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Repairing when winding the 6497 does not work well

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One of the possible fails of the 6497 movement is that winding does not work properly. When winding the gears only rotate part of the time. This video shows the fail:

In this case, the part that is failing is the winding pinion. Reference for cousinsuk.com is UT285410 with a cost of 3 pounds + IVA + shipping. After swapping this piece the problem normally is solved.

First step is to remove the crown guard:<br>


Stem is removed:


Then the movement is released and hand and dial are removed:


As seen in the previous picture, the hour hand has been touching the dial.<br>

The gear that has wear is shown by the red arrow:


To remove it, normally you have to dissemble the keyless work:

Here a comparison between the Asian and ETA part. ETA part in the right. You can see the wear in some tooth of the Asian pinion (red arrows).


After swapping the pinion, winding works normally, as next video shows:



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Another great tutorial Francisco to a very common Asian 6497 problem. Thanks for taking to time to document the repair thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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Top notch as usual Francisco! How does a non-worn asian pinion look compared to the ETA part? Any notable differences in quality? Based on the pics it look a tad more robust...not sure why though.

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