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Found 36 results

  1. XM195

    Omega rep?

    Hey I couldnt find any recent posts regarding Planet Ocean replicas, so I decided to start a new one. I was looking for PO replica for a long time, and noticed a few strange things. Here are three replicas that I liked most (puretime) 1. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-professional-titanium-v6f-11-best-edition-45mm-on-titanium-bracelet-a8500.html 2. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-42mm-ultimate-edition-blackwhite-on-ss-bracelet-eta2836.html# 3. https://puretime03.com/planet-ocean-professional-ceramic-bezel-42mm-on-ss-bracelet-a2836.html I'm completely confused with those models. There are so many of them. I had a gen same as number 2, but pearl was exactly as number 1. What's more, the number 2 is different from the one on omega site (https://www.omegawatches.com/watches/seamaster/planet-ocean-600m/omega-co-axial-435-mm/21530442103001/) is it some older model? I really like number 1, for its color and that pearl which reminds me of gen, but is it good enough? Sorry for any mistakes, I'm not very good at omegas.
  2. Hi all, Fascinated with this forum. It seems to be packed with replica watch experts and the details and info is incredible. I'm pretty new to replica watch collecting, but I would love to get this particular watch. An omega planet ocean GMT. Could someone please tell me where I could get a very good model of it, how much roughly it should cost and what exactly (other than the price) is the difference between it and the original. If you're a seller, would you please show me images of the actual watch I will receive, can I pay by paypal and how much it'll be to send to Ireland. I know they're all novice questions, I did have a quick search of the site but no one really covered it to the extent I want. This is the exact watch I would like, I don't know the model number other than "planet ocean gmt" Thank you James
  3. I've recently fell in love with the Omega planet ocean chronograph, but sadly the genuine is way beyond the size of my wallet. I've lost the last 3 days searching for a perfect replica, but it seems like there isn't such a thing, it's either a faux chronograph or the lume is garbage or the dials have the wrong size. Maybe my searching skills are poor or I missed something, but does anyone own or have ever met a perfect replica to this watch, with fully working chronograph and which looks like the genuine one? I've also read that the 7750 movement will fail if I use the chronograph option often... well is like 20 times a week often or where is the edge between often and not often for this movement ? In case those are some noob questions, I'm sorry, but I'm still a noob and thanks in advance for help.
  4. Hello, I'm quite new here so I apologize if this has been answered before. I have a replica bond edition planet ocean. Since receiving it, the movement crapped out on me and I've since disassembled the entire watch. I believe the current movement is the DG2813 (or atleast a really crappy clone) and ideally would like to replace it with a better movement. I've heard mixed reviews about the DG4813 and I enjoy that it beats at 28k/min, but like the 2813, it is just cheap and unreliable. Are there any movements that would fit the dial (feet, hands, etc)? Are there any modifications that you all would recommend for longevity? I would be willing to post pics of the parts I have now but I would enjoy any knowledge/wisdom that you could impart on a newcomer. Thank you all for your time and generous attention to this post. Sincerest Thanks
  5. Gentlemen I really enjoy the Planet Ocean rep's but I find the Cal,8500 to be lacking just a couple of things (Puretime used as example) Blued screws and a black balance wheel, and a better balance bridge. Does anyone have any experience modding these? Are the parts available? I think it would really take the watch to the next level. Or...conversely, is there a better version of the rep movement?
