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Vintage PlopLOVE


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Started this about two years ago when I had the luck to get a parts lot in an online auction.

I always liked the vintage ploprof, but at a price range about 4000 - 7000 $ nothing for me.

All parts are still easily available except the case.

So why not build one myself...

Based on various technical drawings and original parts I measured the important interior

and had this made by a friend:



To get the basic shape the case was cut out with water (with some abrasive and pressure added :-) )



Next was to drill some holes.


getting closer



Don´t ask how many hours it took me measuring, drilling, grinding etc...


looks like a watch nowpost-408-0-50604200-1339333037_thumb.jpg

final result


still got problems with a loose minute hand, but so far I really like it :_)

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This is [censored] amazig, thats what this is!!! When you see people like this with the brains where it should be this is the result!!!

Amazing Mr mars, realy great work!!! Congrates!!!

Couldn't have said it better myself Z :notworthy: Truly awesome work mars :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

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WoW!!!......That came out even nicer than the counterfeit ones from Viet Nam from last century...

One would imagine that if you were to add up your labor costs on that, it'd be a sizable number...

there is no way that you could mass produce those cases at any reasonable cost...This one is truly a work of art!!

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the bezel was about EUR 50,--. It will be changed soon because it is a bit bent.

total amount for all genuine parts (some NOS, and incl. movement ) EUR 550,00

all found on diffent online auctions ...

That's a bargain compared to what some of these modders spend on a"UPO" project...But how can you put a monetary value on that case...???...It's magnificent!!!

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