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UN Blue Surf is here!

el niche

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Finally!!!! Thanks b16a2!!!!! OK see pics below and let me know your thoughts...

2 minor issues with the watch.

1. The SS link on one side seems to have "bit into the rubber part of the strap as you can see here...


2. The other SS link has a smudge/scratch right where the letter N is..


Here are the rest of the pictures... :thumbsupsmileyanim:










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Great pics El Niche :) For $178, this looks to be a great watch!!

I can't wait to see the other dial variations. I would jump on this, but I already have a blue watch in my collection, and really fancy the white one of the MMD!

Thanks! I must say I am very happy with this watch. It wears real comfortable. You do have to trim the strap though. Hont has been great to deal with as well and I will look to him in the future for other purchases. :good:

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I am sorry but this is a superrep and whomever begs to differ is smoking something. I have seen pics of the Blue Surf on Timezone and I am really impressed. FYI, I read from one of the post over at timezone that the lume fades really fast on the gens. For the price, this must be classified as a superrep in my book. I want to purchase the Maxi Diver Chronometer 43mm, which also looks extremely well made. Kudos to our Chinese friends!!!

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no need for me to add photos, ,you hit the nail on the head. I have had a bunch of these come through my hands, they all have that knick mark where itbitsinto the top. Its how its packaged, they have wised up now adn openedd the bracelet flat so that wont happen, but guess you didn't get one of those.

you won't notice it in time, and if you do, just change out that side of the strap witht he back halF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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