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  1. I have previously shared this on RWI and I will share it here as well - you guys seem to be the technical / OCD Rolex builders so I hope you will enjoy the pics And after waiting and researching for nearly a year trying to source the right parts... Theme of the build = a classic 14270 Rolex that has been through RSC (hence this 14270 will have lug holes AND superluminova dial and hands) Here are the ingredients - Gen 36mm Datejust 16233 E-series case (took me bloody 6 months to find one in decent condition) - Gen 36mm Datejust smooth bezel - Gen 14270/114270 Swiss Made dial (bloody rare to find) - Gen 603 crown - Gen Submariner seconds hand - JF 16610 LN minute + hour hand - JKhorological Swiss 25-295 crystal - Serviced Yuki 3135 from tickleshoes ...... still in search of a hollow link 78360 rep oyster bracelet The watch is practically gen at this point. If i pair it up with my gen 62510h bracelet, then it's visually indistinguishable to gen so here is my gen 16200 Datejust case that arrived via fedex Left case is gen 16200 datejust case; right case is a replica 16200 case for 2824-2 movement The rehaut is much wider (in terms of diameter) and less wokky on the gen 16200 datejust case Also, the lugs are thinner on gen case (even though my gen case has probably been polished before) Left case is gen 16200 datejust case; right case is a replica 16200 case for 2824-2 movement Crown height and case thickness is pretty much the same for both cases I installed the Yuki 3135 with the gen 14270 dial into the gen case first The usual ETA movement tab screws didn't fit between the gen case's side and the yuki movement, but luckily i have some spare gen-spec 3135 movement/case screws and they were thin enough to fit in between the gen case and the yuki movement Then I proceeded to install the hands, crystal, and gen smooth bezel And here is the final results (paired with my gen 62510h jubilee bracelet with 555 end links - but i am desperately in need of a rep 78360 hollow link oyster bracelet) At this moment, the watch is pretty much gen externally and there is no definitive way to tell that it is a franken or replica by just looking at it externally Lume shot! - the JF minute and hour hands have the same lume colour and brightness as the gen Rolex dial lume and gen Rolex seconds hand lume
  2. Hey Guys, Looking for the Correct Flat 4 Bezel for my 1655 Yuki has one but its not quite the one I am looking for. Its the small bold font. I am looking for the thin wide font like the one shown. checked ebay and one guy is selling them for $350.00 was looking for more in the 150-200 range. Are there any other options out there? TIA JSeb
  3. Rolex Explorer II 216570

    It's been a while since the last time I posted some pictures of watches out of my collection. In today's spotlight is my Rolex Explorer II 216570. Enjoy them!
  4. My Explorer 6610

    Excited to have this el cheapo 6694 turned out to be a precious Explorer 6610 1. Flea market 6694 34mm 2. EXP dial from rafflesdial 3. gold hands from rafflesdial Had a hard time fitting the hands since my movement is dg2813 and i got an ETA hands. slightly worked on making the minute's hole bigger and second's hole smaller (by pinching). slightly buffed with scotch brite allowing it to have this unshiny, lightly scratched hands. Ageing both dials and hand lume with kid's colored marker (brown) and fading it with the use of cotton buds. Slight case buffing to make corners rounders. but i'm still contemplating on giving it a rock and nail box to achieve some knick and knacks. Dial slightly sprayed with lacquer to achieve dial imperfections. Might not have a correct case size (34mm) but i'm feeling happy with the result Thanks for viewing!
  5. Rolex Submariner Blaken

    Today some pictures of my new Rolex Submariner Blaken I bought from a fantastic member (Thank you again!). It's a unusual Submariner "by Blaken", a beautiful blend of a no date Submariner with an Explorer dial with a grey DLC finish.
  6. Hi Guys, Need your advice here. Just got this one from ebay.. I know, that's why I'm here I'm looking for 1016 bezel for more than a year as apart of my explorer project.. Pics of case bezel from listing were not too bad, looks like someone tried to make 1016 out of DJ. Here what I got.. 2mil serial 1601 DJ from 69, case looks a bit wrong to me, comparing to 1500 and 16000 I have.. The main concern 1016 Bezel here looks wider and flatter that it should be, as for me, hope I'm wrong. But from other hand case is looking not too bad, and crystal looks like GEN.. again I could be wrong. Desperately need your advice. I'll try to attach some pictures, sorry not the best ones. I also compared bezel wit pictures of 1016 case with bezel from internet Also here is comparison of two cases and bezels: on the left - 1016 (sourced form internet), on there right 1601 case with "1016 bezel" LEGIT? Thank you so much! BP
  7. Handsets seem to be an issue in any of my parts lists lately... Anyone could kindly point me to a nice genuine like 1655 handset for a 21j ? Rafflestime and Yuki have both longer minute hand and shorter GMT hand than the gen ones. Thank you, guys.
  8. 1016 Dial any thoughts?

