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  1. My new line of retro/vintage inspired blue straps. These hides are fantastic! No two straps will be the same, the texture, colour, finish, texture and characteristics are different depending on where I cut. Custom orders available just fire me a PM or email @ blueradish@yahoo.com Shipping - Canada/USA - $7 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $15 (tracked/insured) Rest of World - $8 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $20 (tracked/insured) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 270mm w/o buckle - Blasted 3 ring hardware with matching Pre-V screw-in buckle - $50 2. 125/75, 24/24, 3mm thick - soft/no break-in required - $40 3. Classic stitchless 125/75, 26/26, 3mm thick - soft/no break-in required - $40 4. 120/75, 24/21, 3mm thick - soft/no break-in required - $25 (due to 21mm buckle size) 5. 125/75, 24/24 w/ aged Pre-V buckle - This one is incredible in person (see above on Egi) - $75 6. 120/75, 22/20 - Simple comfy, thin (see above on Squale) - $55 7. 120/75, 22/22 - Nato style keepers, buckle - $55 8. 130/80, 24/24 - $50 9. 130/80, 26/26 - Denim (edges will fray giving vintage look over time) - $45 10. 125/75, 24/22 - white edges - $40 11. 130/80, 22/22 - Painted white edges - $40 12. 130/80, 23/23 - Painted white edges - SOLD 13. 130/80, 24/24 - $50
  2. In stock - Ready to ship Straps I leave sold straps here for reference, if you see something that has sold, fire me a PM and if I still have material I can do a custom order. I'll be posting a few more this weekend. Sterile Pre-V buckles are available in Brushed, Polished & PVD, 24mm with screw in pin + $12 - Link to Buckle options Shipping Canada/USA - $7 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $15 (tracked/insured) Rest of World - $8 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $20 (tracked/insured) Feel free to PM me, or send an email to blueradish@yahoo.com ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 125/80, 26/26 - Vintage Hemp coloured thread. - SOLD 2. 140/75, 22/22 - $40 3. Vintage worn Black Canvas - 130/80, 24/24 - $55 (You choose the stitch colour or leave it as is for a different look) 4. 125/75, 20/20 - $40 (Backed with genuine OEM BMW seat hide) 5. Vintage Olive Zulu style - 250mm length w/o buckle, 24/24 - $65 w/ Pre-V buckle. (This strap is 3mm thick so not great to use as you would a Nato, meant more for a watch with drop style lugs) 6. Military Canvas - 135/80, 26/26 - $115 with Rolko Brass buckle, $75 with no buckle. - [SOLD] 7. 125/80, 24/24 w/ Blasted Pre-V screw in buckle. - $65 - [SOLD] 8. 130/80, 24/24 w/ Blasted Roller buckle and Nato fixed keepers. Light Grey thread that also look Steel Blue in some light. - [SOLD] 9. 140/80, 26/24 w/ Blasted Pre-V screw in buckle - Leather back for ultimate comfort - [SOLD] 10. 130/80, 24/24 - [SOLD] 11. 140/75, 26/20 - Leather middle, super soft, 1 fixed/1 floating keeper - $60 - [SOLD] 12. 125/75, 24/22 - Please note this is a thinner strap, 3.25mm. Very comfortable, but would be best suited for a lighter case. - [SOLD]
  3. Happy 2018 All ! Just purchased this piece, a Certina DS-1 Powermatic 80, Black Dial and a Black Leather Strap, with quick release buckle. More Images here : https://imgur.com/a/o7L6W Not a fan of the black strap, the contrast doesn't feel right on my wrist. (Just a personal opinion - as I am dark skinned by the way) Anyone here can recommend a good mod strap? Looking at maybe buying a nato or a solid matt leather/nubuck style strap. No stainless or steel bands pls. Currently considering maybe lighter tan, grey or maybe even something with a hint of green. Please feel free to inspire me with pictures of yours or with any examples for watches this style (polished stainless case with black dial). The strap currently looks like a 21mm? From some reading I understand 22mm's could fit easily. Thanks!
