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Found 7 results

  1. I've been selling all the watches for some time ... And I bought one again and made some pictures of it. Regards.
  2. Hi to everybody. Thx for checking out this. This Panerai 212 Flyback Chrono arrived and I am really impressed. Decided to go with the 1950´s case and I must say I really love it. C3 Superluminova applied on markers and needles just gives light. You can easily read the time on this 44mm case from 4 meters away at night. The lume reflections and distortions on the case when looking from different angles (see pics) make it a really beautiful and interesting to look at watch, maybe that's it was it is about Panerais, simple and sophisticated all at the same time. Overall build quality in my opinion first class, strap exchange really easy. Chrono works perfect, it doesn´t matter at all that it does not have the flyback function on button at 4 o´clock (on the real deal resets to zero and immediately starts chronographing again). In my real-life situations I just need a stopwatch. Weighs in at 144 grams, its a joy to wear, fits perfect its not a huge watch as I almost thought from reading too much on it. The transparent caseback is beautiful, this is the NY model from Trusty which has the OPXVIII movement engraved (instead of OPXIX) but in the end those letters are so small You really do not see it except on close inspection which doesn´t matter as by the reviews the movement is not correct anyways. For other newbies like me I would just say if You like the looks of a watch and the movement is ok (in this case an Asian 7750 at 28.800 bhp, really happy with it) just go for it, felt myself worrying way too much before it arrived - its my first no date model in Years but I will wear this one a lot. The seconds dial at 9 runs flawlessly smooth and transmits calm, same goes for the seconds hand when the chrono is on. At 3 o´clock the minute counter of the stopwatch optically counterbalances the seconds counter which gives this am a totally equilibrated look, I like it. Some first pics taken in a hurry, enjoy.
  3. Hello all! Earlier this week I bought my first Rolex replica after a long (long long long long long) time searching, reading and asking questions. Please welcome my Rolex Submariner Ceramic Noob V1. If this looks boring, and it probably is, just skip to the pictures! (i'm sure they will do some justice!) Why Did I Go With The V1: Trust me, I know the V2 is out! But if I were to buy it and spend the $300+, I only wanted to buy it new with a Asian clone mvnt. Pureti.me was the only person I was talking to about Stock availability in the V2, and they kept telling me 2 weeks until they get it in... 1 week passed, 2 weeks passed, 3 weeks passed and still no stock for them. So I decided to spend less money on a V1 and live with the flaws! It has nothing to do with the differences between the V1 and V2, I simply bought it since I was eager to have my first rep Rolex! My First Thoughts: I definitely never noticed how white Rolex' lume applicator was until I went in a local Rolex store and took a peek. By the looks of it, the V1 doesn't have many flaws... Okay maybe if you know your watches and get in its face then you can tell the flaws, but the quality of this watch is amazing. Flaws I've noticed w/ out Having to go Back to the Books: By this, I mean what I noticed myself that differed from my genuine Rolex research without having to go back on the Forums and ask questions or search for differences of my V1 to the Gen. It seems like the flaws are minimal. I bought this watch via M2M and the previous owner did a Bezel paint mod and waterproofed and tested. With that it is very gen-like already. However I did noticed the minute markers do not reach the reheut, the 'm' in '300m' is not spaced away from the '300' enough and not italicizes enough. (I have not done research on the following so don't judge me). --> the pearl is definitely off on this one. It is centered to the triangle, however, if you can tell in the following pictures - the previous owner must have accidentally brushed the paint on the pearl while trying to do the bezel paint mod. This is not that big of an issue to me as I am currently searching for a replacement Bezel + Pearl. As for the bezel, I don't know much about the difference with the gen. ceramic and rep. noob ceramic so I will let you all be the judge of the. The bracelet feels light to weight but the fit and feel is as comforting as a leather strap. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating... The brushed S/S is a nice look but the 314L definitely does not compare to Rolex' 904L S/S uses. I can already notice some wears and marking just from moving the adjustment clasp up and down. The date-magnifier gets a lot of reflection and does not look gen-like at all when taking a close look, or even when trying to take a picture of the watch outside. From what I remember, I will need to have the mag AR? coated. Future Expectations (modding): - I don't know if it would fit, but I'm thinking of buying a Noob V2 bracelet from another member who has an extra one lying around and try to fit it in. - I definitely want to replace the ceramic bezel and pearl on this one, something doesn't look right to me and I can't put my eye on it! From here I will need to do some more research on modding a Rolex to decide what else is necessary for mine to look more gen-like, but I will definitely appreciate any suggestions! The main reason I wanted to write this review: I wanted a better eyes opinion. Not because I can't live with it, I love it, but I would like to know what you noticed that I haven't. This will help me in the future when buying Rolex. Do you think there are major differences between the Noob V1 and Noob V2?: No, honestly a replica watch is a replica watch, each will have its own flaws, they will never be spot on but like we all say, buy it if you can live with its flaws! And I'm still living. . . . . _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Now for the close-up shots. Bezel Close Up (paint mod outcome) Pearl Close Up (I believe you can see the paint on Pearl.) Direct View of Dial Well, for now that's all. I look forward to reading your comments, replies, remarks or suggestions! Thanks for looking
  4. Heres a couple pics of the 3 watches i offered myself for christmas, and also a new strap on the way from europe. Yes, i do realise i have a thing for diver watches lol Hope you enjoy, Cheers Wrist size 6.5 Swiss Army Saphire Crystal with moded 22mm strap http://i1137.photobu...ictorynox-1.jpg http://i1137.photobu...victorynox2.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap11.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap12.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap13.jpg This is my New Hublot Diver came in December 31st it was the watch i have been looking at online for the past year. (extremely happy with the product) http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0246.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0242.jpg Ap Diver V5 arrived december 31st, easy to wear with anything. Its awesome http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0250.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0239.jpg Citizen Nighthawk Received December 31st (very lightweight unfortunately bracelet a little cheap but overall great) http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0248.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0247.jpg Strap on the way 22mm for the citizen nighthawk possibly http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMG_9757-20131225-080204.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMG_9752-20131225-080201.jpg I hope you all had a great time for christmas and new years and for those who did get some watches (reps, gens, and jokes) please post i would love to see em all!! Sorry for only having links and not posting the pics straight in, some pics were ginormous and some were small.. dont understand why so you all get photobucket Sirdiesel The French Canadian
  5. Hey, just got the QC Pics of my new Hublot V6 from Puretime. What do you think, should i giv them a ok? Regards
  6. i bought a Tag Calibre 16 from Josh and posted the QC pics. then discovered, with some help, that the 6 hr mark is a bit crooked and the rest of the hour markers are uneven with their spacing from the edge (right side markers have more space and the left side markers are right on the edge). so i mentioned this to josh who said he'll correct. he sent 2nd set of QC pics which i told him has the same problem and now the 3rd set of pics....same thing! pics below. so my question is whether i just need to accept the watch or what do i do here? i understand that being too aggressive to TD's is not good and i should be patient but then do i just accept the watch as it is? what is the norm or protocol here for something like this? pics comparisons below. 3 sets of qc pics sorted by angle. please understand i'm not trying to make this difficult but just trying to figure out what the protocol is. i do understand that this is a rep and am not looking for the perfect watch like gens but i thought that the looks should be good. this was a "not-lite" version as the price was $260.
  7. Hey everyone! I just ordered a PAM111 v3 Noob from torobrovo. I have the QC pictures and wanted to see what the experts with eagle eyes on here spot. What do you guys think?
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