  6. Hi all, I joined rwg a couple of weeks ago, having done some reading job and known there are a few factories that make different versions of replica watches. Like Noob, BP, G5, Taiwan, etc. Now, I'm considering to get myself an Omega Planet Ocean replica watch as a gift in the new 2014, I searched on here and read some reviews, and finally found those good quality Planet Ocean replicas are made by Noob and BP, am I right? But I really don't know which one to choose, a Noob PO with Asia 2836 movement or a BP PO with Clone 8500 movement? I need your advice, thanks. Regards, T
  7. Hello everyone, I want to buy a Planet Ocean Liquid metal. I see two that appear to be trusted sellers. Has anyone dealt with either of these guys? intime $298 pure-time $348 Thanks! Luke
  8. Last week the agonizing wait ended, and my 45mm PO, Orange Bezel from TT arrived! (it really came rather quickly, but you know how it is when you have a new toy on the way). This is my first rep. (after owning some high end gens, and selling when unexpected bills presented themselves). I am REALLY liking it so far. I wasn't sure about the orange when I ordered it, but it's really growing on me, and to my eye, it looks much better in person. JUST enough "flash" to set it off from the rest of the pack. Here are a couple of quick shots I took after re-sizing. (sorry for the iPhone quality). All in all, I am really pleased with this one, and am already trying to decide what #2 will be! (big thanks to the community here, in regards to all the great information provided. It really helped me make an informed decision)
  9. Hi, I am about to make my first buy! I'm choosing from 2 different reps from 2 different dealers. Trusty-Time Movement - Swiss ETA 2824-2 Price 348usd Silix-Prime Movement - Swiss ETA 2836-2 Price 225usd Differences: Movement - 2824-2 or 2836-2, is either one better than the other? Bezel - I think I preffer the black one, but both works for me. Strap - Rubber from Trusty-Time which I think is more correct, leather from Silix. Price - There is a big price difference, 123usd. Why, is one of them better than the other? Which one would you choose? /Anders
  10. I tried order a v6.5 HBB, but Ryan said it's out of stock, and has no idea how long it'd take to restock. And since then, I've been trying to search for a good PO. I'm looking at this one : http://intime.co/product.php?id_product=1413 No where in the link states which factory/version the watch is made. Without that info, I can't even find reviews. I've read about Noob, V6F, BP, etc. Is this the best version out there ? Not that I don't want to do a search, but there are so many PO related post, and it's almost impossible for me to identify which factory it's from. Only info I know is it's Miyota movement, and it's no-hacking. I wonder how the seconds are accurately adjusted ? But I know Miyota makes great movements too, but this is a low-beat. Shouldn't be much of a problem if its face itself is as close to gen as possible, wouldn't be taking off the watch from my wrist much. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hey there, I am looking to swap my 45mm Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (black face, steel bracelet) or my gen Cartier Tank (enamel face, reptile-ish leather strap) for either a Speedmaster or Planet Ocean rep with the clear display caseback; other watch offers considered. Photos available by email until I can figure out how to upload...! I'll pay my postage and you pay yours. I reserve the right to swap with whomever I like. David
  12. Someone MUST have switched to rubber or leather and feel the need to unload... I hope.
  13. Finally received my QC Pics! From the first look I noticed that Minute Markers above the 12 aren't well aligned, and not so aligned all around. And is the "1" in "12" crooked? Also, any remarks on the Bezel? I don't know anything about this model's Bezel Experts please chime in This is my first Super Rep and I want to get the best out of it!
  14. Hi all, just joined the forum in the last few days, bought a replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 22015100 from a friend of a friend and it sparked my interest to see what was out there. I then came across this site as I was googling replicas and I have to say I'm blown away at the knowledge and skill shown by people on this here. I've included some pics of the replica as I have no idea of the origin or what movement is in it (no markings on the movement). Probably paid too much for it but as a newbie it was an impulse buy and well probably not much more can be said about it. My watch box currently has a gen Tag Carrera Twin Time Calibre 7 WV2115-0, a Seiko SKX007, a Raymond Weil 4817 and an Accurist something or other in addition to this PO. So here are a few shots of my PO, interested to hear opinions one way or the other and if anyone can identify the movement that would be great.Not expecting a great response to this watch to be honest so go for it I've got pretty thick skin
