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Welcome, its good to hear you ahve been doing the right thing, and reading a lot before posting questions that have been answered many many times over.


So which reps you got yourself by now, and which TD's have you chose to use?

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Current reps are Pam 312L from PC, and just pulled the trigger on a Ceramic PO from Josh also, i actually wanted the older PO before the ceramic as i like others was a touch dissapointed about the lack of AR and the 'liquid metal' on the case back,  but on balance it looks like a great piece so went ahead.


Also landed a DSD from a member on here over the weekend which am really looking forward to receiving soon hopefully

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Cool.  Even with the flaws of the 45.5mm PO I'm still getting one as I plan on getting the crystal AR'd, and replacing the backplate for OEM parts :)

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