  4. I owned a 112 which I recently lost so have a PAM510 coming to me by way of replacement. I'm left with all of the packaging (inner/outer box, warranty card, bezel protector etc) from the 112 along with the rubber strap (no buckle). Do you think these items have "reasonable" value and are worth selling? I looked on ebay and Chrono24 and have seen similar for sale, but am not sure of true worth. Thoughts?
  5. I got a strap on ebay from on a Spanish seller saying that they sell handicraft straps. Strap arrived today and as soon as I finished mounting it on the watch, it's started to unsewing himself. Really the first time that happens to me like that. I do not think I will buy more straps from this seller. invia immagini
  6. Thx to Repwatch´s extraordinary post of his unique wonderful piece I started to admire this watch and got really into this but could neither afford the gen nor build a Franken. First I looked at the Marina Militare but than destiny struck and I found a solution, so after many sleepless nights and one month visiting the above post I happily present to You, in the most unconventional way, serious Purists beware (I love and I am into vintage, no seriousness intended here, this is a hommage), an addition to my fast-growing collection: the famous PAM203 (2005), originally with vintage Angelus movement, only available to some 150 selected few. Just look how the golden hands, specially the small second hand reflect the sun on the glass from the inside:) This 47 mm stainless steel case with a sandwich chocolate/grey dial is historically correct and simply magnificent! The gold hands, sub second hand and logo's " Luminor Panerai" and "8 Giorni Brevattato" 8 giorni means 8 days and brevettato means patented, referring to the original sixty year old and large sized, handwound Angelus SF calibre 240, 8 days power reserve, give this watch character that no other watch has... or ever will have again. Here is the famous and still ultra-secret Panerai-secret: “how to make modern USD out of old italian lire trick”: (Research from Dadog13: Mr. Ferretti sold them to Panerai in the 1996 - 190 pieces // each priced 110.000 lire italiane (about 60 usd each in 1996) http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/99316-nos-angelus-sf240-pam203pam267/ link with sublink). Et voilà: Today possibly worth 110.000 Usd. The patented device protecting and locking the crown tops this watch off. CG lever points upwards. Both versions were made, with downpointing CG also. Of course it has Reg. Tm. engraved in the crown guard. Dial: brown, with luminous hour markers and Arabic numerals. It consists of two superimposed discs: the top one is perforated with the numerals and hour markers while the lower one was covered with a thin layer of Super Luminova Small seconds at 9 o'clock on the left and the legendary 8 Giorni Brevettato symbol painted in white near the 3´position complete the balance. DIMENSIONS: 47mm x 13.5mm WEIGHT: 126 grams Vintage Mods (here is where the fun part really starts): Crystal: removed the original sapphire, made from corundum, 2 mm thick. Anti-reflective coating. Replaced with Plexiglas. the Plexy gives a superb look, very warm, to the whole watch, and especially the dial. The gold dials reflect on it. Tried to catch the fantastic domed shape and the reflecting edges of the huge Plexiglas in sunlight. Also close look onto the sandwich dial of this Vintage Panerai in the pics. The “Open Six” carries the DNA of the brand from the 1930s until today. Crown-lock: applied some vintage rust, than applied the gluegun trick to make it feel more hefty and solid; tried to replace the crown with a vintage Rolex seadweller crown but it did not fit with the CG-mechanism so had to remove it again. Rolex actually made all vintage Panerai watches, from 1936 through 1956 (Jake Ehrlich). Movement: first removed the vintage 8 days Angelus SF 240 movement (cost of just 60 USD back in the nineties) because it had only 15 rubis and was very lowbeat at only 18.000 bhp; the Angelus powered divers where used by Panerai in the 50´s and 60´s but I wanted to go more to the Rolex-made Style of the 30´s and 40´s. So because of the Rolex connection I replaced it with a more gen-like Rolex Cal. 618 / Type 1 with some dust in it. Both where antique and HANDWOUND, so finally decided to put a more modern automatic movement in: MOVEMENT: Asian 21j automatic, keeps perfect time now! Greatest power reserve I have in a 21j also! Just don´t look at it. Solid case back: After changing the movement couldn´t stand the looks of the 21j, so the see-through