  15. Hi all, So I have a LMPO on the way, my first rep. I've heard they are a nightmare to take links out for fitting the bracelet and I don't fancy giving it a crack.. Will a jeweller in town be able to do this without the problems other people are having? Many thanks in advance
  16. This is a continuation of the thread where I reviewed Trusty Time and the Planet Ocean. Following the successful purchase of a 42.5mm Omega Planet Ocean I decided to purchase a present for my mother and to treat myself to another watch. I decided to buy the Swiss movement Aqua Terra (Black) for myself and a Constellation Eagle (Quartz). I originally decided to get the Blue Aqua Terra but after seeing the QC pictures the shade of blue did not even look close to the gen so I thought I would play it safe with black. After waiting patiently for delivery I finally managed to get the packages. I slowly examined my mother's watch to check the quality of the metal etc and clasp etc. I then proceeded to check that it actually worked after fiddling around with it for several minutes the watch did not seem to actually work and I thought that the battery must have been dead, in addition the watch was too small for my mothers wrist and there were not enough links for included and it was quite tight on her wrist. I then went on to inspect my Aqua Terra and found the watch to feel a lot lighter than my Planet Ocean, its as it the links were hollow or something and the watch felt like it was an obvious rep. It felt pretty flimsy and the movement was actually loose. Andrew at Trusty Time assured me that I would be getting a sturdy one as the factory does "checks" before they are sent out. After looking at the watch for a few moments I was find as I was just happy it worked. so I wound the watch and started wearing it. about 20 minutes the watch started to stop when the second hand reached the 23rd minute marker. I was advised by Andrew to smash the watch hard against my hand to get the watch going again, which it did, but this is not a practical solution. I emailed him several times saying that I wanted two new watched that worked and that I wanted a different watch entirely or even a different model because I do not want the hassle of going through the whole process if the "fixed" watches messed up again. he said that this was not possible and I could only get it refurbished. I was seriously pi55ed off because I had spend over £500 on buying watched from him and he wants to refurb me these two broken watches, I paid the full price for a brand new rep and he wants to fob me off with these broken reps? I am currently in the process of sending these back to the factory and they will no doubt take months to get these back to me. I wanted to let you all know that whilst some replicas are good the AQ and the constellation are not so I would avoid these two models in particular. the look great on the pictures but we all want a watch that can tell time right ... I'll keep you all updated with the process. Thanks.
  17. Hi chaps, I'm relatively new to Omegas but have found one that I love and am hoping you might be able to assist me with a few noob questions! I've read through pretty much every related thread so hopefully they won't be too painful. Big thanks to everyone for the info/reviews, particularly Cougar and Khashayar. This will be my first rep. I came to RWG for a Breitling Navitimer but the inaccuracies and the fact that there will be a new model in circa 6 months put me off. The Omega model I'm looking to purchase is this one on Trusty: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_114&products_id=11114 Firstly, is this model the new rep from the noob factory, or the older one from BP just updated with a new strap? I understand the noob one will be of higher accuracy and that there has been a delay in their rep coming out. If this is the BP one, would you advise I wait? This one looks pretty damn good to me! Secondly, is there anything I should keep an eye out for when it comes to QC? I've seen that the pearl being as close to centre as possible in the triangle is something that can vary and also the straightness of the '12' marking. Is there anything else I should ask Andrew to try to avoid for me? I'm a bit of a perfectionist so would like to pick up the best possible version. Thirdly, could anyone advise what the correct box would be for the gen of this model? I'd quite like to pick one up to go with it and found the following two on Trusty. Wooden: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_102&products_id=2056 Leather: http://www.ttw888.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=35_102&products_id=727 Lastly, it may sound ridiculous but for clarity what is the correct term & acronym for this model? I've seen a large number of acronyms (CrPO, POLM, ti) related and also some numbers, e.g. 300. From what I understand, this model is made from titanium, has a ceramic bezel (on the gen) and is made from titanium - does that make it a POLMCrTi?! Many thanks in advance for the help/patience, much appreciated.
