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Found 7 results

  1. So finally after searching, searching and more searching I stumbled across this beauty, The Rolex Daytona 6239 (by DW) and bought it...in a heartbeat. I bought just the head as I thought the GEN rivet I will find one day for sure. But I wanted it to mount this icon on a Bulang & Sons 19/16 vintage leather strap. And I think the end result is really nice and it is also very comfortable to wear. The seller I bought it from also informed about a website detailing more about this particular build `Daytona small dial` http://www.hqmilton.com/watches/rolex_daytona_6239_black_dial_with_early_small_daytona_with_white_and_silve/ I especially like the fact that it is not screaming Daytona or PN or anything like `hey look at me`...but that is what I feel is so attractive about this particular dial. The subtle `Rolex Cosmograph Daytona` just between center of the watch and the coronet. What I also like about this build is that the hand wind movement allows for a very flat build (guess as per gen looking at the dimensions). The watch has wear on it just like you would expect but not too much. And the engraving finishes it off just right. Not fully noticeable even when wearing a leather strap. So now on to the pics It all started with the watch head ....and even without a strap it is beautiful But I knew I had to get a nice Bulang & Sons leathers strap for this beauty...
  2. Hi guys, I am not sure how many of us are still in need for genuine looking DW for breitling reps. I know the good old Lello DW are gone years ago, but how about a new production of DW ? Anyone thought about it ? db1
  3. I am on the verge purchasing a dw daytona but it has a eta 7753. I noticed its noticeably thicker. Is this the case? Does the 7753 need a thicker caseback? does anyone have any profile shots of their 7750 or 7753 builds? Looking to buy a DW with ETA or A7750 if you are looking to sell
  4. I am starting a project (building a Seiko actually) and I need to change the datewheel font/colour, so I figure an overlay is the best way to go. Is there anyone who can do a good custom one for me? If so, what's the process? Is it really tough to take the measurements? Or would I just send someone the whole movement and let them sort it out?
  5. Hi guys, Excuse me if my question sound a bit noobish, Does the ETA date disc of a 7750 is the same (size,and fitting) as the 7753 ? I'm asking this becuase i'm looking for a date disc for ETA7753 and can see only for 7750 movments. Thanks, Dvir
  6. Dear all, I got my hands on one of the famous DW 6263 with the following specs: - DW David Wong base watch - Asymmetrical pusher layout - DW mystery movement (val23 clone?) - Clark crystal - Lightly aged case - Reamed lug holes - GEN 78350 bracelet Before someone sreams read first: Now I have already read a lot about this watch. But still do not know everything and need your help in some points. Also the search function is recently not working. Since the one day down time of the forum it seems like there is no search index. Maybe you have to push the rebuild button in the AdminCP? In the meantime I searched the forum with google. Goal: a short summary What I found with Google was not a real collection at some point only about the 6263 DW with the MM. So I will try to make this one a collection and always update this first post with your answer/experiences and of course mine. 1) The DW case David Wong offered different movement versions. What I read so far is that all cases are always the same (talking about asymmetrical pushers). There are no differences. Also the hight is always the same. If DW used an automatic movement he took away the rotor so the hight is always the same. Compared to the GEN the DW case is very well. The user lhooq made a very unique comparison of the DW case in the forum (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/135463-dw-6263-vs-gen-daytona-photo-comparison-updated-731). Difference to the GEN are: - slightly higher crown and pusher positions on the gen - thinner mid-section than at the gen - the lug tips on the gen are wider (DW is too thick on the crown side and too thin on the right) - gen's black bezel insert is convex / DWs black bezel insert is not - wrong fonts and spacing on the DW black bezel insert Of course I will post pictures as soon as I have my watch in my hand. At the moment I do not know from which year it is or which batch. So far I know that there were some very good dials and some with some bad. Right? The case is always the same and very close to GEN though there were 3 generations? 2) The DW bracelet The user wiesn089 did an awesome comparison of all available options out there (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/121576-78350-pictorial-6263-daytona-bracelet-options/). To make it simple: nothing beats the GEN 78350. The DW feels uncomfortably and the clasp won't close properly. In detail: - middle-links are not flexible - coronet is comically wrong and ugly - clasp doesn't close properly You can either get at Yuki but for some more dollars you get GEN with no flaws at all. I would go GEN. 3) The DW dial and hands - 4) The Mystery Movement - 5) Extended part list / Bringing it closer to the GEN At the end I and I assume the other readers want to get as close to GEN as possible - but in a good price range (no phong case or GEN movement). Here I want to sum up what can be done. If you have any experience please let us know. - The old 6263 had a domed crystal. Only serviced 6263 will have a beveled crystal. You can mount a Clark crystal but you need to make it fit to the DW bezel. But the base of the Clark crystal's dome is at a higher level than the GEN crystal. The Sternkreuz seems to be the more GEN like version. User lhooq made a very good comparison here (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/112613-quick-photo-comparison-vintage-daytona-crystals/). The correct GEN crystal will be the Tropic 25-21. - Crown and tube should be exchanged to GEN as far is I found out. In terms of quality and reliability. The right part numbers for the crown and tube are 4-7030 & 24-703 (this equels a serviced 6263). First version had a 6mm Twinlock crown (24-600) and later the regular 7mm Triplock (24-700). - As mentioned above the DW bracelet can and should be exchanged to the GEN 78350 bracelet. - As mentioned above the DW black bezel insert is not convex as the GEN and typo and spacing is wrong. It can be improved by using an aftermarket bezel which fits just perfect. GEN bezels are over 1000 Dollar. You can see a very good comparison of two aftermarket bezels to DW here (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/148589-6263-aftermarket-bezels-compared/). Recommended is the aftermarket bezel from an Ebay seller called WatchNY. His auction can be found here (http://www.ebay.de/itm/Vintage-Rolex-Daytona-Replacement-Bezel-6241-6263-Aftermarket-/280827710997?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4162a2ce15&clk_rvr_id=491792608716). Many users wrote that he will accept an offer for 180 Dollar.
  7. My first PreV was a modified DSN with a T48 and VCG from ST4 (thanks mate ). Flash forward a few years and iterations later, and I still have the T48 and VCG (well, the housing at least). However, the other components have benefited from advances in our hobby. Here's the updated version.... PreV photo trolls may see the 9 m i a i l e influence, but given my poor photo skills, perhaps not... Shaped profile and fat (enough) lugs... The shaped shoulders... And some close-ups of the FGD and CG... The build sheet, no surprises here: - FGD v3 with semi-gloss Tamiya coat. - FGD v2 hands - Jakob caseback - T48 - VCG housing. 100 grit one-way sanding. Edges polished (thanks for the tip Projectologist). Pin lever flattened and polished (not very well... ) - Torobravo CG lever - ST36 oiled by me with H2 CP semi-flattened and polished. I'm a recent convert to Seagull movements. This baby has a 59hour power reserve! - DW case shaped by me with double-screw PreV bars Oh yes, the good stuff... I'm happy enough with this version to pull this out from the strap drawer. Thanks for looking!
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