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Improving the reliability of AP seconds at 12 movement

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Probably the best tutorial I have seen on this forum but now I have a question : this post is 2 years old. Is the second @ 12 issue still a problem or did the factory enhanced the movement fixing the issue ? Have asked the question to one or two TD but no answer yet.

Am ready to make my move for a ROO Safari. As usual I plan to get it serviced just after delivery but do you think I should get the second issue fixed too at the same time ? if yes how much € you think ? Would Domi do this for me for a good price ?

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The China movement factory that makes sec@12 movements installed a gem within the central transmission gear (I think it is called "C" here) that goes around the canon pinion, but they did not install a jewel under the final sec@12 gear for some reason.  The finish of the parts is still very rough, about the same quality as what Francisco shows in his photos.  The alignment of the first two gears in the seconds conversion still varies quite a lot from unit to unit.  The gear chatter across the 5 gears accounts for the jerky seconds output on most AP reps.   There are also significant errors in hole positioning on the third plate underneath, and the whole gear train blocks easy access to keyless works, if that should need work, which it most likely will at some point. 

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