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Found 395 results

  1. I have previously shared this on RWI and I will share it here as well - you guys seem to be the technical / OCD Rolex builders so I hope you will enjoy the pics And after waiting and researching for nearly a year trying to source the right parts... Theme of the build = a classic 14270 Rolex that has been through RSC (hence this 14270 will have lug holes AND superluminova dial and hands) Here are the ingredients - Gen 36mm Datejust 16233 E-series case (took me bloody 6 months to find one in decent condition) - Gen 36mm Datejust smooth bezel - Gen 14270/114270 Swiss Made dial (bloody rare to find) - Gen 603 crown - Gen Submariner seconds hand - JF 16610 LN minute + hour hand - JKhorological Swiss 25-295 crystal - Serviced Yuki 3135 from tickleshoes ...... still in search of a hollow link 78360 rep oyster bracelet The watch is practically gen at this point. If i pair it up with my gen 62510h bracelet, then it's visually indistinguishable to gen so here is my gen 16200 Datejust case that arrived via fedex Left case is gen 16200 datejust case; right case is a replica 16200 case for 2824-2 movement The rehaut is much wider (in terms of diameter) and less wokky on the gen 16200 datejust case Also, the lugs are thinner on gen case (even though my gen case has probably been polished before) Left case is gen 16200 datejust case; right case is a replica 16200 case for 2824-2 movement Crown height and case thickness is pretty much the same for both cases I installed the Yuki 3135 with the gen 14270 dial into the gen case first The usual ETA movement tab screws didn't fit between the gen case's side and the yuki movement, but luckily i have some spare gen-spec 3135 movement/case screws and they were thin enough to fit in between the gen case and the yuki movement Then I proceeded to install the hands, crystal, and gen smooth bezel And here is the final results (paired with my gen 62510h jubilee bracelet with 555 end links - but i am desperately in need of a rep 78360 hollow link oyster bracelet) At this moment, the watch is pretty much gen externally and there is no definitive way to tell that it is a franken or replica by just looking at it externally Lume shot! - the JF minute and hour hands have the same lume colour and brightness as the gen Rolex dial lume and gen Rolex seconds hand lume
  2. JSebWC

    The Million Dollar Sub..

    Ever wondered what a Million dollars will buy you these days..?? Most of a 6538 Sub, explorer dial- Meters first red text. and they even throw in the 18mm Nato strap, On the house!! And this is why I love this Rep building hobby Does anyone Make this dial? https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/rolex-submariner-6538-christies-new-york-most-expensive-ever
  3. And so it begins.....my first build. I started off with a cartel 1655. The movement bit the dust on me so I figured this is my chance to try my hand at modding. This tread will be the timeline . What am I building? good question. I so very badly have two watches that I want to build. A GMT Master 6542 and a Milgauss 1019. Both of which are NLA from the TD's so if you want one you gotta build it yourself. and from what I have read, neither are very good examples of the models so alot of modding would be needed to make either of them half decent . Pics for Reference..cause everyone loves pics of watches....if you dont, what the hell ya doing here?? lol After a few convos with @JoeyB I picked his brain and he was very kind to share his knowledge and experience in the 6542 build. Finding a reasonable priced Dial atm is difficult so this is why I am leaning towards the 1019 currently. the challange with the 1019 build is finding a smooth bezel to fit the cartel case. Either Way the case needs some work so I started on that and if I dont completely mess it up, I will then decide and order parts.... So I am stripped down the 1655 to bear bones. Drilled out the lugs. Broke a bit...but managed to get it out, save the case and get the rest of the lugs done. Not too bad...sorry no pics. Tonight I started on the lugs. Getting the crown tube out was a bit of a challenge as it was locktite into the case so it took some force but managed to get it out and managed not to destroy it. Next we're the lugs. A steady hand and a Dremel with first a grinding stone and then sanding drum to clean up the marks left by the stone. Looking at the pics and comparing them to the gens. I still have a bit more to go to make the case smooth for the crown. It's been a long day and I was getting hungry so I called it. Feedback , suggestions and comments welcome. I'm here to learn Thanks for looking. [emoji482] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Shaken not stirred. Aka. Not another Bond Thread!!! (Pic. Heavy) Something i threw together on RWI. I thought I might share it here. What is our fascination with this sociopath, misogynistic, alcoholic, emotionally dysfunctional, sickly charming, ruthless killing machine? He might be all these things but the films and the character exude style, taste and there is a little bit in all of us that wants to escape into the fantasy world in which he resides. One really has to question the effectiveness of a secret agent whose preference for alcohol beverages is known to every bartender in every exotic location throughout the world. Anyway, lets re-visit the much written about Bond Watches. Along with Cars and women this is another area where the character displays great taste and style. However, the only thing he really chooses or seduces is the women, we know that Q (not @QueTip) chooses his cars and watches. So, Q is the man. The great thing for Bond, unlike us, is he gets them all for free. So here we go, some but not all of the 007 watches. Hours of research watching and freeze framing went into this thread lol. Joking of course but now since this watch hobby (addiction) has overcome me I cannot watch a Bond film without my finger hovering over the pause button for those minuscule glimpses of 007 arm candy. Rolex 6538. There has been some debate over the years regarding what Rolex Sean Connery wears and the provenance of it. However due to the advent of DVD and Blue Ray it is now fairly obvious. As @Thrasher is tired telling people the Connery sub is a 6538 big crown, with a silver triangle and a 2 line metres first gilt dial. The strap was generally considered to be an admiralty grey nato. We now know it was a black red and green undersized RAF strap. It was also worn on a Black leather strap in Dr. No. and From Russia with love. The RAF strap appeared in Goldfinger. Again, in Thunderball the 6538 tells the time while the Breitling Top Time tells supplies the Geiger counter. My version is the Helenarou Connery Submariner. It is a work of art in my biased opinion. Rolex 5513 An early appearance of the 5513 is displayed by George Lazenby in “On her Majesty’s secret service”. It was made more prominently worn by Roger Moore in “Live and Let Die” and “Diamonds are forever”. It had the buzzsaw bezel in “Live and Let Die” and a handy magnet for disrobing young ladies. Apart from the quirky bezel it has a feet first 2 line dial. The weird thing is when I was searching for images the photos of my watch and rivet bracelets are all over the internet lol so here it is my @JohnnyLazar built “Live and Let Die”.
  5. Hashesonhashes