    Hi Mates, This dial have been offered to me by respectful member of one of the Gen Forums. I'm still thinking font and coronet looks a bit strange to me I don't want to say "not Gen" just a bit odd. I never have seen any like this, I thought that It's Frog dial.. Help to come closer to 1016 dream build! Do you have any thoughts? Please share. Cheers, BP
  9. Hope I don't bore anyone with another thread about a 1016 build, but after having what amounted to what I thought may have been, for me, the luckiest week ever over on the 'bay, I have found myself with now most likely two 1016 builds. Originally, I had started approaching this build around (in my humble opinion) a pretty nice rep 1016 slab serif dial I picked up from Minh. I had been eyeing the dial for a while and had already sent a gen 16013 case over to Jensen at vintagewatchmaker to be re-engraved and have the lug holes drilled out (both of which were done quite well btw). From there I was going to go the ETA and TC hands route and I had, of course, already procured a perfect bezel from JMB. Anyways, checking on eBay late one night I see an Aussie had listed what appeared to be five(!) gen service dials; all ending on different, consecutive days, all un-lumed, and all priced well under $200 at the time with very few people watching, let alone bidding on, the dials. The one ending the soonest had about 30 minutes left to go and was at $101 when I haphazardly put in a low-ball bid of $225. I hadn't done a ton of research on the seller, but the dials looked great. I thought, if for some unforeseen reason I do actually win this and it turns out to be fake, I will have at the very least gotten a pretty nice rep dial for less than what I paid for the Minh dial. Well, I won it. For $202.25. And while waiting for it to arrive I poured over the (low-res) pictures and started realizing it was legit. Even sent the crappy listing pictures over to LHOOQ who was kind enough to look them over and say that he also felt that it was probably gen. And so now the franken build takes on a more serious tone and the hunt for a gen hands set and a gen movement began I tried to photograph this under a loupe in the harshest natural light conditions I could find. As you can see there is definitely some very minor scuffs and wear marks throughout. Frankly though, these blemishes are only noticeable under magnification; the naked eye doesn't pick them up and I can't imagine them being visible under a plexi. Also, it'll add to the genuine older feel of the dial (even for a service dial) onc eit gets a proper, more vintage-hued lume job. More on that in a second... Lovers of the 1016 can, I think< sympathize with my absolute frustration with rep 1016 dials. I stand in awe that no one seems to be able to get the fonts and most importantly the spacing correct on the "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" text. That one detail in particular drove me nuts. The coronet and the SCOC spacing on the gen dial have finally put my OCD on this to rest. The back of the dial looks good for a late 70's-early 80's Rolex in-house made service dial. Looks good to me, and besides I don't recall ever seeing a rep'ed in-house Rolex plate nor have I ever seen a re-dial done on a gen one so this was just a tiny bit more confirmation for me about the dial's authenticity (sorry about the photos, I had a hard time capturing the Rolex engraving on the tarnished back plate) And then compared to the rep Slab Serif dial from Minh: I gotta say, I was feeling really happy with the build(s) at this point. Four days later, I went back on eBay simply to check on the tracking of the dial shipment when, on a lark, I just did a quick search of new listings for "Rolex watch hands" and look what had just been posted not twenty minutes earlier and with a BIN price of $185: Unquestionably in rough shape, but still, they were gen cal. 1560 hands from an old 5512 and were being sold as in "destroyed condition" by (I think) a retired/ex-watchmaker. I was obviously already getting into this build deep, sourcing random gen parts here and there; the original inspiration to go "super-franken" started with a gen double-stamped triple six 1016 case back I fell in love with (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/178594-1016-case-back-double-stamped/?hl=%2B1016+%2Bcase+%2Bback). Between that and the dial, I couldn't say no to these hands and snatched them up instantly. Side note: regretfully, the gen 1016 case back is incompatible with the 16000 mid case, thus the two projects: the Eta-based 16000 cased Minh dial, and now an uber-franken with the gen dial, hands, case back, 16200 mid, and eventually a gen 1560. I'm not sure why, but I'm hellbent on using this 1016 CB. Besides, Automatico was telling me a 1016-dialed 1560 is a way east fit in a 162XX case rather than a 16XXX case; no need to change out cannon pinions, etc. So the BIG and somewhat more pressing issue right now for me is finding a skilled lumer (hopefully in the US too) who is skilled at/enjoys 1016 lume work and hopefully someone who can also do the hands. I'm hoping the hands don't need to be "repaired" per se, and that they can simply be cleaned up a bit and matched to the dial. And I know it's a later-era service dial and was most likely slated to be a "Swiss - T<25" branded transitional Luminova dial, but I'd like to give it an older feel with a tritium-esque no glow lume job. Nothing too "antiqued" or yellow, not even vanilla or creamy colored, but more of (hopefully) a bone/off-white; almost slightly tinted white color similar to limestone. Does that even make any sense haha? So to wrap it up, I'd love to hear suggestions on lumers, color choice(s) for the dial/hands, criticisms/observations on the dial and hands, the build, etc. Everything! The wonderful RWG community houses sime true 1016 afficionados and exoerts and I wold love to hear everyone's thoughts on the build(s) as it stands and where they're going. Going to part out my super-franken 6263 I was building to fund the completion of this project. With this amazing dial, I feel like I'm almost there...
  10. 1016 Case Back: Double Stamped?

