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H-Factory releases two Tobacco dial classics: PAM61D and PAM56C destro


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Hard to say by Josh's pics, but if I know H-Factory - it will be a decent overall replication that can be worn as is or used as a parts donor for other projects. The great news for builders is that now there are quality Ti case parts available, most importantly the A-F style CG that we've never had before. Old Ti reps had poor CGs, while Sead's Ti CG cannot be used with most automatic watches due to a shallower than genuine crown cutout, the crown simply rubs in time setting or cant even be fully extended.

The dial will likely be the standard H-Factory fare, not bad overall or from 10 feet away, but obviously lacking compared to the genuine. It will come with lume too lumpy and too raised, kind of ropey instead of a flatter fill inside the index groove, which will make the indeces look thinner; also, thinner LMP print with some kerning errors, and dial will be an aluminum disk instead of a brass one. The movement decoration on these is also incorrect, the OPII style movement in C & D series is the "paneraipanerai" engraved one like this:


The CDG style OPI/OPII came roughly with the late "G" and early "H" series. None of these are show stoppers deal considering what we have here overall.

Very well done, H-Factory, keep up the good work.

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We shall find out pretty soon as a number of us have them coming

Sam get your sanding equipment ready

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