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Anyone want to upgrade their 116610LN


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Seller has made a counter-offer at a price I'm willing to pay, but points out that he must put the actual value on the package and I may owe customs duties. Anyone have any idea what that might run me in the US?

I just couldn't see myself putting 1000.00 dollars of gen parts into a subC at this point. We need true 1:1 cases like sean, phong, TC have in order to justify those parts other wise we are putting lipstick on the pig. 


I disagree--the new BP case is quite good. I think the BP case plus A3135 and these parts would probably make a pretty nice watch.

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Don't get me wrong guys. I really love the new BP but we know how this hobby goes we build our hearts out on a certain case set then something better comes a long. I have a gen crystal on my BP and sooon to be crown and tube but at this point a gen dial, insert and 3135 is not ideal at this point. Sooner or later they will have a high quality case set like what we see with TC

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