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Found 14 results

  1. Today I’d like to share what I would call the «Easiest way to drill vintage case lugs for 2mm bars when you’re a city dweller» So let’s begin with the facts ; 1 - I have a 6538 case with pre-drilled lugs 2 - I live in a city flat with no so much space for huge tools 3 - I dont have a drill press and I dont really have the place for that (see point 2) 4 - I have nice 2mm bars that fit in my 93150 bracelet and 580 end links but not in my 6538 case And today I have decided to try an unlikely experience ... « drilling » the lugs of the 6538 with only hand grinds
  2. And so it begins.....my first build. I started off with a cartel 1655. The movement bit the dust on me so I figured this is my chance to try my hand at modding. This tread will be the timeline . What am I building? good question. I so very badly have two watches that I want to build. A GMT Master 6542 and a Milgauss 1019. Both of which are NLA from the TD's so if you want one you gotta build it yourself. and from what I have read, neither are very good examples of the models so alot of modding would be needed to make either of them half decent . Pi
  3. Hello all, Nice to meet you. This is my first thread on this site. After reading and gathering information, I'm interested in starting my own project to build a mod 1016 (is that too ambitious?). My objective is to build it for under $600. So I came up with two alternatives to build it and would like to ask you which direction should I take. First: Buy a rep 1016 - Asian 23J Automatic Movement - Solid316L case - Scratchproof sapphire - Deployant clasp I don't really like the dial so I think I'll: --> replace with yuki dial (but it says
  4. Hello all (again) Sorry for being such a pain in the butt by asking so many questions. Promise that once I gather enough knowledge (which would probably be no more than that of yours) I'll be sharing my knowledge as well. But for now, I have some questions... I am wondering if I could fit a gen Datejust 1601 dial into a 36mm made for ETA 2836 case? [intend to buy from Rafflesdial] And if so, will i need a spacer / movement ring to get everything into place? I found some threads about 1601 franken but couldn't get a hold of the writer. So
  5. Just trying to nail something down. Does anyone know if the gen Incabloc complete upper shock unit is a direct replacement for the rep unit, or is there some milling that needs to be done? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking to reinstate my RWI membership but I'm unable to pm a mod to ask for instructions on how to do so because my inbox is over the whopping limit of 3. As I don't want to delete all of my messages, does anyone know a Mod over there that I can contact through email or here on RWG? Any help would be awesome!
  7. Hi Guys, just wanted to share some pictures/comparisons of the various fifty fathoms collected. Thanks for dropping in to take a look
  8. Can anyone recommend a person who has experience with fine anodizing work? I'm aiming to get the triangle on my 6538 insert dyed red, which requires a bit more finesse/fine tuning then most of the anodizing services I've seen offered.
  9. Hello members This is my 3rd 15400 in 2 months. After the BP black dial (sold), then a Miyota white dial (sold), I decided to get another one. I think I won't sell it in the next... 2 months (May be???). As everybody knows, I'm an AR freak. Then, I put inside a Domi/Guru AR Xtal. After that, I tell to myself why you don't try something different? Well, I decide to mod the open caseback. This is what I did..... Put a tint film with standard light 35% inside, then... Here is the result. So what the guys say....
  10. Hello my beloved APers, got my first AP and with it, the infamous problem with the sec@12 movement So now I'm calling out to you guys to please enlighten me with a detailed description of what the Jewel Mod actually is. I have no intimate knowledge of watch movements, but I do see an advantage here, and I have very good reasons to ask such an extensive question, so please bear with me: My watch is at my local watchmaker, getting serviced soon. Since he is replica-friendly and is an AD for many swiss watchmaking brands like Breitling, Longines, Cartier, he (and his team of 5 watch
  11. To all the modders around the world: I am working on designing my own watch, which is partially based on a sub mid case. I need to have a prototype put together ASAP, and the factory I'm working with is taking its time. Does any modder have a sub midcase that they can reshape for me, whether it be a 16610, 1680, 5512, or 5513? Even if it is from a canal street grade rep, it may be fine. The crown guards would need reshaping, the midcase would need to be thinned, and the lugs would need some reshaping a bit too. Who can offer some assistance with this? Thanks!
  12. Hi all, The noob v3 still has the same white insert color, so platinum mod is on the table. Can you recommend a CONUS modder who can do all of the following: 1. platinum mod 2. relume with tritec bg-w9 3 - n. WR, DWO or cyclops alignment if necessary, regulation? Thanks in advance!
  13. One noticeable flaw with Rolex reps, is that the crowns often don't have the crimped inner edge that the gens have. I remember once hearing of someone filing down the inner edge of their rep crown to make it thinner and to give it the correct inner edge. Has anyone hear tried it? Can you post pics of your results?
  14. Question for everyone: I received my BK DSSD today. woohoo!! Now what?? Any suggestions for mod? Does it need a new pearl? A re-lume? Swap out bracelet for something better? Thanks everyone
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