    I recently purchased a random box of old Rolex parts (mostly sealed NOS tubes, crown, movement parts, etc.) and one of the pieces in the lot was a supposedly gen 1016 case back. Upon first glance it certainly appears genuine to my eye: shape and dimensions look good, the wear on it looks appropriate for its supposed age, etc. It has all the correct stampings on the inside back, but this is where I'm hung up and was hoping some of the resident 1016 experts might be able to chime in with some wisdom. The case markings appear to have been stamped on the case back twice, one directly on top of the other, albeit slightly offset. In my estimation (and I most definitely could be wrong here), the markings appear to be pressure stamped and not engraved, as they are supposed to be. And the fonts and letter spacing/positioning seems to be correct. But I can't seem to find any sort of reference material or evidence pointing to Rolex ever double stamping a case. I theorized that this was a "repurposed" case back and that it was not originally destined for a 1016 and originally had no reference number stamp on it and perhaps simply stamping a "1016" by itself on the case wasn't possible and accordingly the entire stamping had to be re-done. Pure assumption however. Needless to say, this one has me scratching my head, and moving forward I'm going to continue operating under the assumption that it is not genuine (of course, I would love to be shown information to the contrary). The other thing that gives me pause is the date coding. It is my understanding that the date coding is a small roman numeral followed by a two-digit year code, the roman numeral representing which quarter of the year the watch was produced in. Is the roman numeral actually indicative of the month rather than the quarter? Because a date code of "VI.66" would put it at the "sixth quarter" of 1966, which makes absolutely no sense. Now, "VI" representing month 6 (i.e., June) makes a little more sense, but I can only ever remember seeing date codes ranging from I-IV (or quarter "one" through quarter "four"). Also, this particular marking looks to be engraved, not pressure stamped like the rest of the markings but I could be wrong there too. And lastly, there appears to be watchmaker service marks on the inside of the back, from when the watch was most likely whole and being serviced? And if someone "made" this case back then why would they go through the trouble of scratching in watchmaker marks if the glaringly obvious error of the double stamp was already present? That in turn, got me thinking that maybe this was in fact a gen case back, just not one for an Explorer. And that maybe originally it had no ref number stamped on it, was worked on by a watchmaker, and then WAY later got an entire new stamping. This time with the desirable 1016 ref number stamped on it. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for a rep case back (especially one I paid a mere $50 for) and sometimes the simplest answer is also the best, so maybe it is just a weirdo Rolex stamping. Who knows? Hopefully some of you pro 1016 guys can shed some light... Maybe I'm just thinking WAY too much about this and overanalyzing it. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this type of double stamping before? If so, I would certainly love an education on the matter...
  11. Hey all, Ever since the original run sold, I’ve received a bunch of inquires on whether a second batch of 1016 explorer dials would be created. While I didn’t plan on making any more dials, I will be making one last batch of 1016 explorer dials exclusively (sorry, no other models will be made) if the demand is high enough. I would be making 30 total dials, but would need 20 dials accounted for to start printing. The original design has been tweaked so the text/details will be thinner than the original run (which was a bit too thick). The 1016 design that will be printed was hand traced from a genuine dial, and then further edited and refined in a vector program to get optimal printing results once the cliche is made. As before, dials will come unlumed, so you can apply glowing or non-glowing lume. If anyone is interested in a 1016 dial, kindly start a list below and add your username. Once the list/orders are filled, I estimate that the dials will be finished/in transit in 60-90 days. Dials will each be $179. First 5 members to sign up will receive a $10 discount. Previous dial version can be seen below. As mentioned earlier, it will be the same 1016 variant, but with thinner printing http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/171126-my-explorer-1016-build-is-finally-complete/ To clarify, this is not a sales post, just want to gauge interest! Special thanks to bangalter for getting this rolling Update: And the most prestigious gold star for tomhorn
  12. My 1966 Gilt Explorer