    Is this a V7?

    Thinking about buying this watch. Seller is saying v7, just want to make sure. Can you tell if it’s a V7? Also, any flaws you guys see? https://m.imgur.com/a/bALBIpd
  6. Which dealer sells this one and it is really a movement clone? any links to dealer site Thanas
  7. Mopy369

    Yuki 3135

    I’m trying to buy a yuki 3135 to make a franken watch. Thinking about the new noob v8 using everything, except the dial and the movement. Tips? Info?
  8. Hi everyone i cant decide on which Rolex Submariner Hulk to go with they are both really nice but i want the one that looks closest to the Genuine! Heres the links to both of the watches im looking at. NOOB V7 - http://trustytime.store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=15352 This one says i can change the external parts i am thinking of changing the face and bezel for a genuine. VRF - http://trustytime.store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_7&products_id=18064 This one doesnt say i can change anything but it does look very nice! If you guys can tell me which one is the better one or give me links to a better one than these to would be amazing and much appreciated! Thanks Very Much!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm quite new to the forums and I wasn't sure if this was the correct place to post this. Anyway, I'm looking for some help from some reputable members on here who can guide me in the correct direction. I'm looking for a replica Rolex Submariner. So far I've narrowed it down to these three: http://www.intime.co/rollie/2725-submariner-116610-lv-black-ceramic-v2s-1-1-jf-best-edition.html http://www.intime.co/rollie/2637-2016-submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-v6s-sa3135-1-1-noob-best-edition-.html http://www.intime.co/rollie/2640-2016-submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-v6s-a2836-1-1-noob-best-edition-.html Not sure which is better though. They obviously have slight differences but I would like to ask someone who has experience with some of these particular models. Also if there is better websites out there that offer a better price. Thanks everyone and have a good day!
  10. Today some pictures of my Rolex Daytona 6263 Paul Newman Enjoy them!
  11. ziax

    Vintage Rolex Reps

    I really wish there was more vintage rolex reps, i know theres vintage submariners, GMTs and Daytona reps but i wish there was vintage Daydates and Datejusts. For example, im watching the sopranos, Tony wears a 1980s or 90s Rolex 36mm Daydate Yellow Gold. I have found the new version of the watch but i wish there was a version with the stick dial and with the older clasp and the older bezel, it seems the newer bezels look thicker/bigger than the older bezels. Also Datejusts, i really like the older clasp and not the invisible jubilee clasp as much, i think it gives it a more authentic look and i just like the old school look. Does anyone else think the same? Cheers Freddie
  12. slopez4

