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Found 16 results

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen - I am in love with this piece!!! I might opt for the gen in time (gotta save up like a normal person lol) but wondering if anyone has seen or expects a quality rep? https://monochrome-watches.com/tudor-black-bay-fifty-eight-39mm-79030n-review-price/ Seems like everyone is focusing on the boring new Rolex 39mm models....and this fake 904L steel. Lame. Do you guys like it?
  2. Gloriously long name Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue
  3. Hi guys, Really need your input! Got this one some time ago, but have no idea if it's Gen, it's should be.. at least it looks nice. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys, Really need your input! Got this one some time ago, but have no idea if it's Gen, it's should be.. at least it looks nice. Thanks in advance!
  5. I recently lost the pearl of my cartel Tudor Black Bay. so I ordered a bezel insert from Helenarou. Color is slightly different depending on light angle. Snaps right in. I didn't even need Hypo Cement or anything. Just wanted to let you know as I myself like to find this kind of information.
  6. It's here, Just released the Tudor Heritage Black Bay in Bronze Trusty has them, not sure whom else does at this time, but this should be popular... http://www.ttw8488.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=352&products_id=14986
  7. Hi everyone, First time post after a while lurking, can't rate the place highly enough. Been looking for a rep Tudor Black Bay Black but wanted to ask those of you who have bought any reps a few questions I've seen many versions on the black bay going all the way to v4. But these only seem to apply to those carrying the red bezel (beautiful but not to my taste). Has anybody here bought a black bay black they would recommend? And how does it compare to the various "v2/3/4" red versions? Any one willing to share pictures or emails of dealers you purchased them from would be really appreciated! Thanks guys
  8. I would like express my appreciation to Sead which help me to purchase this Tudor BB Red from ZF . Initially I have ordered IWC Laureus Sport For Good foundation but the marker on 12 is not aligned hence have decided to change to BB. It took 1 week to arrive and the watch is very sharp and very nice IMHO except that the dial seems very dark compare to all picture that posted in forum. Sead have been very patience to let me run through all QC pictures , raised up all concerns and looking from a better option from the IWC Laureus to Tudor BB. To me it is very important during the purchase process. Highly recommended to deal with Sead!! After resize the bracelet and oil bath, it is good to go and really to be wear during New year eve party!! Happy New year everyone !!
  9. The Black Bay is a beautiful watch, gen and rep. That said, what stinks is that the Pearl is a giveaway, and so is the dial. Raised type and texture missing on the rep dial. I wish they fixed these two things and I would buy buy buy. Does anyone know if these have been updated on the newest version?
  10. Hey gang, just found this interesting link on the Bay while looking for some parts for my Snowflake Franken... There is a seller in Singapore that is apparently making custom solid stainless end links to be used on Tudors like the Black Bay and Heritage chrono, so that there is not a gap between the case and strap with bands and NATOs. Kind of expensive, but I thought it a neat idea for some of us that are really a bit anal-retentive with things like this. >> http://www.ebay.com/itm/CUSTOM-STRAP-END-LINKS-FOR-ROLEX-TUDOR-BLACK-BAY-BIG-BLOCK-THC-AERONAUT-GMT-/321252671142?pt=US_Watch_Bands&var=&hash=item4acc26bea6 (Note that I am not the seller, nor do I know the seller, but thought that it was an interesting idea, albeit a little expensive for some non OEM parts).