    Hi guys, The 1016 is a special model for me. Have owned a couple of cheap reps earlier, but decided to put in some funds. Would like to share with you some pictures: And why have a pretty movement if you're not gonna show it off? ...and for all you puritans - caseback is still left, no worries Well, as most of you saw from the case profile and lugs, this is a 1601 based franken. Full parts list: *1966 Gilt 1016 Explorer dial (this type was used 64-66, before that chapter ring and after non-gilt) *Tritium hands (allegedly from a 1964 gilt 5513 sub) *Tropic 22 superdome crystal *JMB custom made bezel (thanks mate!) *Rolex 1601 case, non-drilled lugs *Rolex 1570 non-hacking movement (recently serviced, date parts removed) - correct for a 1965+ build (before that 1560) *Display caseback from Custom Watch Concepts (and a 1966 1016 caseback just for show - doesn't fit the case!) *Yuki 7206 bracelet, fixed endlinks squeezed in Must take this opportunity to thank others who have gone this path (alligoat and most of all ubi!) for the inspiration - for me the gilt 1016 dial together with the slender 160x case is the perfect combination, heck like it even better than the gen 1016 case! Thanks also goes out to lhooq for helping me along the way and Domi for assembling this. Might consider drilling out the lugs (if I can find anyone with the guts to do it lol!) and upgrading the bracelet and endlinks - but honestly this feels good as it is and I wear it all the time right now. Thank you for looking, and please do comment with suggestions, questions or thoughts - as always much appreciated! Yes, even things like "are you sure that superdome is gen?" is good to hear in the long run... ​
  13. Explorer 1016

    Just about to start my very first modding journey, an Explorer 1016. Recently purchased it from Trusty via another RWG member. Was advised to go for JMB bezel and T22 Crystal (on their way) and have been looking at gen crowns and a gen bracelet. Was considering a relume, but then figured a 30 year old watch isn't gonna have much lume left anyway. If I'm going for a vintage gen look, what's the best mods I can go for?
  14. Explorer 1016 crown size

    Hey guys, forgive the noob question, but I've just bought a TT 1016. Very nice, but as advised I'm having JMB provide a gen spec bezel and T22 crystal. I've also got my eye on a gen bracelt clasp. But my questions are... is it worth changing the crown to gen? There's a few on ebay 5.3mm and 6mm, both claiming to be for a 1016. Which is right?
  15. Hello friends I will be (in the next few days) ordering my 3rd rep, my choice is a Rolex Explorer ii 42mm in white my dealer is Josh (he is the only dealer I have ever used) The problem I have is what movement should I go for?? Dose the more expensive movement mean better movement ?? Please break it down for me, to help me choose.. Just for the first timers out there thinking of placing your first order, I will update this thread with the whole process of my Oder though to receiving my watch with pics!
  16. Not a full package but it came with booklets, spare folded link and domed crystal Serial number puts it to mid/late 1971, sold around 1972 which was not uncommon, the Rolex Explorer was a shelf hugger at that time Clasp stamped 4 71 which seems to be correct Service dial with great lume What do you think? Cheers
  17. Rolex family

