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what you drive?


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Thank you kindly! No other car has given me as much enjoyment as this one!





Gorgeous 991 you have! Looked at several 991.1s along with 997.2s... Ultimately bought the base 997.2 C2 as I wanted an example with as few of options as possible and this one turned up at the right place/right time for me  ^_^

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Gorgeous! Absolutely flawless finish, euno... Black paint is like a full time job all on it's own!
If I'm not mistaken, your E31 is also black, isn't it?

Yes Ubi, my E31 is black as well. No doubt it is torture keeping them clean! Keeping them in my garage helps though for sure.

The 911 has had a recent full windows/trim/insulation out respray. It wasn’t what I wanted to do initially but when in Rome, so to speak. I’ve spent 6+ yrs restoring/improving/modding every last bit with the car. There’s nothing left to do but drive it like a bat out of hell. The organic nature of no power steering, no computer assist of any sort, no power brakes etc make the car very much behave like a wild horse. If you’re good to it, it will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. If you’re not, it will throw you clear off its saddle in a heartbeat. There’s nothing like it & it’s incredibly addictive to drive.

Hope to pick up a daily 997 or 991 similar and as lovely as yours. I’ve been casually searching. I would opt for pretty much exactly what you’ve elected to do: keep it simple. I guess my ideal contemporary would be the 991 Carrera T :)

Cheers my brother, happy open roads!
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Okay, I gotta be honest - my company car is a nifty little Nissan Rogue, and I spend 95% of my time in that.

But...  On the weekends, when the weather is nice...  I might just compliment my latest watch with one of these:






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2015 Lexus ES300h Luxury MINE MINE MINE

2017 Hyundai SantaFe Limited Ultimate FAMILY TAXI


Lexus: great ride, relatively primitive electronics for a '15, WUS-friendly analog clock, 36mpg

Hyundai: pedestrian ride, slick tech including 360-degree camera, 



2005 MB E320CDI.  Got into a fight with a doe running at full gallop.  Ended in a draw.  MB was driveable but cost of repairs exceeded Blue Book value, so it got traded for the Lexus.  The deer bounced off the car and ended up off the other side of the road on her way to meet Bambi.  I am pretty sure with a lesser car the doe would have died with her head in my lap.

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