sapphire glass had to go and was replaced with a nice, solid SS caseback (not yet engraved with a pig-torpedo and “Kampfschwimmer” – lettering and dating of probably 1944 which I will do with a Dremel, but already well-brushed with steel wool) Water resistance: after modding: tested to 0,00 metres (originally 100 metres); waterproofing to at least 200 ATM intended Lume: the original Superluminova applied to the sandwich dial looked too bright for the look of a 73 year old watch. Different to the “Luminor” substance used in later produced watches and instruments, “Radiomir” , patented 1915 by Guido Panerai (he did not know then it was a million more times radioative than uranium and that it has a half-life of 1602 years, neither did Marie Curie) does not react instantly under the impact of light anymore in 2013, here is a vintage sample of a "Kampfschwimmer" - combat diver: oh, this didn´t work.... so the Superluminova was scratched off this pam PAM 203 to give it a more vintage look. Once the human eye has been in total darkness for a couple of hours, the remaining glow of the simulated “Radiomir” substance now becomes visible. Strap: Ordered an original vintage 8 Giorni Brevettato symbol, authentic hand made WWII Ammo strap made from 65 year old army leather pouches and José Maria over in Spain promised it would be ready for me this week, making this package complete and spectacular! Time is what prevents everything from happening at once . ~ John Archibald Wheeler Thx to Torobravos this time: Got this original “as is” in a perfect service from him, it’s a fun watch more than expected and got that nice strap on it until the vintage arrives: Enjoy the pics! Finally some lume-shots as requested of my hefty PAM 193 Tuna-Can (on the left) also Hope You had as much fun reading as I had writing for the Forum. A big thanks to You all and RWG and what I´ve learned just browsing around here. Any addition and comment Welcome:)
  7. Hi guys , Disaster has struck on my holiday , my strap has broke on my trusty Cartier Must 21 rep, not the greatest rep I've got but don't look half bad on the wrist , wondering if anyone knew of somewhere to get a good replacement ? regards Tagman1 Sorry guys if I put this in the wrong place
  8. Hi guys, I need one of this strap for my Yachtmaster in a reptile finish. I dont wanna pay the price for a Everest strap (220 plus shipping). Maybe you can help me with a source pls. I need these typical nipples to install my Rolex clasp. Thank u! Bye Mecko
  9. Hi All... I just needed to post a pic of this Pre-V style strap I have coming in that my friend in Europe just finished making... this is the second strap I've purchased from him and the quality is right alongside any of the high end strap makers, at a lower price point. I haven't been this excited about a watch strap for years... His work is really that good! This is "petrol green" shark: And here's the first "acid green" I got from him:
  10. Can they please shoot me a pm? He hasn't responded in 3 weeks and I don't know wtf is going on
  11. I'm not sure if this is the place to post but I need the forums help in finding a nice strap for my Ingeniuer series rep. I have had this rep for a year now and love it. I get compliments all the time on the watch but unfortunately the rubber strap it came with has given way. I have tried Trusty Time and Perfect Clones and both have said that they are no longer available. I kind of find that hard to believe as they still sell the same reps. Any members out there know of a seller that sells a nice strap (any material at this point) so that I can keep using the watch as a daily? Not really looking to spend $400+ on a gen strap at this point. TIA for any help offered. Thanks,
  12. Hi guys, I wonder if there is one of the strapmakers out there making straps for Ebel, especially for a Ladies Discovery model. Or maybe I could get one from one of the TDs? Any idea, anyone? Thanks in advance!
  13. So now you got me, guys, I ordered a 44mm like the one seen at the comparison http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/168558-44mm-ap-roo-ss-rep-vs-gen-comparison/. However, I am not a rubber strap guy nor do I like tang buckles, I do prefer nice leather straps and deployants. So, looking e.g. at croc straps like those http://bit.ly/1payRGi I think the colors could make a good fit. However, given the size of the watch I would not use the standard ROO 42mm deployant, that would most probably be too tiny. So what would you suggest - or am I the only one thinking about a strap change? Any and all ideas are very well appreciated.
