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Found 8 results

  1. The is my experience with Toro Bravo. Check out the attached pix for my email correspondence with him. Long story short: Sept 2018: Bought and received my watch. Movement was weird from Day 1 but I thought it needed to be “broken in”. Nov 2018: Watch completely stopped. Looking back, it was obvious the watch was drop-shipped without QC. Dec 2018: Returned the watch for warranty repairs. Jan – Sept 2019: I asked for repairs status update once a month and was constantly patronized/lied to. Oct 2019. The watch has spent 9 months “at t
  2. Hey everyone, I tried to make my first order on ToroBravo's website. When I put in my debit card and pressed submit, I got declined. I rewrote my number and resubmitted and got declined again. I thought I probably got declined because they dont accept debit cards. When I opened my gmail I found 2 order confirmations! It says my order was submitted and it will undergo payment needs processing. I dont want to spend 500+ on watches. I emailed ToroBravo asking to fix this. Do you think they will help me out, or am I screwed? It did say there was an error, this shouldnt be my fault! Thank you.
  3. torobravo2015.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_115&product_id=1660 Apparently, it's the 1st real 18k gold wrapped submariner, would you trust it? Other than date-window, I wouldn't tell teh difference between rep. or gen. accuracy.
  4. Greetings all, Been reading some reviews on Toro about communication, wanted to share my experience. Purchased the Santos Special, great deal! Got an e-mail from Toro with 24 hours. I needed to change my payment method, sent Toro an e-mail and got a reply very quickly. QC pics to follow. Trying to hunt down a nice bracelet for this watch, anybody have tips or suggestions? I am searching through this site to find some sources. QC pics to follow! Best, NT
  5. I have come to realise that Toro and this hobby in general is not good for my economy. He replies wat to fast on questions, QC and ship watches so fast that I just want to give him more money So many stunning watches and when you can't decide which one you like the most, you just have to buy all that you like? I can't se any other reasonable solution, can you? I am pretty sure that most of you can relate to this... If this keeps up at this rate I'll soon have more watches then i have shorts. Already have my next order planned thats going to be placed this weekend most likely. After
  6. I just ordered a pam 111noob v3 from toro and transaction until now is 10/10! Pretty fast reply and ultra fast payment aswell as QC pictures! Nevertheless I would highly appreciate to have the pam verified as a noob v3 from a panerai expert. For me it seems v3 but since its my first high quality pam I would really appreciate the kind of help Ps. Will post a review about the watch with toros gator strap on it Cheers
  7. I ordered this on the 3/12 and the mailman brought it to my doorstep this morning (11/12). Everything went smooth with Toro. No QC, but i trusted that he would send a good watch. Watch is what i expected. Lume and AR needs some work (if you are picky), otherwise its a great watch. Looks very sporty and understated. For the buck it is so worth it. Go get it if you still can. + Great rubber strap and clasp + Good PVD, not shiny at all + I love the contrast between orange, white and black + Very stealthy + Looks great on the wrist - Lume could be applied better, especially on the 12
  8. Hi all, I just want to share my experience with purchasing my Pam127 from Torobravo and my general impression of this watch. First, my ordering experience with Torobravo. 1. Paid on 6/21 and was put on the waiting list 2. Received and approved QC pics on 7/14 3. "Toy watch" arrived at my office on 7/18 afternoon I waited for about 3 week and got the watch in 5 days from China to LA. Torobravo's communication was prompt and to the point. Here are the "Clift Notes" about me: I am a newbie with respect to this hobby. I joined RWG March 2012 and prior to the Pam127 I have
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