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AP ROO: Gen vs Rep Comparison

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One of the SoCal family owns a gen Black Themes... and although he will remain nameless, he provided his Black Themes for these comparison shots next to a Black Themes V2 secs@12 watch owned by me...

In the pics, the gen is the bracelet version, the rep is the rubber strap version....







This last shot is a comparison between the gen Black Themes versus a The Zigmeister lumed Slevin... taken to gauge the intensity of the lume versus the master's.... as my rep will be going for lume soon.


Hope you enjoyed the pics... and thanks to the fellow SoCal member for taking the pics..

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it does... there are small differences in the watches (crown position, cyclops, and crown guard shape) but overall the feel is pretty good.... the bezel on the rep is amazing.... i love the sparkle of the polished detail next to the brushed...

the funny thing is... the date on the rep is much easier to read than the gen... the gen is recessed more and gets more glare....

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Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing.

They did a great job repping these clearly, there are some flaws we can see now thanks to the posting of these pictures.

As you mention the crown position, cyclops, crown guard shape and size...

also I noticed the caseback is much thicker on the rep, the gen date is much magnified.

Based on the pictures althought the gen claims to have no ar the crystal seems much more invisible than it does on the rep, at least in the 2nd photo ; maybe it is just the lighting?

I have been a big proponent of chief AR for these watches, have 1 done and nother being done and I think the rep would look better with chief AR than no AR at all.

How are the screw heads on the bezel, do they seem the same between gen and rep?

Does the rep have the same brushed finish on the metal case up close as the gen or can you notice a difference with them side to side if looking closely?

You will be delighted when you get your AP back from The Zigmeister, it makes a big difference to have that gen-like lume on this watch.

Thanks Again,

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Thanks for the comparison :good: I don't know APs enough to spot the flaws, so I'll just say that they look pretty much spot on to me, and could well encourage me to add an AP to my wishlist :)

+1 but I think they are quite abstract yet gorgeous watches. How much does a gen retail for?

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Great thread!

There are flaws like date wheel not deep enough, date window too close to tachy scale, wrong crown position, too thick caseback, lack of metal hour marker surrounding but they are all minor and thse pics really show that!

It really IS the closest Offshore rep available!

Makes me miss my 2 Black Themes.

Maybe it's time for no. 3 :) :)

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Thanks LOS.

It is very usefull for us non AP freaks.

I will probably end up with a AP ROO now :angry:

Go fot it Steph, you won't regret. I have a Black Themes, and it's getting a lot of wrist time. Virtually undistinguishable from the gen, believe me, I compared it. A true super rep right OTB, if ever there was one. No mod needed, apart from (maybe) reluming.

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In comparrison these look very close, we can all spot differences side by side but still very close. Thanks for posting these photos.

I would say the AP rep is 98%???? of the watch for 5%??? of the price!

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Considering the crown position the rest is more than close enough---anyone who knows about the asymetric pusher/crown will spot a rep instantly. Anyone who doesn't know about that would be fooled even if the rep were 30% less accurate. I'd happily wear the rep anywhere outside of an AD or, like, if i were going to have a drink with a guy who I knew owned a gen---wouldn't want anyone to be bummed that they essentially wasted 12 grand to get a lower crown, less legible date, and different crown guards.

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On the basis of this comparison I drew the same conclusion.

Have now bought the watch, and it is actually great.

Looks good. Feels less chuncky when worn than other big watches, but has all the precense.

Now hope it will work properly.

So far the experience is so-so.

It needs to be wound up to get a big power reserve to keep going. But winding it is fiddely. So a bit irritating when used in rotation. Basically I have to assume that it will go to sleep during the day, so initially not reliable. However once it gets going it is fine.

But somewhat concerning as I am not sure how strong the crown rubber will prove in the long run. Or if this is a symptom of seconds@12 disease.

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My Rubberclad has a good power reserve. Given the fact that this is an expensive rep, you should have the watch serviced by a watchsmith and in the process, it should be graphite treated as the sec@12 conversion puts extra stress on the movement. Mine is off for service atm....

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