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PAM 351 Gen/Rep comparison


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I like to show you a comparision of Panerai 351 Rep vs. Gen.

  • Gen: Of year 2012 (O) with original strap, unworn
  • Rep: Of year 2012 from Puretime with Kaktus Drifter Havanna from Kaktus Straps (Fransson), used several months.

PAM 351 is my most beloved PAM (beneath PAM 390) because of:

  • Despite of the 17mm height you can wear it very pleasantly. This is because the titanium case is lighter than the steen ones (e.g. 312).
  • The brown dial and the golden hands looks very beautiful and special.

Here are some perfectly suitable straps for PAM 351 (or PAM 390):

  • Kaktus Drifter Havanna from Kaktus Straps (Fransson). My favorite because the leather color fits perfect to the dial and the bright stiching to the numerals. The leather of Kaktus Drifter Havanna is unrufflet.
  • Black Choco from Rob Montana (The Strap Smith) - Also perfect in leather color. The leather has more structure than Kaktus Drifter Havanna and the stiching is beige.
  • Dark Chocolate von dstrap.com (Olaf) - Similar to Black Choco from Rob Montana.

Now the comparison - Gen on left, rep on right:


Very good:

  • Case shape, color and finish
  • Hands
  • Position of numerals
  • Crystal shape and color
  • AR


  • Dial color. Rep is brighter and Gen is more mate.

And now, let's zoom. First the gen:


The rep:


You can see more differences:

  • The numerals of rep are a little wider and not such accurate.
  • The font of the rep are thicker.
  • The numbers on the date wheel of the rep are thinner and 3 dates (29, 30 and 31) are not printed accurately. There are some brown spots within the numbers.
  • The dial color is a little different. The rep is a little copper.
  • The cannon pin of the rep is not flat but domed.

Now let's see the crown and the CG. First the rep:


Now the gen:


You can see:

  • The encraving "REG." and "T.M." on the rep is a little thicker.
  • The lever of rep is much smaller.
  • It hat more clearance.
  • The outer edge has another shape.
  • It can be folded out more.
  • The milling groove of CG (where the crown sits) is more straight (hope I use the right terms for this).
  • The prings of the crown are less beveled on the rep.

Back side of gen:


Back side of rep:


  • The pin of the CG from the rep is 0,5 to 1mm to short.
  • Completely different movement (Gen: P.9000 / Rep: Asian 7750).
  • Crystal of rep looks slightly thicker.
  • Crystal of rep is a little less clean.
  • Encravings on rep are correkct, but the font is a little thicker.
  • The pins for strap changing are nearer to the case on the rep, but the straps fits right.

Here are some pictures from the sides:





Other side:





Finally two more pictures from the rep:

First with Kaktus Drifter Havanna:


Second with DStrap Dark Chocolate:



The replica PAM 351 is a very nice watch. Look and wearing comfort are excellent.
The titan case , the warm brown dial and the golden hands makes it to a special watch without beeing too eye-caching.

There are some differences between gen and rep but these differences are not easy to spot (except the movement). You need know the gen or need to compare gen and rep side by side to see most differences.
But there is potential for the factories to eliminate the remaining flaws.

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