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Breitling Superocean 42 Abyss Yellow

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Hi. I have placed an order for Breitling Superocean 42 Abyss Yellow two weeks ago. Purchase was flawless, everything went fine and package has arrived three days ago. When i received the watch i was amazed by its quality. I can tell you, it was love at first sight :) So I have spent a little while searching for some gen shots to make a little rep-gen comparison.



Dial looks pretty good to me. It is not perfect, so there can be found minor flaws compared to gen. Edges of the numbers on the dial are sharper on the gen. Reps have the edges bit rounded. BREITLING script on the reps looks to be written with different font. It looks like Arial or something like that has been used. And maybe the font is a bit thicker than it should be. Yellow color is really close, but is not gen like. Gens use colors that are a little bit more saturated or darker, it is closer to orange. But there is only slight difference between these colours. Numbers on the bezel are also sharper on the gen. Hands (hour and minute) seem to be more rounded on gen. Rep are more flat. But these really are minor flaws as we are looking at both watches under macro shots and these are not noticable by the eyes. On the other hand date wheel or script is the same as gen. Bezel is rubberized, lume is well applied (but not that shiny). Other things such as triangle, bezel teeth, markers, BREITLING logo look perfect. All in all dial is great and minor flaws are accepted. It is like 95% gen :)


This is the same thing shoot from a side. You can nottice the small color difference here.



Caoutchouc strap is one of the best thing on these watches. It is great. It is light, comfortable to wear and matches gen - same material, same design, same script and details. This piece is so well made, that if I would be gen owner, I would not buy gen strap from my AD. I would deffinitely buy this one!



Caseback is absolutely beautiful. Engravings are correct and also correctly placed. Only minor flaw can be, that the engravings on gen are bit deeper. But overall, caseback is perfect. No cons.



SO42 look very good from the side. He escape valve looks fine, case looks to have small noticable differences, nothing big. BUT what concerns me, are those screws on the side of bezel! They are incorrectly placed. All the gens have these screwed at 15 and 45 and each 10 mins between. Rep (at least my particular piece) have screws at 60 and 30 and then 10 mins. This means that each screw on the rep should have been placed 5 mins later :D I have been searching through TD sites and it looks like these reps come with two types of bezel. One that matches gen screwing and the other one, placed 5 mins later (or earlier ;). So watch out.



You see? No crown at 15.... But crown and B logo looks fine. Maybe on the picture the gen crown looks bit larger, but in reality it is the same thing. Slight differences can be caused be the fact, that my shots were made by a mobile phone :D


Aside from the flaws these reps are must have. They are so well made, that they look very luxurious and expensive. I can tell you, with these on your wrist, nobody is going to ask you whether they are gen or not. Quality is awesome and i love them. The best thing about these Superocean is their size. For people with small wrists these fit just perfect. They have its own design, which many may not like. I love them, because they are perfet juice of elegance and sporty design and i feel comfortable to wear these on daily basis as my main dress watch. Some things may be improved in the future for V2 like correctly placed screws, better lume, correct BREITLING script on the dial and make sharper numbers. On the other hand, nobody is going to study your watch while you have them on your wrist with microscope. When properly serviced they will do great job and run +3 secs a day like mine (yes, within COSC standarts :) Breitling Superocean 42 are one of the watches, I would recommend to everyone. GREAT watch.

OK. And now some porn:











Thanks for reading :)

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Nice posting. I have had a couple of these in the past and they are a nice solid watch. I do remember that the bezel looked more gen like though. I do not think they had the concentric circle look to the black rubber surface. It looks stunning on a gen bracelet, but not eay to find at a reasonable price. Enjoy

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Excellent pictorial. Thanks for taking the time. :good:

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Porn. Total Watch Porn. Jomashop has the gen listed for 1700 today.

I saw that! Great price on Gen, but the rep here is looking really nice too!

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Thanks to you I just order one.. lol  It's such a great watch for causal weekend wear.  Great post my friend!


Good choice. Wear it well. :)


I wear these on a daily basis now as it feels great on the wrist. Sporty and elegant and for me - it solves the problem with writing on the keyboard at work. With my UN MMDC i was constantly hitting the table with its bezel ;)

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Nice review. The yellow may look different do to lighting or camera settings, so it may be closer then it appears. Thanks for a great job showing that beauty. Blessings



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Excellent work! Nice replica but has more flaws than I thought before read your post. I am the only one who see the case is different on rep? Take a look at side pictures, rep case looks thinner than gen... And lugs and crown guard are different...

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I love this rep, mine with seagull st-21 and diver pro gen




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