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Found 60 results

  1. Hello All , I seek everyones help in choosing the best source to buy myself a hublot classic fusion or big bang. i like simple watches and my selection amongst the two will only be for the reason of quality of the watch. Please suggest where should i be looking in a decent budget not over the top . DECENT = 350 +/- US
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm trying my damnedest to find one of these bad boys: http://www.ttw-138.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=279_381&products_id=10936 Unfortunately, Andrew doesn't have them in stock, and there isn't any clear indication that they'll come back for sale anytime soon. Any TD's or classifieds that you know are selling this one? It's particularly difficult because the watch doesn't really have a "name". Any leads are hugely appreciated. Love, Prawn
  3. OffshoreWatchExports

    New Member from South Florida

    Brand New to the forums and so excited to be here. I have been reading through a lot of different topics and getting acquainted with the lingo and members. I can't believe this community is so tight knit and you all share of love for the perfect replica. I'm still working on getting my hands on a great Rolex watch at the prices listed on here. It's so thrilling to share my thoughts and experiences in South Florida with you all. I can't wait to meet more of you and become a notable member here. Please stop by and introduce yourself and show the noob some love. Can't wait to get on my replica game like all of you!
  4. Torrjr

    Hublot best replicas?

    looking to get a Big Bang. I keep reading that the v6 is the way to go... I've only found one vendor that sells them any recommendations on where I should buy. Any reviews on h factory ones? Also what's the difference from v6 to v6.5 ... Sorry for all the question
  5. Hi! I wanted a gold watch, but then I was thinking that my father have gold watches, it would be little strange if I walked around in gold watches like my father, hehe - so I was thinking of a black one, and I found ones that I like, but what I wonder is if someone could help me with the differences between the two (same watches but different prices). There must (I think) be a difference because the prices (one $249 and the other $338). - maybe I'm blind? haha Or what about all black?
  6. Dear All, I would like to share with you, my first watch of my "collection"; this is the first watch I've ever obtained (after having multiple boutique watches <500$). I'd love to hear your opinion about the watch, I can take all critics without a problem. I wasn't too good in doing research back then, we all remember buying our first rep watch, no idea where to look; or what to look for/at. The reason I'm in need of critics and opinions, is because I want to sell this watch. I don't wear it anymore at all, and I have the feeling it doesn't fit in comparisation to the quality of my other watches. (Submariner is what I literally wear 24/7!) FYI: I bought the watch from a contact of mine, I didn't buy it off ANY TD on this forum, I am not exactly aware of the movement that's inside, I cannot tell you anything about it; I don't ever open up my watches, neither has it ever had service, YET; it runs flawlessly and very accurately. What I like to know from you: - How good is the quality of the watch? (Is it a good rep?) - Which precise model is it? I'm as far as: Hublot Classic Fusion (Vendôme collection) - What are big tells on the watch? - What is a good price to ask for this, making both buyer and seller (me) happy? - Anything else you want to tell me! (Pictures are not in order, if you require another picture to give your opinion, please ask what you like to have a photo of!) Thank you! I'd love to hear from you.
  7. First off I searched around for a while before I purchased this watch. I went through numerous websites and I ended up with Joshua. The reason I chose Joshua is because of his superior customer service skills. Any email he will get back to you within a few hours and the the QC pics is what the product looked like exactly! The detail and feel of the watch is amazing as well. I loved how secure and tightly packed everything was. Make no mistake, if your looking for an amazing Hublot Joshua is your guy. Here's the link to what I purchased: PS You have to be a member of the website to view this product!!!! http://www.p-cls.com/hb00102-bang-sscer-black-p-12165.html
  8. Was bored so I took some shots in the snow from a couple of watches out of my collection. I hope you enjoy them Oh and a wristshot
