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Blast from the Past - Closed Case SMP - Electric Blue


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Just posted in the Friday Wristies....but wanted to post in the Omega section as well.

My Franken Electric Blue consisting of:

- Gen Dial (used, but in excellent condition)

- Gen Hands

- Double A/R Crystal (from the 42mm PO v5)




Sold my previous version to Namor, but was able to build another one. Still need some work (repaint the bezel number and source the speedy bracelet as this one currently has the PO bracelet).

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Love it H

Think i still have a rep dial I got from you in mine

Still need to paint the bezel numbers on mine blue

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Where's the pics ?!?!?!? :)

Gonna try to get to the hobby shop by me to see which blue (should be a faint bluish color) that they have available.

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Looks great! Which case are you using for the build? Is that the v5 PO 42mm case?

Not a PO case - but just the bracelet. The case is a closed factory SMP.

But that gives me a good idea...wondering what a SMP 2254 would look like in a PO v4/v5 case. Hmmm.....

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Sorry but can anyone explain what a closed facrory case is fir the SMP?

I bought one today without knowing what I am getting!

The closed cased references the Omega reps from the past where the case was very similar to the gen. The HE valve was in the correct spot and the crown guards were very good. The Bond 007 not only had these characteristics, but the pearl was spot on as well. We say closed because the factory that produced them got shut down (hence "closed" in the description) years back.

Its a shame that these models never resurfaced with the newer factories, especially those that make the POs.

BTW - you got pics of the one that you bought?

Electric Blue is one of my favorite Omegas.

A real beauty.

They are, especially with the gen dial....which i had two and sold :(.

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How about this one? A closed factory case with a gen 2230 (non -AC dial) and a PO bezel and insert. Built by [mention=50989]SSTEEL[/mention]
Nice hybrid build by the way

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Everything is gen except midcase and case back
No way to do this today, would probably cost more than the gen as Omega has restricted access to parts to those they deem worthy and second hand prices are way up
Selling mine ATM with gen bezel and bracelet with Omega Box next door at repgeek, saying goodbye to watch collecting

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