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Found 11 results

  1. My new line of retro/vintage inspired blue straps. These hides are fantastic! No two straps will be the same, the texture, colour, finish, texture and characteristics are different depending on where I cut. Custom orders available just fire me a PM or email @ [email protected] Shipping - Canada/USA - $7 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $15 (tracked/insured) Rest of World - $8 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $20 (tracked/insured) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 270mm w/o buckle - Blasted 3 ring hardware with matching Pre-V screw-in buckle - $50 2. 125/75, 24/24, 3mm thick - soft/no break-in required - $40 3. Classic stitchless 125/75, 26/26, 3mm thick - soft/no break-in required - $40 4. 120/75, 24/21, 3mm thick - soft/no break-in required - $25 (due to 21mm buckle size) 5. 125/75, 24/24 w/ aged Pre-V buckle - This one is incredible in person (see above on Egi) - $75 6. 120/75, 22/20 - Simple comfy, thin (see above on Squale) - $55 7. 120/75, 22/22 - Nato style keepers, buckle - $55 8. 130/80, 24/24 - $50 9. 130/80, 26/26 - Denim (edges will fray giving vintage look over time) - $45 10. 125/75, 24/22 - white edges - $40 11. 130/80, 22/22 - Painted white edges - $40 12. 130/80, 23/23 - Painted white edges - SOLD 13. 130/80, 24/24 - $50
  2. Hi! What do you think about this model? http://www.pf-828.com/0-rlst00003w-116613-blue-14k-tt-sub-swiss-2836-3135.html?___SID=U I don't know in what factory it's made. I know there are some other popular gold wrapped models on this model but my "problem" is that i need a detachable half-link to fit my 6-o'clock side wrist like this model have (confirmed by TD). Not many other 116613 reps provides that.
  3. I love this watch, was a little peeved to have some hour hand scuffs on the face from the factory. QC photos didn't show it. Still amazing though.
  4. Gloriously long name Tudor Black Bay Bronze Blue
  5. This example arrived today from another member sale (pumpkineater123). I spent an hour polishing the case, greasing/waterproofing the seals, cleaning the inner case, cleaning the hands and centering the date wheel in the window. It is a nice dress piece for those blue days and is going to work great with jeans and a sweater. With a suit...perfection. The dial outside of the case is quite incredible....better radiant blue color and sunburst than the current Patek Nautilus, in fact. Super rep level that will never be questioned in the wild given the 2011 vintage and limited 1000 unit run. Enjoy a few photos of my work.
  6. Hey guys, has anyone bought the "new" blue dialed YM in Angus' Site? The blue dial really got me and I was wondering if you have some pictures.. Looks pretty good imho. Price tag is alright but I'd like to see some pictures in the sunlight for example I'd appreciate it.
  7. Hi chaps, I'm relatively new to Omegas but have found one that I love and am hoping you might be able to assist me with a few noob questions! I've read through pretty much every related thread so hopefully they won't be too painful. Big thanks to everyone for the info/reviews, particularly Cougar and Khashayar. This will be my first rep. I came to RWG for a Breitling Navitimer but the inaccuracies and the fact that there will be a new model in circa 6 months put me off. The Omega model I'm looking to purchase is this one on Trusty: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=11114 Firstly, is this model the new rep from the noob factory, or the older one from BP just updated with a new strap? I understand the noob one will be of higher accuracy and that there has been a delay in their rep coming out. If this is the BP one, would you advise I wait? This one looks pretty damn good to me! Secondly, is there anything I should keep an eye out for when it comes to QC? I've seen that the pearl being as close to centre as possible in the triangle is something that can vary and also the straightness of the '12' marking. Is there anything else I should ask Andrew to try to avoid for me? I'm a bit of a perfectionist so would like to pick up the best possible version. Thirdly, could anyone advise what the correct box would be for the gen of this model? I'd quite like to pick one up to go with it and found the following two on Trusty. Wooden: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_102&products_id=2056 Leather: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_102&products_id=727 Lastly, it may sound ridiculous but for clarity what is the correct term & acronym for this model? I've seen a large number of acronyms (CrPO, POLM, ti) related and also some numbers, e.g. 300. From what I understand, this model is made from titanium, has a ceramic bezel (on the gen) and is made from titanium - does that make it a POLMCrTi?! Many thanks in advance for the help/patience, much appreciated.