  9. Hi guys,i'll try to make a nice revew of Big Bang Steel Ceramic. Ref : 301.SB.131.RX,the 44mm model(the 41mm use a different movement).Firts i want to ask sorry for my english and the errors i'll make :)My sources are Hublot (i sent a couple e-mails) and a lot of reading 1)The gen. The Big Bang series was unveiled in Basel in April 2005, with the Hublot "Big Bang" chronograph.I know that many of you wants to know what the date wheel is looks like...black with white numbers ot white with black numbers...adn this is what from Hublot told me...the both are gens.Back then when this model was released(i think late 2005,but i'm not sure) was made with two date-wheels and this untill 2007-2008 when the Hublot decided to continue only with the black one.Some photos of gen 301.SB.131.RX with white date wheel.What about the dial...carbon fiber ot not carbon fiber...it's not a carbon fiber it's a cabron fiber print(stamped carbon effect),it's from the Hublot site. Here is a video from Hubot with the white date-wheel: http://www.hublot.com/en/watches/big-bang-steel-ceramic Let's talk about the back of the watch... And here also we have a two different decorations...old one and new one.Back in 2005 this model was with a different movement decoration...i will put some photos of both movement decoration. And the last argument...the case engraving(stell,titanium)...some gens has it and some not...i don't why. A week ago i took a V6.5 model and the same day i went to a official hublot dealer to see what the defferences are...hmm the true...it's a very nice made replica and i can't tell you what the differences are...maybe(and i say maybe) the dial carbon print. I hope you enjoy my revew...
  10. Alright guys I finally took some proper shots of my HBB and ROO so here ya go! First let me give you my opinion of these pieces first now that I've spent some quality time fiddling with/wearing them. The AP: Easily my favorite visually and functionally of the two. The forged carbon material is amazing to behold in person. Nice and lightweight, very solid fit and finish on everything, and the lume on this is ridiculous! (as pictured) The hands are very legible which makes it simple to tell time during the day or in a pitch black room. Only issue I'm having with it is the strap is too big for me, so while I wait to come up with some XS straps, I punched an extra hole in my existing strap and that works for now. I do eventually need a replacement though because I think I made it a bit too tight, so if you have a spare XS strap for a 44mm ROO (if such a thing exists) let me know! Final Verdict: 10/10 even though I need a smaller strap! The Hublot: Absolutely love this watch! Not too much to report here. Great look, great fit, the Donerix strap Legend fitted to this is gorgeous, albeit not my cup of tea for everyday wear. I ordered some tyre rubber straps online today along with the H screwdriver so I can swap those out as soon as they get here. I can definitely see putting them back in though for a more formal event. Having tried on a genuine, I'm happy to report that this watch is virtually identical in look and feel! The lume is also very good, but not as bright as the AP, it's also a little harder to precisely tell the time on this watch since the hands are so wide. Also I'm not sure how to wind it. The crown feels like I'm winding it when it's pushed all the way in, but I'm unsure if that's what it is. Anyone out there know? Other than that, I have no complaints whatsoever! Final Verdict: 10/10 Both of these pieces are incredible! They both have an unparalleled wrist presence, especially on a small wrist like mine. I haven't had people approach me yet, but I've definitely seen people look from a distance, and they seem pretty impressed haha. They're also very nicely weighted and feel very similar to, if not identical to their genuine counterparts...and they keep great time! I love fiddling with the chrono too! Not sure why, it's just fun Overall I love these watches, Legend is awesome to work with as well. The guy is a wealth of information and knowledge about our fun hobby and I see him as a great mentor and friend to me. Bottom line, I'm totally broke now but couldn't be happier!
  11. Torrjr

    Best Hublot replica?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and this is my first post. So i've been searching and doing a little bit of research on the replicas but have been having a difficult time choosing the right one. Any suggestions on where to buy a nice Hublot Big Bang watch? I've noticed a few of the trusted sites are no longer running so I'm not sure where to go. Thanks for the help, I just really want a nice quality replica.
  12. Hey! I've been doing some research looking for a place to find a good quality hublot big bang, and I stumbled across this site and figured you guys would be a great authority on a good quality hublot big bang replica. The max I'm looking to spend is 250, can anyone put me on something good?
  13. Paneriwc321

    Hublot- Which one?