  14. A good friend of mine owns several watches of the abovementioned series like this one http://bit.ly/NtBzZg and is facing the problem that the white rubber straps tend to get miscoloured, most likely due to having contact with her Jeans and unfortunately she did not happen to clean them up successfully, so this leads to two questions: 1. Can anyone suggest a really good cleaner for those straps? 2. Besides the usual strapmakers, is there a source for rep leather straps for Ladies AP RO watches? Thanks mates, any and all advice is well appreciated.
  15. Well i found myself quite bored today waking up early on a Saturday with not much to do. Then i remembered that i have a Donerix Tobacco strap laying around that i bought off another member here on pure impulse at a good price. I wasn't really as fond of it as I hoped when i received it and it's been laying in a drawer waiting for a watch that's on repair anyway. So I figured i would give it some character and patina (please forgive me Donerix ). And since I'm a sucker for vintage and aged looks, i gave it a beating. So this is what the strap looked like before i went berserk on it: And two hours later after dish sponges, keys, lip balm, forks, lotion, knives and general abuse while watching TV, this is the result: I am really pleased with how this came out, and now I'm really looking forward to putting this on my 186 Arktos once it gets back from repairs! I might give it a rundown with proper leather wax later and another wack or two later on if it gets to dry.
  16. Got this DSN 232 a couple of weeks ago and it has been begging for a decent strap! Finally received my custom Gobo-strap in the post yesterday! Here is how it looks mounted And a wristie: Wallpaper if anyone wants: http://i.imgur.com/jRFhm4h.jpg
  17. Yes, I am aware of Eric aka Donerix, but afaik there are other makers as well, I just was not able to find them even though I did search the forum. Any suggestions where to look? Banda e.g. does not list Hublot straps any more. Thank you in advance.
  18. FINISHED this is my first finished strap !!! there are obviously some flaws and errors that I will endeavour to learn to correct for the next one, but please critique away !! info - French army ammo pouch, not sure of age. I tried to keep some of the original stitch holes and cracks in to keep the character of the leather.
  19. I'm having trouble with one of the lug end pieces on my Radomir. Went to change the strap. When I tried fitting the new strap, one of the lug pieces (the L shaped thing) will not stay in the hole. The screw does not seem to grab the notch. Anyone had this problem? Any idea how to fix it? Watch guy says crazy glue or other glue wont hold. Thanks.
  20. Recently had this made-to-order vintage tan waxed canvas strap made by Eric (Donerix) @ Hamilton Leather Works. Great communication and timely delivery as usual. Strap is made from great quality materials and with excellent craftsmanship as always. Here are a few pics of it on my Omega Broad Arrow, but it's ultimate home will be on a 16800 custom franken TC sub build in progress. And a wristie... It came a in a quality branded canvas pouch as well, which was a nice touch. These were the options Eric provided me for this made-to-order strap: Keepers: vintage leather (like in pics) or matching canvas Edge: raw (like in pics) or folded (for a cleaner look) Tail: square (like in pics) or rounded Buckle: vintage roller buckle (like in pics), other or none He also has other waxed canvas colors available. I have already ordered a couple more in different colors and sizes.
  21. Hi mates, Anyone knows where to find this kind of straps: http://www.orientalwatchsite.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9042-fs-all-black-24mm-strap-for-panerai-nylon-canvas-leather-various-material/ especially the first one (black nylon) but would prefer with matching stitches. Please don't tell me to google it, or ask strapcode.com, I already did... I've searched on eBay too, but nothing interesting... Thanks for your help!
  22. Hey all, Does anyone here have a good AP service parts hookup? I'm specifically looking for an offshore diver short rubber strap - have had no luck from my local AD's so far.
