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My Davidsen 111 homage Review

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Hy community,


today I receved my Pam 111 Homage made by Davidsen. I have to thank him for the good job he made. The communication was very good with him and the watch came 15 day (from HK to switzerland) after I made the final order. Have to say it in one word, the watch is awesome ! Im actually quite new in the Pam Homage world, but after I bought a Getat fiddy homage I wanted a better quality watch. The watch came in plastic bubble protection paper.


Watch specification:


- Swiss eta 6497

- Sapphire AR

- Solid+windowed case back

- silver hands

- MM dial

- Superlumed dial and hands




I let you judge by your own.












and one wrist shot 






Thank you for your consideration 




ps: sorry for the quality of the pics. Made with Iphone 4s

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It's refreshing to see a watch that's neither an H or Noob (they are of course amazing).  Wear it well.  Now get a V3!  :)

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Hi mir36, actually I have to say that I'm so interested in Rep. I like more homage pams. Before I bought this one from Davidsen, I did my homework :). So I mailed to Joa and Drudy but they were both 250 to 300 usd more expensive them davidsen and on the RWI forum I found a post that was saying that JOA was sourcing his parts from davidsen. So I decide to go for Davidsen even if I was a bit sceptic to pay via western union.

Thanks for you posts.


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I tried alot to find a working E-Mail address of DavidSen but failed,could you kindly provide me his contact info?

Thanks in advance!

I need his E-mail too for an order , could you help me ? :)

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