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Found 25 results

  1. In stock - Ready to ship Straps I leave sold straps here for reference, if you see something that has sold, fire me a PM and if I still have material I can do a custom order. I'll be posting a few more this weekend. Sterile Pre-V buckles are available in Brushed, Polished & PVD, 24mm with screw in pin + $12 - Link to Buckle options Shipping Canada/USA - $7 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $15 (tracked/insured) Rest of World - $8 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $20 (tracked/insured) Feel free to PM me, or send an email
  2. Hey there! I am new to this community and excited as I have started collecting watches recently. I have done a lot of research on using puretime03 and I want to order a Rolex Explorer from them but I had a few questions. First I apologize if I’m posting this in The wrong place or asking questions that I’ve already been answered. I went though the process of checking out and wanted to use WU Pay but I’m not sure how to do that. I also am considering getting a prepaid card and just using that. Is the quality that great? Is it pretty close to the real deal? Also, is it safe to order from them? I
  3. Just thought I'd be nosey and find out what the last watch you bought was.............mine here
  4. Hello guys, my first post here! From SF. I have a collection of both reps and gens. I just received my noob v4 Pam 111, the watch looks gorgeous, but it will not function. i wind it all the way till the click stopped, and nothing happens? If I wind all the way till I can't wind any more, and turn it little more and clamp it down there with the clamp , the movement then moves and watch works for maybe half a minute then stops again? any possible help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!! steve
  5. Hello this is my first post I've been looking for this watch for a little while now and was told this was the best forum to do so who would be the best dealer for an I-gucci. Im also willing to buy off another member for the right price.
  6. Hey guys, I'm a new member and I basically signed up on this forum just to ask you guys questions about fake rolex websites. I want a fake rolex, however I keep finding really fishy looking websites that seem too good to be true. I found this one based in Australia (Which would be extremely convenient for me because I live in New Zealand) and they seem legitimate, I've made an account and everything I'm very close to buying one but I feel like it could very well be a scam. The name of the website is "www)mywatchesonline)com)au". I am getting so frustrated at this point because I really want
  7. Hello, I just got my first rep (H-Factory PAM177), and I absolutely love it! I love listening to it tick, and it's very comfortable to wear as well. I want to wear it to sleep for these reasons, and also because I don't really have any convenient place to leave my watch overnight, because my nightside table has a radio on it, and my desk has a computer and a printer, and I don't want my watch to get magnetized. So is it dangerous to wear it to sleep? Thanks
  8. After being emailed by josh with a link to 95 gateway website i was prompted to fill in a bunch of forms about credit card details etc... after choosing to pay by VISA. After this a page came up saying 'payment success' and my order number, amount etc.. However after recently researching into this '95 gateway website' i have read of many complaints of alleged fraud, where people lose money as they use this site to handle their transactions. Is this normal for the perfect clones website as I am new to replicas and thought perfect clones was safe to buy from but am now doubtful. Many regards,
  9. I wanted to share this watch with you. I have bought it last week on my holiday to Bodrum, Turkey. They have a lot of quality replica shops there. Although all the watches were of good quality and very nice looking. They were all just a bit to big for my wrist. That's when I found this very thin dress watch, with a manual wind movement. The woman in the shop told me it was a "new" replica, and the only one that was so thin and small. It's a Vacheron Constantin regulateur Chronograph. I don't believe it's still being made, and it's not a very accurate replica either. But that doesn't r
  10. Hi guys, I bought this book recently and began reading. It has been great so far. But I have to ask those who are familiar with the book; since it was written decades ago, how relevant is it to watch repairing today? I'm sure there have been numerous advancements in watchmaking since then (I think it was originally published in the 60's), but can this book still serve as a good introduction to the craft? It has been reprinted as recently as 2008 so I'm guessing It does remain somewhat relevant.
  11. It's peculiar to post this stupid question here, but I'm just curious weather there is some guys would buy a replica watch? According to me, the originals are too expensive and just rich men can afford it and they often have more than one or two pieces. While there are still a large number of people have champagne taste but a beer budget. Is that you?
