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How long should you wait?

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So the story is that I've ordered 3 watches from a known dealer that have been mentioned here on this forum. I've bought a couple of watches from him before and shipped to me quickly.

Anyways, from the QC pic he sent, I've noticed some flaws and he took note to get it fixed. Since then I've messaged him twice regarding the status but no response. Usually he replies in a day or two, but it has been about 10 days and still no replies. I'm not too worried, but just wanted to see what are the usual wait.

Btw, did anyone notice on your QC pic, some photos are not the same watch but a photo of the "perfect" front and back? I noticed this because of the bad screw on the AP bezel, but some pics it looked perfect.

Thanks in advance!

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not to worry, if you sent something back on your qc check it will certainly take several days to get it sorted out. if it is a known dealer on here you have nothing to worry about. just think, if you didn't have qc pics, you would probably have the watch by now, but you would have had a bad screw on your bezel and would be weighing the cost/time to ship it back to china or just deal with it ;)

as for getting pics of "not the same watch", i haven't experienced that (although i've only ordered a couple reps since the new qc procedures have been put in place).

hope this helps,


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Just an update on the status. It wasn't until my friend who is interested in the reps, messaged him asking about delivery time, etc. He replied right away, so my friend asked him about my order.

So just to let you all know, they might have tend to avoid replying your messages once you say something is wrong with the QC. Kinda like you deserve to wait longer for making them fix your watch. Just my 2c.

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