  18. I recently replaced the bezel insert on my BP Omega PO Cr Ti 45mm and thought I would show you guys what it looks like inside and share some advice. Differences in the bezel I bought my Titanium PO in October 2013 and BP updated it with a new batch in November, so I was a little unlucky! Andrew @ Trusty has confirmed that these were updated and said that BP claimed everything was new. I’m not sure I believe the case has been changed, but the bezel insert clearly has been and perhaps the dial too. The pearl is now centred and much improved, but the most important part is that the bezel insert is now made from CERAMIC! For me, the insert was the only thing that didn’t quite sit right with this rep. It wasn’t really the right colour – too dark and had a greenish blue colour – and lacked the Liquidmetal shine as per the gen. I was still pleased with it but having fitted the new insert, it has made a HUGE difference to the overall appearance. The bezel now shines like it’s made from glass, has that greyish hue to it in low light and the brighter paler blue colour in bright light. The numbers/markings are also slightly finer. It has really improved the watch to no end and it feels far more gen-like to me. To anyone who bought their BP PO Cr Ti before November 2013, I seriously recommend doing this. Anyone can do it. Andrew sold me the bezel insert for a reduced price since the original I bought from him was so bad, but I think it normally costs $30-40. The only negative is that the grey markings are still only painted on and are liable to be scratched off through bumps and general wear/tear, as dredd0606 (on RWI) has found out. No clear coat on top. If you want any more convincing on whether to change your bezel, have a look at the other thread I have posted with pics and a video in the Omega section. How to remove the old insert I tried to take the bezel insert out by warming it up with a hair dryer (to soften the glue) and levering out the insert with a razor blade, following advice from forum members (thank you Sputim!). I attempted to lever out the insert with a knife but couldn’t get the damn thing out. Worried I was going to slip and scrape the watch, I ended up drilling into the pearl using a gimlet tool and pulling it out. This worked extremely well, once the gimlet’s threaded part had a grip it came out easily. Warming up the glue no doubt made this much easier. How to attach the new insert I used Unibond Extreme Power Glue and spread this using a wooden cocktail stick. Using glue was a BAD IDEA! This was because: a.) it left a residue in the gap around the insert (looks like dust in the pictures), although most of this dropped off over time and it now looks fine b.) it’s too permanent, if anything isn’t right when you’re done, you can’t change it without damaging the bezel c.) it doesn’t lift up the insert to make it properly meet the crystal/bezel. If you look in my photos, you can see the bezel now sticks out slightly over the insert, particularly near the pearl. It’s more obvious in these photos than it is in real life and I’ve learnt to live with it, but it’s not perfect. Sputim mentioned in another thread that he changed his bezel insert and used double sided tape. This is what I would recommend. The factory appeared to use a circular adhesive insert rather than wet glue (the type that has a glue on both sides) and this evenly lifts the insert by about 0.5mm, thereby eliminating problem ©. This is also helpful as this new updated insert seems slightly thinner than the old one, so it needs the extra lift. Double sided tape would also allow you to change it if anything isn’t perfect, thereby eliminating problem (b.). Of course no problem (a) either. You just need to make sure you use a very strong tape to avoid the insert falling out and clean out all the old glue to get the height of the insert right. Right, I hope that helps anyone who wants to attempt this. Here are the photos of the process. Be sure to check out the photos and video I have posted in my separate review thread to see how it looks in various levels of light. Full res photos available on Flickr here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjSUkgZt (full screen the photo then right click) You can see the adhesive ring/glue they have used here. Part of it has come off with the old insert, which is why the new bezel now doesn’t sit correctly, as shown in photos below Comparison of bezels Bit of glue residue on the crystal that wiped off - another reason for not using wet glue! The unevenness of the insert is most clear in this photo, with the rim of the bezel sticking out over the insert. It’s not anywhere near this obvious in real life but still something that could be easily avoided/corrected by using tape or less permanent adhesive. All that glue residue that looks like dust in the gap around the insert has now fallen out. The finished job:
  19. So after a shaky start with my BP Omega PO Cr Ti, I have finally got round to replacing the bezel insert and taken some pics now I’ve got rid of the awful original pearl. I’m not going to post a full review as khashayar has done an excellent job of that here, but would like to share a few thoughts. The titanium weight is great. At first it reminded me that it was a rep in the way that a lightweight quartz model would, but now I find it so comfortable that I can’t imagine wearing anything else as my daily beater. The lume is exceptional, I’ve never seen anything like it. The AR is excellent. Crystal disappears at most angles and has a pale blue hue from others, which is apparently true to gen. Only slight disappointment is that the crystal or AR has picked up a few scratches. The rubber strap is honestly the smoothest rubber I’ve ever felt. In fact the inside of the band doesn’t even feel like rubber, it has a sort of powdery feel. Apparently some gen bracelet owners have purchased the rep strap and I can see