for a few moments I was find as I was just happy it worked. so I wound the watch and started wearing it. about 20 minutes the watch started to stop when the second hand reached the 23rd minute marker. I was advised by Andrew to smash the watch hard against my hand to get the watch going again, which it did, but this is not a practical solution. I emailed him several times saying that I wanted two new watched that worked and that I wanted a different watch entirely or even a different model because I do not want the hassle of going through the whole process if the "fixed" watches messed up again. he said that this was not possible and I could only get it refurbished. I was seriously pi55ed off because I had spend over £500 on buying watched from him and he wants to refurb me these two broken watches, I paid the full price for a brand new rep and he wants to fob me off with these broken reps? I am currently in the process of sending these back to the factory and they will no doubt take months to get these back to me. I wanted to let you all know that whilst some replicas are good the AQ and the constellation are not so I would avoid these two models in particular. the look great on the pictures but we all want a watch that can tell time right ... I'll keep you all updated with the process. Thanks.
  4. I tried searching this topic but could not really find anything Is there any forum/site where you can request models of reps? I ask this cause I really love the Omega Aqua Terra models.... Now there are may sites that have them but they have the slightly older models that are all around 38/39mm but Omega makes the other Aqua Terra models that are a little bigger. ( I know they make the XXL models too that are on some sites but that is 49.5mm!!!!!! little to big for me) but the other models are 43mm-44mm and they look amazing! a few examples http://www.omegawatches.com/collection/seamaster/aqua-terra-150-m/co-axial-annual-calendar/23110432203002 http://www.omegawatches.com/collection/seamaster/aqua-terra-150-m/co-axial-gmt/23110432203001 http://www.omegawatches.com/collection/seamaster/aqua-terra-150-m/co-axial-chronograph-44-mm/23110445006001 I am trying to find these cause I don't want to diver timer on the outside of the face. Just not my style anymore. I really love the more elegant look of the Aqua Terra's. So does anyone one know where I could request/ask/order one of these bigger models? Cheers
  5. The red mark on the back is just a protection sticker I had yet to remove. The watch is from Watcheden and keeps great time and I think its great. Thinking about doing a dw and logo change at some point to make it more genlike.
  6. Hi all, New to this forum and this is my first post so apologies if the answer is here somewhere right in front of my nose. I'm looking to buy a good replica Seamaster Aqua Terra Mid Size ( Loved it in Skyfall. Guess my price range would be €150-€300. Can some experienced hands recommend a good replica dealer? I've read posts about "Stan" and other names but I have no idea what dealers they refer to. A link to their website would be great. I would like a water resistant model. FWIW, I live in the EU. Thanks in advance, Randy
  7. Hey guys ordered my first rep this- http ://www.yourtrustytime.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_66&products_id=390 expecting delivery tomorrow I want to change the bracelet to a navy croc/gator/leather strap with matching stiching as close as possible to this:http://www.buzzaboutwatches.com/iwc-2/mens-watches/ Can somone inform me what size do I need to be looking for and perhaps also where I could source a simillar strap from (perferably within UK)? Thank you!
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