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REVIEW: Breitling SuperOcean 2010

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The Review

Most of the watches I have bought have been very cut of the mill. By that I mean I have never bought an outlandish watch. A big part of me yearns for a Breitling Emergency in bright yellow just so I can slap it on the wrist and think “take that!” (not the boy band ;) )

Then the new Seawolf came along in bright yellow. I found a grey version on the sales corner and tested it….but found it to be too bulky for my wrists. Click Here for a full review of that one.

Then Breitling released the new SuperOcean. My first impression was “ what on Earth have they done that for!” It looked cheap, and very generic. However, over time the watch grew on me. I tried on the gen at an AD and new the yellow one was for me.

I buzzed my favourite dealer (PreciousTime – thanks for the flawless deal!) and a few weeks later it was here on my wrist.

Welcome to my review of the Breitling SuperOcean 2010;


The SuperOcean first came to the scene in 1995. It was released under the umbrella of the Colt series and made to cope with the toughest of diving requirements…and was designed to meet the requirements of the Navy SEALS specifications. Various different colour options were then released, with a nice in your face orange (Coral) colour being released in 1997.

1998 saw the release of the Colt SuperOcean Pro with an increased water resistance level of 5000ft.

In 2000 the SuperOcean dropped the Colt name, and came with a COSC certification. In 2007, a revised version was released which increased visibility in low light situations through increased size of the lumed markers.


Background Information

The SuperOcean currently comes in 5 different colour variations. The one on review here is the yellow rehaut version.


The genuine also has the option of a bracelet. It is rumoured that the rep factories are working on one….I think it would be good to have both for added versatility.


Vital Stats

Case Diameter – 42mm

Water Resistance – 1500m

Power Reserve – 38 Hours (self winding, 54 jewels)

Crystal - Cambered sapphire, AR coating on both sides

Calibre B17

Accuracy to the Genuine


At first glance it’s hard to fault the new SuperOcean. As I mentioned in the introduction, I went to try the genuine on. If you had the two side by side, you’d be hard pushed at a very quick glance to see the differences. The build quality of this rep is very very good.

It is important to note that the bezel does have the same grey appearance as the genuine in certain lighting.

The crown doesn’t wind in quite as smoothly, and the lume markers aren’t as smooth as the gen….but that’s why there is a massive price difference!

The numbers on the bezel are done well, however, if you look very closely you’ll notice the centres of the numbers are smaller (or the numbers are fatter) on the genuine.

On the rehaut, the minute markers are a fraction too close to the dial on the replica, they sit further to the outside on the genuine.

Again, looking very closely at the dial numbers, the genuine has more of a sharper finish. Both the gen and rep share rounded edges on the dial numbers, however, the replica’s are slightly more rounded.

Onto the second hand….the yellow tip of the genuine has a smaller painted area. You’ll notice on the replica that the yellow section spreads further up towards the centre of the watch.

The last thing is the crown. Mine doesn’t seem to screw completely flush to the case (only a fraction). Also, it appears to be that the genuine crown is a tad thinner….or this could be an illusion because mine isn’t quite flush to the case.

Genuine on the left in all pictures



The back is very well done indeed. The engravings polished finish looks very nicely done.

I can’t see any flaws. If there are any, they certainly aren’t worth mentioning.



The rubber strap feels exactly like the genuine. Very soft and very comfortable.

The clasp is done very well and the Breitling logo is top quality.

Conclusion of flaws

Conclusion of flaws on front

Bezel numbers slightly thinner

Rehaut minute markers too close to dial

Dial numbers are slightly too rounded on some edges

Painted section on second needle is too long

Crown to wide

Conclusion of flaws on rear

None that I am aware of

Conclusion of other flaws

None that I am aware of

Final Thoughts

This is a replica that certainly doesn’t disappoint. Although slightly smaller than most Breitlings, it wears very nicely indeed.

Having tried the black and the yellow on at an AD….I would definitely recommend the yellow. The black is smart and more versatile, but it is too alike other diver’s watches. If you want something a bit different to your Submariner’s and Tag 500m’s, the yellow SuperOcean is the one to go for. I find the yellow rehaut helps break up the dial/bezel and make it sharper looking….I found the black too plane for this type of watch.

Thanks for reading,


Closing Pictures





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Thanks guys.

@ Couragee - not that I have noticed yet. The rubber strap doesn't either. Really well put together and good materials on this one.

Also forgot to mention the AR is as per OEM Breitling AR...it's fantastic!

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I've got the gen Red Abyss and I love it. Might buy the yellow rep and do my first side by side review...

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Thnx for this great review!!

Seems to be a good replica. Thanx for pointing out the small flaws!

Just waiting for a SS strap now..

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Nice review bro. It's funny how all the new fonts Breitling have chosen are kind.. of "80's sci-fi movie" !

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Thanks for this review!

A friend of mine had the gen with black dial and a SS bracelet. I think it's too small to my taste and i don't like the scifi bezel

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Thanks for the review. It's a cool watch and I always wondered how the quality is.

How is the A2836 movement holding up?

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Missed this first time around. Nicely done review. The design is still growing on me but it is nicely replicated :thumbsupsmileyanim:

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