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Found 16 results

  1. What is the diameter of the O ring that goes under the Retaining ring of a MBW 1665, Ofrei sells a 100 ring package of different sizes will this work?
  2. Looking for a Gen Specs 1665 Bezel, for a MBW case, or perhaps a complete Gen Specs Bezel. Any advice where to get one or if you have one that you want to let go let me know Thanks Cyb
  3. I need service of my MBW 1665, it has a 1570 inside and the date will not change. who does service in the USA. Thanks
  4. As the title says, looking for a gen Specs or gen one 1665 insert thanks
  5. Lost the bezel of my 1665, I am not active in the forum and into watches anymore, priorities in life and a divorce made me realize what I really need. I still have 5 watches that I collected during all these years since 2003. I am looking for a replacement bezel for my MBW 1665. anyone has one or knows where to get one that will fit a MBW case, not looking for a gen one, way too much money for me. Let me know what you have
  6. Hi guys, my new Rolex 5513 is finished! I have used the following parts: MBW Case (completely revised). Athaya 702 Crown and Tube. ETA 2789-1 movement. Singer stamped dial (relumet). GEN Insert. GEN Plexi. Yukiwatch hands.
  7. Hey guys! I'm sorry but I have been searching the various fora and not finding an answer. I'm trying to replace the T27 on my MBW with a Clark T39. I was able to remove the crystal retaining ring but the crystal would't come out just by pulling. So then I removed the movement and tried to apply pressure from inside with my thumbs but not a single budge. Tried to pry it up from the sides but couldn't get anything underneath it. What else can I try?
  8. I received my gen 703 crown today from eBay. Unfortunately for @themannier, myself or anyone else with high hopes, the gen 703 crown will not fit on the stock MBW tube, nor on the Athaya tube. The thread is wider then both. Even though the Athaya tube is wider then the MBW, it still isn't quite wide enough. This is all true unless I managed to get an incorrect crown but I don't believe that is the case. Look wise though IMO the Athaya from the outside is very close to the gen crown and I think it is a suitable part to use in place of a gen. I think it's best to save the $100+ to be spent in a
  9. Hi everyone, I just bought a cheap case off of my friend over on RWI so I can start playing around and practice reshaping. I have no idea what case this even is, but noticed the "ORIG POLLX DESING 116610". The CG wouldn't accept a 7mm so I put on a 6mm I had laying around, so I doubt it's a Sub-C case... It's got lugholes... I did a quick search and someone here mentioned that the engravings are typically associated with MBW cases. So, I thought I'd check with you guys for you input. Perhaps I shouldn't mess with this one? Or give it a go and tear this piece up?
  10. Ok, so I would love a nautilus rep. It seems like, from what I read here that MBW/MBK rep is the best ever and the newer 1:1s are maybe a little more accurate but not as well finished. This brings up a couple questions for me that I'm hoping y'all can answer. Are mbk/mbws still out there to be had? Are any of them in decent shape? Do all mbk/mbws come with a solid case back? My main problem with the 1:1 is the display case back, is possible to get these with a solid case back? Is there a solid case back mod to be done? Thanks in advance, Nick
  11. Hi. I'm planning to build a vintage sub and I just have a few questions that some of you may know: 1. I know that a gen 1570 movement runs counter clockwise in winding the hands. How about the date: does it turn clockwise or counter clockwise? 2. Would a 1570 fit an MBW case? If not, what would I need in order to use both? 3. Does the serial numbering on an mbw case run in sequence like the TC or is it a fixed (same) serial numbering all through out production? 4. Has anyone successfully changed the 'Polex' engraving into 'Rolex'? Thanks for your help as these are seldom discussed r
  12. Hi Guys! I want to show you my last project, I bought this MBW 5512 from a member of spanish forum one year ago with those specs - MBW old school case reshaped and modded CG - Yuki Hands, Dial & Pearl - Brazalet CO - Endlinks WSO - PWMF Insert excellent base for make lovely franken 5512 And One month ago shipped the watch to my friend Rezarius (that He has done fantastic job!! ) for install those gen pieces - GEN Rolex Crown and Tube 720/7020 - GEN Insert - GEN Pearl with nice vintage patina - GEN Crystal T19 - GEN Swiss ETA 2846 low beat movement I'm very happy with the f
  13. Hi All Below are some pics of my MBW 5513 submariner project - its getting there, but I'm not sure about the dial... The recipe is as follows: - MBW base watch - Clarks tudor sub hands - Clarks t19 crystal - Clarks bezel assembly - Yuki spring bars - WSO bezel insert (sanded and flushed following these pictures - I'll probably add a Yuki pearl at some point in the future) With some mods by the wonderful RA: - Reshaped crown guards - Drilled lug holes - Full waterproofing My question is, was a 5513 ever made with this particular dial combination? I have not seen a metre
  14. Hi guys! Quick question for the resident vintage experts: Can a old school MBW 1680 be turned into a 5513? Can the plexis and dials be changed over without major problems ! Has anyone ever done this? Thanks for your help!! Cheers Robert
  15. Hello folks, being a big admirer of the vintage Rolex builts, members have performed on this board, I'm looking for my 5512PCG options. I have a gilt dial after gen specs, gen superdome T19 and gen crown. I want it to look like LHOOQ's, because naturally - I want to be just like him I have read a lot about MBW's - but still don't quite understand what the deal with those MBK 5512's from BKK is. Reg still can source them and I've heard they take gen parts without big modifications. So, since Josh's 5512 is way out of specs... Are these current MBK's worth the money? Or is buying
  16. I have an MBW 1665 great white incoming, supposedly an older variation that better accepts gen parts. I was wondering if anyone knew all the differences between the old and new MBWs. Thanks!
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