why. The detail on the stitching is exceptional and the clasp is very solid feeling. The bezel. This is my favourite part of the watch now that I have updated it. I bought my PO in October 2013 and a new batch was introduced by BP in November 2013 with a much improved ceramic bezel. The original was aluminium and a bit dull/dark. This new version completes the watch and is incredible. BP has done a fantastic job to replicate the Liquidmetal finish on the gen and the way it changes colour from a bright blue to a grey in different light. I have tried to show this in my photos, hence why there are so many. The only slight disappointment is that the grey paint is still liable to be scratched off the bezel. You can see on the triangle on mine that it’s already had some damage in the factory. This is only a minor negative though. If you bought your BP Ti PO before November 2013, I definitely recommend updating your bezel insert. More info here: http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/167544-how-to-replace-bp-omega-po-ceramic-titanium-bezel-insert-updated-batch-november-2013/ I have had a few issues with the ‘ETA’ 2836-2 movement (documented on the forums), resulting in the date not changing under its own steam. This is something I will be fixing when I get time. I always wanted a ‘Swiss’ movement though, so no regrets there. It keeps great time. Overall, the detail on every part of the watch is incredible. Now I have updated the bezel insert, for me this watch is a super rep. Everything is gen-like. I took it into an independent watchsmith and they thought it was a gen, particularly due to the decoration on the rotor and movement. Obviously this was ironic as it is the biggest tell to those who know their Omegas, but it shows the quality finish of this rep. A few of my friends have gens and they are all envious of this watch. I should note that I have changed the bezel insert myself and it now sits slightly unevenly, meaning the rim of the bezel sticks out, particularly above the pearl. This is shown in some of the photos but new purchasers won’t have this problem as this isn’t how they come from the factory. I need to work out how to remove the insert without damaging it so that I can re-fit it correctly. Please also excuse the slightly scratched caseback. When you’re a noob, use a stickyball, not a caseback opener like me – d’oh! My next project is to repair the movement so that the date changes under its own steam again (problem with the calendar wheel/gear) and file the hands slightly. I’ll post a tutorial once I get time to do the job. A big thank you to everyone who has posted their experiences or helped me directly, I have had quite a few issues with my first rep but am now extremely pleased with my purchase. Here is a short video showing the reflective qualities of the bezel. It would be great if more members could make video reviews, as there is really no substitute for getting a feel for a rep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KNyUl5r7oE A selection of my photos are below. I have taken loads to show the colour-changing of the bezel in different light, but can’t really post them all! The full set is available on Flickr here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjSULzk9 . If you want to save any full-res photos from there, just click on the full screen icon, then right click and select ‘original’. You should then be able to save the image. Enjoy!
  20. Just received these fellas. Couldn't find anything with the ole eagle eye. Let me know if you can. Thanks!
  21. I am in serious need of repair to my "Planet Ocean 45mm Orange Swiss Eta 2824-2" I purchased from Andrew earlier this year. I have sent the watch back once already because the stem fell out within the first month. Now, 6 months later, the hands just recently started freely spinning with the slightest bump to the case. This helps make the ~2 min/day gain go unnoticed. I really don't want to pay another $50 in shipping back to Andrew from CONUS for the essential repairs. If the option is out there, I would like to have the necessities repaired on the watch along with any additional mods/upgrades that would make this watch "better" in a sense, such as upgraded AR crystal, new hands, shower proof, etc. Any information or advice to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  22. The title says everything... I want to know if there is a Rep of the Omega PO 37,5mm and where to buy
  23. Hey guys, just got accepted qc pics from trevor heres some pics Hey guys, just got accepted qc pics from trevor heres some pics
  24. I'm wondering if anyone has ever had to send their rep back to their seller for repairs and how long it took for a turn-around. My UPO V5 42mm had suffered from the crown/tube issue and on top of that it stopped working. Upon closer inspection (removing the case back) the movement was missing a screw that held it to the case and caused something to snap in the movement that caused it to stop. So I emailed Andrew of Trusty Time and he was kind enough to take the watch back and repair it, that was 12/26/12 and no updates (besides being processed through a sorting facility in China on 1/5/13) to the tracking number that USPS gave me to track. I understand that February is a no good time for any package to be stuck in transit (because of Chinese New Year and additional holidays) but it's been almost 3 months. Any suggestions on what I should do? I've sent emails back and forth for a while and I just sent an email before making this post for any updates. Thank you.
  25. Like the title says if you have any please post your pics here, the paint fading seems to be the biggest issue with the insert followed by scratches on some too so we are trying to find out if we can either fix the problem with a mod or offer up a fix to the supplier Post your pics/advice please gents
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