  12. Hi everyone! I was thinking about some Richard Mille timepiece but I am still really know to reps and even fresher to RM reps. I am willing to spend some good money but are there really RM reps that are worth it? Would like some of the smaller sizes. Thank you! appreciate it
  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All Forum Members and Watch Enthusiasts all over the World Enjoy, Best from second 10´ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-D1KVIuvjA and a gadget:
  14. I wore this watch everyday about a month after receiving it before I decided to write a review to make sure that everything was in working order and will be able to work in the long run. I placed an order for the Ultimate Planet Ocean 42mm with the Swiss 2824 movement from Andrew at Trusty Time back in late December and received it before Christmas (Most recent link is here). I loved my gen Midsized Omega Seamaster Professional, but the size of the watch (at 36mm case diameter) started to bother me, as I wanted a watch that was more substantial in weight and presence on the wrist. However, the
  15. Hello too all, I just posted this on RepGeek, thought it would help to post here too I have recently acquired more reps then I expected and recently lost connections with my watchmaker. I am looking to see if anyone can refer me a watch-maker they know in New York, preferably in Long Island. I alive in Long Island, New York. I need a trusted watchmaker that will take a replica watch task and complete it without hesitation. Some other people i have contacted recently told me that they don't want have any business with replicas. Anyway, I am looking to do some modding to a Panerai Luminor t
  16. I have spoken with Tony from asian7750 and he said this is what the final product will look like. This is a Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold V6. Please let me know if you see something that is off or of concern. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  17. Hi everyone! Today I will describe some reps that You can find in Belarus. Thank You for reading! Firstly, we need to find a place to look at reps. You can easilly find this place here, because nobody will stop Your rep selling or block Your site. If You want to sell a rep by the internet, You just write what You're selling. For exapmle "Replica Rolex Submariner" or something like this "Best Replica! Rolex Submariner! Cheap!". Most of people say that they have best 1:1 replicas, but they only have cheap reps, I think Canal Street quality or even worse. So it isn't hard to find a place t
  18. So what is the smallest movement that has ever been made? Type 101 movements? 13mm round movements I feel for the people that put them together! I suppose if you've *very* short sighted with very steady hands it'd be a good dayjob. Richard Listening to: Marillion - Afraid Of Sunlight on 1600W RMS of power over the Epos speakers + 15" 400W sub
  19. Hi! I ordered a watch from dhjason007.com the 3rd october. On the site, it says "pending" for 5 days now. Does anyone have experience from this seller? I contacted him to ask about the shipping, he replied 2 times under 1 hour, but since then, he hasent replied for 2 days. "hi friend please tell me the order number,i will check for you. thanks jason" and then he wrote: "can you tell me your dhgate name?" I told him my name on dhjason007.com, but he still hasent replied. anyone know something about him?!
  20. I want to change the dial of my HBB, and after some googling I find no such tutorial anywhere. So I turn here. I have an H screwdriver and a set of small precision screwdrivers.
  21. I was looking around the web and I found a picture of a Patek Phillipe Nautilus. Am I correct to assume that this is a blue dial, rose gold, on leather or is the sun playing tricks on the camera and it's a grey dial?
  22. Hey guys, this is my first post on the forum- I've been browsing the site for a couple of weeks after I saw an ad for a Hublot big bang in the New York Times. It immediately caught my eye and I decided to google the price and of course it was way out of my price range. That's when I started doing some research and I found out about replicas and I browsed here for a while to find a reputable dealer that I could buy from. Long story short, I decided to go with Watcheden. I placed my order on May 2 and finally received the watch today. After days of checking the USPS tracking site, I am
  23. I've been looking at reps for years now and just took the plunge 2 weeks ago and got a Tag Heuer Carrera 16 Day/Date Chrono from Andrew and the watch is amazing. I have a good few watches and was just wondering if anyone could send me in the right direction to get a nice watch box to display them plus also keep them well protected. Thanks.
  24. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of them Chinese made Sea-Gull Tourbillon watches? I've been looking for one recently since I started having a fascination with Tourbillons (though a European watch with Euro tourbillon parts is most likely out of my range). I looked on eBay and the Sea-Gulls on there seem to only be open heart designs with out a real tourbillon. Anyone here have any experience in buying one?
  25. Hey RWG, There's a formal occasion coming out (just formal, no black/white tie specified) and I was wondering which watch (rep or gen) to purchase to display an aptitude for watch prowess. The only problem is, about three people out of the few hundred or so will actually know the truly high end brand names (IWC, Piguet for example) and still believe that a Rolex (although OK) is some sort of godlike watch that will slice bread, do the laundry and shows not only you have status but are a 'refined' (lol) man. So, for this what watch do you think I should get? The budget is ~ $5K
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