  8. So after a shaky start with my BP Omega PO Cr Ti, I have finally got round to replacing the bezel insert and taken some pics now I’ve got rid of the awful original pearl. I’m not going to post a full review as khashayar has done an excellent job of that here, but would like to share a few thoughts. The titanium weight is great. At first it reminded me that it was a rep in the way that a lightweight quartz model would, but now I find it so comfortable that I can’t imagine wearing anything else as my daily beater. The lume is exceptional, I’ve never seen anything like it. The AR is excellent. Crystal disappears at most angles and has a pale blue hue from others, which is apparently true to gen. Only slight disappointment is that the crystal or AR has picked up a few scratches. The rubber strap is honestly the smoothest rubber I’ve ever felt. In fact the inside of the band doesn’t even feel like rubber, it has a sort of powdery feel. Apparently some gen bracelet owners have purchased the rep strap and I can see why. The detail on the stitching is exceptional and the clasp is very solid feeling. The bezel. This is my favourite part of the watch now that I have updated it. I bought my PO in October 2013 and a new batch was introduced by BP in November 2013 with a much improved ceramic bezel. The original was aluminium and a bit dull/dark. This new version completes the watch and is incredible. BP has done a fantastic job to replicate the Liquidmetal finish on the gen and the way it changes colour from a bright blue to a grey in different light. I have tried to show this in my photos, hence why there are so many. The only slight disappointment is that the grey paint is still liable to be scratched off the bezel. You can see on the triangle on mine that it’s already had some damage in the factory. This is only a minor negative though. If you bought your BP Ti PO before November 2013, I definitely recommend updating your bezel insert. More info here: http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/167544-how-to-replace-bp-omega-po-ceramic-titanium-bezel-insert-updated-batch-november-2013/ I have had a few issues with the ‘ETA’ 2836-2 movement (documented on the forums), resulting in the date not changing under its own steam. This is something I will be fixing when I get time. I always wanted a ‘Swiss’ movement though, so no regrets there. It keeps great time. Overall, the detail on every part of the watch is incredible. Now I have updated the bezel insert, for me this watch is a super rep. Everything is gen-like. I took it into an independent watchsmith and they thought it was a gen, particularly due to the decoration on the rotor and movement. Obviously this was ironic as it is the biggest tell to those who know their Omegas, but it shows the quality finish of this rep. A few of my friends have gens and they are all envious of this watch. I should note that I have changed the bezel insert myself and it now sits slightly unevenly, meaning the rim of the bezel sticks out, particularly above the pearl. This is shown in some of the photos but new purchasers won’t have this problem as this isn’t how they come from the factory. I need to work out how to remove the insert without damaging it so that I can re-fit it correctly. Please also excuse the slightly scratched caseback. When you’re a noob, use a stickyball, not a caseback opener like me – d’oh! My next project is to repair the movement so that the date changes under its own steam again (problem with the calendar wheel/gear) and file the hands slightly. I’ll post a tutorial once I get time to do the job. A big thank you to everyone who has posted their experiences or helped me directly, I have had quite a few issues with my first rep but am now extremely pleased with my purchase. Here is a short video showing the reflective qualities of the bezel. It would be great if more members could make video reviews, as there is really no substitute for getting a feel for a rep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KNyUl5r7oE A selection of my photos are below. I have taken loads to show the colour-changing of the bezel in different light, but can’t really post them all! The full set is available on Flickr here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjSULzk9 . If you want to save any full-res photos from there, just click on the full screen icon, then right click and select ‘original’. You should then be able to save the image. Enjoy!
  9. Hey, so i thought i would make this a discussion thread on the Omega SMP-C BLUE and BLACK, mainly the blue. Where one can share pictures, information and tips and tricks about the SMP-C. I've been told there will be a SMP-C in Blue with an actual cermaic bezel comming, i.e further information about that would be interesting. Furthermore it can be a thread to ask questions and share modding tips for the beautiful SMP-C. Picture credit: Hobsong1
  10. Hey all, Looking for a blue insert for this guy: http://www.perfectxclones.com/p6676/Rolex-RLSV10024-Vintage-50s-James-Bond-Sub-6205-SS/Nato-Blk-A-2836/product_info.html (Yes, this is not the real perfectclones website. Just using it for reference) Any help would be awesome, thanks!
  11. Hey guys ordered my first rep this- http ://www.yourtrustytime.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_66&products_id=390 expecting delivery tomorrow I want to change the bracelet to a navy croc/gator/leather strap with matching stiching as close as possible to this:http://www.buzzaboutwatches.com/iwc-2/mens-watches/ Can somone inform me what size do I need to be looking for and perhaps also where I could source a simillar strap from (perferably within UK)? Thank you!
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