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Found 2 results

  1. Good day members, Here’s my honest and transparent review of our very own AP guru and RWG crew member Legend! I’ll keep this a short and to the point as possible. I’ve never been an AP guy and my eye has always been towards Rollie’s and PAM’s until.......BAM! The release of the AP forged carbon and ceramic rep models. I was reluctant to purchase any AP as the price does not match my profession alas we’ve all had or seen this discussion on the forums. I fought the urge for a few years, yes a few years until recently I found out the Noob V4(supposedly the most accurate)was discontinued by the factory and only available for purchase M2M. I found one for sale on RWG and the journey began. Once I received the watch I simply could not take it off my wrist! It was the most comfortable and light watch I’ve ever worn! The stealthy black carbon case with splash of yellow is just plain sexy and screams renaissance man! Then tragedy struck! The deco rotor plate broke☹️ I replaced it but found the screws were stripped from previous owner and the movement was shot![emoji33][emoji37] So my dilemma was to find a forum Watchsmith that would work on AP’s. In comes Legend! After researching all forums I found his specialty was modding APs to gen like status. Contacting Legend was a breeze and communication is very easy, concise, and to the point! He explains in detail very well. Off I ship my watch overseas and the wait begins. Legend evaluated my watch and gave my a complete breakdown estimate of work needed and optional mods. To be completely honest I was surprised by his prices and thought they were on the expensive end but after his explanation and reviewing the going prices of a Legend modded AP FC Diver M2M I realized his work is “Legendary” and as always you get what you pay for! Legend was very honest in his assessment of my watch and what he thought I truly needed and didn’t need. I opted for the case polishing(bring out carbon pattern per gen), Omega datewheel(better font), rebuild of the A2824(dirty and to much oil), screws polished and rethreaded, and pressure testing. Legend takes great pride in his craft and wanted to make sure I was truly satisfied with the final results of my AP FC Diver. My Diver before Legend mod I received my watch back after a little over two weeks from Singapore. Legend does pay return ship and offers a six month movement warranty. All I could say was WHOA!!!! The watch is gorgeous and his rebuilt A2824 runs like a dream! Well over 42 hours power reserve, though I haven’t timed it. After Legend mod! Off into the sunset with my Legend modded AP! So much for the short review! My final take on Legend’s work. He is a master of his craft and takes great pride in his work along with customer satisfaction however be prepared to spend cash but the end result is well worth the price of admission! Enjoy to the max! Blessings, Indy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Well, I'm considered quite green to this rep hobby although I had joined RWI and the other RWG for ard 2 years and during these period, I was more of a quiet spectator reading posts and admiring photos of watches contributed by the community, than posting and commenting in the forums. I can say this is considered my 1st post and I'm not very good with words, so please pardon me if there's anything awkward with my post. Early last month, while I was adjusting the time on my Rolex Prohunter DSSD, the crown came off the stem and I was unable to fix it back. Without any watch repair knowledge and not knowing any watchsmiths in my country who service reps, the only solution I could think of was to ship the watch to the dealer that I bought from for repair but I had bad experiences of my previous watch being held by China customs for months before mailing back to me on one occasion and another watch still broken after wasting considerable amount of money and youth on the shipping to and fro a couple of times. Moreover it's near to Chinese New Year, so I gave up the idea to send back to the dealer. This incident really dampened my festive mood greatly.. One night while I was going through the forums for solutions, I chanced upon posts and positive reviews of watch repairs and servicing done by another forum member based in my country by the username "Legend". After a quick search, I managed to contact him through the forum's messaging system and he agreed to help me out and wanted to meet me. At that point of time, it seemed like my world suddenly brighten up and I was thinking to myself that there's still hope in SG after all... During my meetup with Legend at his office, we had a short chat and from his replies and suggestions on the servicing and mods that should be done to my watch, I knew that he's the guy whom I can trust to leave my watch with and I agreed to the works he suggested without hesitation. Two weeks later, we arranged to meet at a pub for some drinks and that's when he handed me my watch, repaired and serviced. This was also the 1st time I've seen my watch in an exceptionally fantastic condition, all cleaned up and the hands sweeping smoothly. My feeling then was far more than delighted, as if touched by God. Really a big thank you to Legend, your act of selflessness to pick up the job during the festive period is admirable and appreciate your effort and dedication in getting it done. Thank you once again and will look forward to have another drinking session with u.. ?