  23. Looking for deployment clasp for Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Limited Edition The release pin head fell off. The the one that sticks outside the main clasp where it says "Chopard" (See pic) If the pin is replaceable then I will take the par\pint. If not then will take the whole clasp. I have tried multiple TDs but no luck so far, if any one has it plz lemme know thx
  24. It took me awhile before the rep strap came to me, but finally it arrived today. So here comes the pictures. Before you look further, I'd like to point out that there IS a huge difference between the Rep straps and the OEM strap. Not only does the quality of the leather look different externally, it actually feels different when you have it on your wrist. Furthermore, it just brings a different feel towards your rep. The fact that you know that a part of it is gen, really makes you treasure your rep more. At the least, thats what I felt. In fact, I started wearing my rep as my daily beater instead of my gen just because I was wearing that new Gen strap of mine, in which I purchased off a member here. So for those of you who are debating of whether to get an OEM strap, I highly recommend it. For those of you who already use an OEM strap, you know what I mean Just a different satisfaction altogether. Hopefully this comparison or review is comprehensive, feel free to ask any questions as we go along. But obviously, the disparity in price says it all. ~$400 for the OEM and just about free with a purchase for a PAM from one of our TD's. Without further due, here are the pics as promised. (Commentary on top, pics right below it) 1. For those who are new, the gen or OEM strap is the one on the top, with CNG. It is obvious that the quality of the interior leather is different. The OEM gives a firm, but flexible feeling, making the watch really apart of your wrist. Whereas the rep is somewhat stiff. And as you can see, the gen has a fine engraving it, whereas the rep is just different. 2. The thickness is somewhat similar. 3. Again the gen has a more detailed and "perfect" finishing to it. Notice how the rep strap has the Panerai logo alittle misaligned. What I'm really trying to point out here though, is the holes. For those who want to compare the difference, the finishing in the holes are of different width and shape. 4. Again, the holes are very different. The quality of the leather is different, the gen being less stiff, although the color of the rep here seems brighter. In real life, it is somewhat indifferent, its difficult to tell even side by side just by looking at the color itself. 5. Same comments as the top ones, just to further clarify. 6. Notice the difference in stitching. The OEM uses thicker threads than the Rep. 7. Notice the texture, with the gen you can see the creases better than the rep, its deeper and more consistent. (Gen is the one on the bottom) 8. Notice how the Gen has a square "strap thing", while the rep resembles an oval. Again, the difference in the finishing and quality of leather. 9. And those of you who want to see the tubes. The gen's tube fits better into the gen strap. It slides in and out easily, whereas the rep requires some more effort to pull it in and out. Furthermore, the rep tube's finishing is not as good. Hard to see from the pics, but its quite evident in real life. 10. Finally, my assistant who is helping me hold the rep strap. I guess the strap has an odor or something, she puked after biting the strap. Maybe its the leathery chemical on it, but at that moment shes happy stealing it from my table. Well hope you enjoyed my short review. And to add on, I bought my rep from Toro, great seller, patient despite my picky nature in purchasing a watch from him. Rejected 3 QC's, and although he wasn't very happy with it, he remained calm and patient, politely asking me to pick another model if I could not settle with the next QC pic. But fortunately, things went well
  25. Dear friends, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d let everyone know of a fantastic experience that I’ve had recently with www.watchworx.co.uk a UK based supplier of decent quality straps, bracelets and accessories at really competitive prices. It all started when I decided to stick a leather strap on my Omega (for a bit of fun and to breathe a bit of new life into an old timer!). I started looking around (at Hirsch etc) and after much deliberation I then came across www.watchworx.co.uk. Out of curiosity as much as anything else, I stuck in an order for http://tinyurl.com/8fd4xkd (in blue) and three days (and just £14.00 GBP) later it arrived. I was literally blown away. In short, what would have cost me £50.00 (Hirsch) cost a fraction of the price, and the quality is comparable. I was so impressed, I place another order. This time I opted for a 22mm (again to reinvigorate an old beater). My second order was for http://tinyurl.com/9xz7yqc unfortunately, unlike the first time, a week went by and I hadn’t received my strap. So, I contacted the seller and explained the situation. Without fuss, the next day, a replacement was received by me (and the strap is just as good as the first I ordered). All in all, a great service, quality products and nice people to deal with. Highly recommended. Pics are of my watches with their new straps (on!) both from www.watchworx.co.uk Enjoy and stay well everyone. rclough
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