  11. My Bezel on the Black Bay seems to have way to much play in it. Is this common? Any know fixes besides Dental Floss?
  12. Various close ups of the dial and hands Crown Bracelet clasp Case back and SELs My thoughts on it so far; overall it is a very, very nice rep. the dial is lovely, as are the hands. The talk about being able to see the difference in the gold colouring of the hands and the dial markers - I can't see it in the flesh. Maybe there is a slight difference in the colour of the lume (in daylight) but it's more obvious in pictures than in real life. Bracelet is lovely and solid. SELs fit snugly. Clasp is nice and positive - if anything it's a little too tight to undo the main clasp. Like a lot of other people have commented, the bezel is slack (side to side movement) and the ratches is "almost not there", and this is the major negative. Downsides i've noticed:- * Bezel, weak click spring, side to side movement (a user has taken up the slack with a piece of coke can cut to a washer shape and has reported a huge improvement) * Clasp - a bit tight to open, but with wear it will become just perfect. Also if you look at the clasp image showing the three holes for the micro adjustment, I think these holes are a fraction too small and the spring pin doesn't seem to fit into them properly - a bit of a concern as if the spring pin comes out, the watch may drop off your wrist. * Crown - it has approximately 1 turn from thread engaging to screwed down - not much and I hope it's not another Omega PO crown thread disaster - a little bit of TLC, smoothing the threads and a touch of grease to try to enhance their longevity will be a good thing. * Bracelet screws - This is really the norm for any rep bracelets with screw in pins. They're made with low tolerances, and so as soon as the pin has been screwed into a bracelet section, they'll force the threads on both parts so they "mate" with each other. If you are careful and put the pin back into the segment it came out of, it goes back in nicely and without any problem. Mix the pins up and force them in and I bet the threads will strip very quickly. Just common sense really. Overall : I really like it. Very good job, and for the price, a damn good watch!
  13. Just received this watch a few hours ago. Had to post a few pics and first impression thoughts. Now i cant compare this to a gen, so all observations are general. I compare fit/finish against other reps like Pam111 and SOSF v2. Bracelet: Was very "rattely" upon arrival. I soaked it in Rock n Roll lube and washed it off. Now if feels very good. No hard edges. Clasp snaps in as it should. SEL fit and endlinks are just great. Case: It collects fingerprints like an iphone screen! I find myself polishing the case with my shirt all the time. The inside corners on the lugs are razor sharp. Maybe its possible to sand thoose down. Otherwise the case is good, sits great on the wrist. Crystal: AR is good. Better than my Noob 111, but not as good as the SOSF v2. Its raised but i don't think its as doomed as the gen. I think.. Color hands/indexmarkers: We know they are not the same color. But you wont notice this on the wrist. This is a non issue. Dial: Just great. Pure class and good execution. Bezel and pearl: Biggest letdown of the watch. It turns pretty easy, but its a 60 click bezel. Maybe it should be like that, but im so used to 120 click bezels so it feel strange. It also feels "sheap" when you turn it, it has a bit of play and the pearl does not center 12 marker with a click. Its between clicks if you know what i mean. pearl is centered and looks good. I know an updated pearl will be released, i don't see any reason to change this pearl. A non issue for me. Conclusion: I have waited for this watch for over a year. Been following the RG thread daily. I had high expectations. But when my boss bought the gen i told myself that this would be a C&R. But im not so sure anymore. Its a stunning watch with a lot of character. The grey dial and gold hand is just purse sex. Its a small watch, but wears pretty big. This is something ppl notice. The feel of the watch is very good, im starting to really love it. I highly recommend this watch. Go get it Now on to the pics.
  14. Hello Gents just a quick post to let members know that the raffles are the real deal and please believe you can be a winner! I never win anything and this is very exciting. I'd like to share a few quick pics! Again Thanks so much Mike, RWG, and all the members that made this happen!
  15. Just a quick post regarding the recent purchase a friend of mine made. This is his first forray into the luxury watch market and he got himself an excellent deal on a Tudor Black Bay from a local AD. He shot me a message to show me a wrist shot and a couple other pics but was concerned because it wasn't ticking. He had given the watch a full wind of about 20 crown rotations, given it a gentle shake to get the balance going and he still had nothing. He assures me that there is resistance when he turns the crown so it's probably not a mainspring break and when he shakes it he describes the watch as "trying to sweep" normally, even without the main spring being wound you will get 5 seconds of sweeping just from the natural oscilation of the ballance wheel. but he's not getting even that. I suggested the possibility that the hair spring could be damaged or the balance could be binding and unable to move and if even one reducing gear is binding then the movement will be dead. Do any of our experts have a suggestion as to what could be wrong with this watch, this is just out of curiosity as he plans to have the watch exchanged for a new one and wash his hands of the problem. and for the record, this Black Bay on the distressed black leather strap looks incredible, I just love it and am kind of jealous.
  16. Is any factory will making rep Tudor Black Bay? still don't hear news for it? do anyone know? thanks
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