    Wanted to share a shot of the family before they get split up. Moving a few out to make room for some newbies.
  18. Hey guys and girls (Its been quite a while since my last post here); My brother was recently in Shanghai, and as usual the question "do you want something from here?" popped in... and my obvious answer was " Of course I do! A cheap rep".. And it was indeed cheap. I didn't want to go to the obvious submariner choice, mostly due to the "you will cry in pain when you see it" issue, and since my brother doesn't actually knows how to differentiate a watch from an orange, ive sent him a picture of an explorer I and the " do not under any circumstance spend more than 70 usd on it...". And so he did.. I ended up with a strange explorer that I quite like!.. and it costed 50 usd.... (no idea where he got it, and I don't think he has either).. and being not an expert or even close to that, I wanted to share a few phone pics of my new weird rolex... I would love some opinions about it.. and sorry about the crappy pics Cheers, A.
  19. Hi all! I want to buy an Explorer 2 216570 Black dial. I read some reviews in this forum and others but none compares the different versions. If you guys can help me decide which version to choose: - I better buy the "ultimate" or "noob" version? (big difference in quality?) - SwissETA or Asian 25J movement? - I want a black but the white version is better? Hope some can give some advices Thanks in advance
  20. I've seen sizes range from 26.5mm to 29mm. Anyone know the 'desired' size?
  21. I had a 40mm polar Explorer a while back, and I really liked it.. not quite sure why I got rid of it - just wanted a change I guess. Now I'm wondering.. is there any rep variation with lug holes? Or has anyone drilled them themselves on one of these?
  22. Hi I'll introduce myself properly shortly and give a full breakdown of my watch box in due course! Suffice to say that I've been watching from the shadows on here for a while, muddling along with my own projects with the help of a very friendly and capable watchmaker. However, now we've hit a wall and could really use some help! We've been attempting to build a 5500 Explorer Franken from the following parts: - Gen 15000 Case / Back / Bezel - Gen Crown / Tube - Tropic 13 Crystal (slightly loose fit, but closet I could find - needed a bit of glue to keep it in place) - ETA 2824 Movement - Yuki 5500 Explorer dial (with feet removed) - Yuki ETA Hands - Raffles Time No. 2 Movement Ring Now all has gone together just fine so far, with the exception of the last item (the movement ring). The ring fits the case and ETA movement perfectly, but there doesn't seem to be anything for the case clamps to fit onto (i.e. there is no groove in the case). It looks like the original movement (3035) fits in the case with no movement ring, and that the screws on the movement holds into the case thread. Not sure what to do next - ideally looking for a DIY solution that doesn't involve lots of specialised machining! Has any one else succeed in one of these builds? Would one of Stilty's rings work better that the Raffles version? Apologies to arrive with lots of questions... Any suggestions gratefully received...
  23. Hi! I would like to buy a Milgauss black dial or explorer 2 black latest and best version and I have a question: both the gen watches have matte black dial, does the rep have it? If you have also other advices please tell me
  24. I just got my Exp II 42mm 216570 rep from Mary and Rochest. They have been very good and I would buy from them again. It's not perfect, and a bit large for my lithe wrist, but I'm looking to wear it for a couple of months to see if I like it enough to get the GEN. I was wondering if we have any people on our forum that can modify some of the main issues below; The date is off (a bit high in the window). Hands are in the wrong order. The hour hand is supposed to be closest to the face (see F pic -GEN on right side). I went to an AD and saw that the GEN hour hand is amazingly close to the face. Would be nice to have a GEN face or at least GEN hands, especially the orange GMT hand is not exact orange and it's a bit too long. The number 4 on the bezel looks like the correct size but the 6 looks small, as does the 8. Overall it's a nice rep but I would like to improve the listed items. Any suggestions? The lume shot was amazing after getting charged in the California sun for a few minutes! A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.