    Daytona 6263 Paul Newman

    I wanted to share pictures of my Daytona build that I received not to long ago. This project started sometime last year. I knoew what I wanted but was not really familiar with the technical aspects of the build. Parts, movements, etc. After doing alot of research I reached out to Rolojack and asked if he would be willing to make me something pretty special. I decided on the Daytona 6263 PN Panda Dial. Something about this dial that i really liked. I put my trust in his hands and he worked his magic. He would ask me what I wanted every step of the way and was a huge help. Rolojack thanks for doing what you do. Also for taking the time, effort, skill, and patience. Let me know what you all think.
  13. Don't mind the two SDs. This is a Sub thread. I have no idea how I got so obsessed by these. I had no interest in Rolex when I first joined the fora. So for your viewing pleasure / displeasure: Modded 6538, work done by @NCRich. Helenarou big_dazza modded dial. Modded 5512, this one I like playing around with. Franken 5513 built by @tripdog Franken TC 16610LV V6 originally built by BK I guess you would call this a SuperFranken 16803 built by my watchnaker, loads of help from the great members of RWI on this one. 16618 no idea who made it, it has a nice little 2836 inside. This was given to me by some kind members on RWI. Now the Ceramics. My first sub ever the Noob V2/ V5/ V5.1/ V6 No Date 114060 depending on which dealer or member you talk to. I just think of it as the one before the V6s. Hulk Noob V6s 116610LV, this may receive one or two mods. I have had too many Hulks but I have decided to keep this one. I like my Sunburst dials so here are two fantasy 116610s. Kindly given to me by [USER=2295]@rwatch0[/USER] .
  14. EvilB

    Sky-F Sea Dweller

    Anyone have anything to say about this one? I searched but I didn't see any reviews. http://www.pf-828.com/0-0-0-rlsd00188-2017-sky-f-43mm-sea-dweller-4000-126600-ss-ss-black-a-2813.html
  15. The story is the Ordered a watch that have a Lower Crown of the dial and the wrong color lume ( green instead of blue). The TD sent me the replacement dial.....with Still the wrong color lume......So I decided not to worry about it anymore Since the Rep stops working every couple days. Im am thinking of sending it off to be relumed, Dial replaced and serviced....Any recommendations ?? in US? Can you please tell me what you guys think of the replacement Dial? thicker Indices.? The old marker on the watch is crooked @ 5 mins as well. the crown on the watch dial is 3D while the crown on the new replacement dial is flat. Also the dial feet are @ min 43 and min 13, does that sound right for a 2836? Thank you folks.
  16. buffdmv

    My 16610T

    I thought I would show her off a little. Bought her a few years ago. She is my daily. Originally a TCv6 with a few bits and bobs....
  17. buffdmv

    Rolex 116610LV HULK

    No matter how you look at it the bezel will never look right.... #genbezelneeded #$2500 Still a fantastic watch. and I am not a Jets fan......
  18. Corn dog

    What in the hell is this?

    My girlfriends grandad left her this watch, I’m an absolute novice when it comes to watch knowledge, and I’m also new to this forum so be kind. Any info would be appreciated : )
  19. zakaza

    DSSD V6.1 21j opinion

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and to the hobby and I want to get your opinion on this cheap dssd noob v6.1 being sold by trusty time. http://trustytime.store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_8&products_id=12305
  20. Nick Upex

    Rolex Daytona with Swiss

    Hi. I’m new to this Site. I have been interested in a replica for a long time. I have had really bad experiences after spending thousands on genuine TAG watches and now want a ‘proper’ watch. I don’t have 12k to spend on a Rolex Daytona but am in love with its look. I love the idea of having a replica Swiss movement. There are loads of people getting ripped off. Where do I get one from ?
  21. Hi all, I have a genuine Rolex 1007 which has a 1570 calibre movement. The dial is looking quite aged now so I want to swap it out with a newer one but I don't know which dials would fit this case and movement. Would an air king fit, does anyone know? Or anything else?
  22. Bigswanginballz

    Rolex Explorer from Puretime

    Hey there! I am new to this community and excited as I have started collecting watches recently. I have done a lot of research on using puretime03 and I want to order a Rolex Explorer from them but I had a few questions. First I apologize if I’m posting this in The wrong place or asking questions that I’ve already been answered. I went though the process of checking out and wanted to use WU Pay but I’m not sure how to do that. I also am considering getting a prepaid card and just using that. Is the quality that great? Is it pretty close to the real deal? Also, is it safe to order from them? Im in the USA and would like to avoid doing anything that could get me in trouble. Does anyone have any suggestions on better places to order from? Any tips or comments on my first buying experience would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you and I’m excited to be here! Just picked up a nice bulova the other day, I love it!
  23. Ozerov

    Rolex Master GTM vintage.

    Hello! I'm looking for the Rolex Rex of an old Master. If you have any suggestions, please contact the PM. Nick
  24. I am trying to finish this project a 1655 conversion to 1675, I have a Gen dial or so I was told, but I noticed the Dial is too small for the dial opening and is almost impossible to center it. So I need a replacement Dial I saw the Yuki ones, is there another source? Thanks Ivan