    Hi guys, been looking around and what really catches my eye is the Ice Bang II. Ive seen a few good ones, but these two are one of the best. I just can't tell the difference between them. Maybe you guys can help me tell the differences between these two? One is called the HBB Evolution Full Ceramic Black (Ceramic Case+Titanium Bezel) http://tswatchltd.com/11775-hb4020fo-hublot-big-bang-evolution-full-ceramic-black-ru-asian-7750-28800bph.html The other one is called the HBB Ice Bang II (feat. a 316 SS case coated with ceramic + Tungsten Bezel) http://tswatchltd.com/8055-hb2420-hublot-ice-bang-ii-black-dial-cer-tung-ru-asian-7750-28800bph.html Could anyone tell me which one is closer to gen? Thanks a million
  14. sam33r

    Hublot limited edition

    hey guys ... i wanted to buy this Hublot named "hublot vision dubai " it has arabic numerals which is kinda cool so if any of you guys can help me find it or sell me one it would be great thanks
  15. positivitony

    What is your "top 5"?

    Hi guys! I've been doing a lot of thinking about this lately, and these are my top 5 watches of all time. What are yours? 1: Richard Mille RM055 2: Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue Tourbillon 3: Hublot LaFerrari Tourbillon 4: Romain Jerome Moon Orbital Tourbillon 5: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore "Safari" (PS: If somebody out there has a rep of this they'd be willing to part with, let me know!)
  16. Hey guys, what do we think about this Big Bang? Kinda want to get it but I want some opinions first. Also, I do real estate, so yes, I can pull off the diamonds. http://puretime-asia.com/product/big-bang-38mm-11-ss-full-paved-diamonds-black-dial-on-black-rubber-strap-miyota9015/
  17. Hi all Hublot experts! Does anyone here know the model of this Hublot and of course if there a rep? Thanks!
  18. Hey guys, what do we think about this Big Bang? Kinda want to get it but I want some opinions first. Also, I do real estate, so yes, I can pull off the diamonds. http://puretime-asia.com/product/big-bang-38mm-11-ss-full-paved-diamonds-black-dial-on-black-rubber-strap-miyota9015/
  19. Anyone have Hublot Diver 4000 parts???? Seems the black rubber crown piece w/ hublot "H" logo fell off my crown and I have no idea where???? Before After
  20. Hi all, about one year ago I purchased this nice HBB http://bit.ly/1m0LaUb plus, as an upgrade, the bracelet you can see at this watch http://bit.ly/1m0M9nz. Unfortunately the bracelet came without the smaller faceplates which are needed to properly mount it to the watch. You are probably able to see the difference looking at the watches shown at the links. I tried to get those faceplates from Puretime, but no luck. So I would be very grateful if anyone could point me to a source for those little pieces, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hi guys! I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a Hub Classic Fusion, but i've heard they have several flaws, and there is yet to be released a version that is verging on super-rep status. Is there a version out with the fixed date-window? Date window is too far to the left, and should be closer to the rehaut, and the "3 index marker should be smaller, since its "normal" position SHOULD be covered by the date window. Gen from Hublots website, and with the (obviously) correct placement. Anyone know if the chrono version is any better? (2nd pic is from Andrew at trusty, the rest of the QC's are found here: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=279_348&products_id=7748&zenid=d696d9e461e5eecc021676116ba16f5a ) Sorry for the stupidly large image. /CS
  22. Hello everybody! I am about to buy my first rep but I got this one problem. My wrist is pretty tiny (17cm / approx. 6,7-8inches) and I am affraid that watch such as 44mm HBB would look really silly when sitting on my wrist. You with 44mm HBB's and wrist close to mine, could you please post a wrist shot and help me? Thank you!
  23. This is a slightly random request! I have a hublot big bang and I'm in need of spare parts. I'm willing to pay. Even if someone could point me in the right direction. Black rubber pusher Screws Screw driver