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Latest QC pics- PAM 111 Noob V3 from Intime [YOUR COMMENTS PLEASE]

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Hi guys, 


First post here, joined RWG since December and has been reading and following here daily  :)


After researching and reading about the Super reps available (111,243, BK/TC Sub, Diver 3.5 etc) I decided to pull the trigger on the PAM111 Noob V3.


Was hesitating which TD to get it from, as there's a chinese site which sells the V3 111 with Y-Incabloc mod for a little more but I figured to just get one without any mods and then send it for mod and service several months later if I really do need it.


So I ordered from Ryan at intime.co yesterday, made the payment via WU and got the QC pics on the same day. Ryan is quite easy to deal with and replying my emails pretty fast.


Btw, its my 1st rep purchase so I'm not really good at the QC pictures (catching any problems) and would really appreciate it if you guys give me your comments and feedback! (whether there are any problems etc and should I accept it or not). Thanks!  :clap2:


There are 6 QC pics in total- Panerai PAM111 V3 Noob Factory Pre V Hands on Black Rubber Strap



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Heck of a replica for sure!


I'm wondering if the space between the crown and case is too large on the Noob 111.  On my H factory 026 the crown rests right up against the case.


Any thoughts on this?

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Looks fantastic! You're a lucky guy!


I'm wondering if the space between the crown and case is too large on the Noob 111.

no, it's almost exactly the same spacing as the gen. This isn't classified as a super rep for nothing!  :)


Dont know if it's a feature of this model but it doesn't have the inner pin on the crown retention arm, should be able to see it between the crown & crown guard?

are you talking about the ball bearing on the lever? It's hard to see in those pics (you can see a small bulge at the tip in pic2), but it should be there.

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I think this will be my cherry popping Pam.  Is it hand wound only?

It's a great one to start with!


It's a super rep and will fool all but the true enthusiasts, but with this list of mods, it's almost indistinguishable from the gen:

Incabloc Y shape fix ,

Longer SN screw replaced ,

SN end side shape fixed ,

SN spring angle fix ,

Gold gear train brushed ,

Crown wheel & ratchet wheel replaced and polished


yup, hand wound only - Platinum plated Asian UNITAS-6497-2 21600vph hand-winding movement

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If you are concerned about that then you must not like the rest of that movement either given all its other flaws...

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