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Another Pam 89 review

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I started writing this about 3 weeks ago and since then there has been an excellent review written by Polonus TM (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/158136-h-factory-pam-089e-gmt-anthracite-review/) and another photo thread here (http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/158649-pam-089-from-andrew-some-pics/) By Ricardo L, I know I duplicate a bit of the information that has already been published but hey I have typed it out so there is no point in deleting it.

The Panerai 089 was produced from 2001-2004 ( there is talk of 500 being produced in 2005, I have since read on one of the other threads about the 089)  and still appears in the 2005 price list, it was produced in “limited numbers” of 3000 per year so there are up to 12500 gens (I don't think you will see one of these every day) in circulation and are selling used generally at above the 2005 sales price but I would not say that they have gained value particularly in comparison with some of the other Panerai limited editions.  The watch is a Titanium 44mm Luminor case with solid case back. Running inside is the OPVIII movement, this is basically a 7750 with the chronometer parts removed and a GMT module added on top, If I take this apart I will show you all the GMT Module, if you think about it the 7750 is the perfect with the seconds at 9 matching the general appearance of most Panerai’s and the ability to run other functions such as the GMT, and also like all Panerai movements of the time It could simply be bought in without any development and then sold at the premium that this marque carries.  The less said about the Brooklyn Bridge the better!

Some of the Details of the Gen
Model: Luminor GMT Titanium PAM089 or PAM00089
Production Years: 2001-2004
Movement: Calibre OP VIII
Power Reserve: 42 hours
Water Resistance: 300m
Dial Color: Anthracite
Bezel: Brushed Titanium
Case: Brushed Titanium
Caseback: Solid
Crown Protector: Yes
Crystal: 3.5mm Sapphire w/Magnifier
Diameter: 44mm
Strap/Bracelet: Leather
Lug Width: 24mm

Produced in D, E, F and G series (possibly H)


The Rep is of a similar construction (more details below) made by the H Factory I am lead to believe, The movement is the A7750 with also a GMT Module. I see no reason why this could not be swapped out with a Swiss 7750 with the chrono parts removed and the GMT Parts added if you wanted to but the question is “Is it worth it?”

While we are on the subject of worth let’s look at the prices when it was in production

2001-2002=$3500-$3700 (Depending on which price list you look at)

Used Gen prices from various sources in 2013, € 4,780 (= $ 6,233) Greece, $5477(Italy), $7950 USA, but to be honest there are not many for sale!!!!

Rep Prices for the new A7750 $378 plus EU postage @$25=$403 GBP279=$424 at the time of ordering, from precious time, so it will cost you a little more from precious time but I have never heard of anyone having a bad experience from him, and if I remember rightly I got my first rep from him, He adds that extra bit of QC. So the rep from the H factory can be had for roughly 5% of the price of a used gen and about 8% of a new one in the last year of production, The question we have to ask is do we have 93% or more of the original watch????


Differences, well they have all been pointed out on the Polonus TM Thread so no point in really repeating that.

As you can see below in the dial photos the gen sapphire Clear AR does work but you can see some reflections, and there does not appear to be any blue in it even on the Cyclops, I find the rep the same but do some times see an annoying reflection in the Cyclops as if the AR is scratched but I have inspected it at every angle and can’t find the reason. You can see that reflection here


Dial and Date wheel. Without a Gen to compare it would be hard to say how close this is, all the photos of the gen all look different due to the anthracite brushed finish, with Black sub dial with concentric circles. The Gen dial certainly is alive at every angle, and so is the rep.


Case and CG, The case is well finished with brushing as per the gen, the crown guard closes positivly and the pin is flush, I cant find a complaint here!


Hands, Excellent and well made


Lume, Top Notch in my opinion, visible all night, well applied and bright.


Movement, now I cant find many gen photos of the OP VIII but it would not surprise me if they did come with the CDG finish at one point, but below is the Paneristi image of the OP VIII, with Panerai, Panerai engraving, the rep is decorated with CDG.

Time keeping and power reserve, (my watch, not any other just because mine is running like this it does not mean yours will be)

Out of the box (after 2 weeks almost in the mail from UK to Germany) it was running about plus 23 seconds a day, after a bit of regulation I got that down to + - 0 in dial up position but we will so how that pans out on the wrist.  One thing I will say here is that there is quite a bit of slack in the gears on A7750s so it is wise to wind the time forward a little and then turn the hands back to the correct time to counter for the slack.





Before regulation


After regualtion


Power reserve seems to be 36 hours plus.

Water resistance out of the box,
Vacuum test (dry) Passed
Pressure test (wet, I checked the gaskets were there first but nothing else, but will say the case back could have been a little tighter) Passed 5 ATM without problems and I am sure it will do more.

Strap, Very nice soft leather, hard to imagine that this is a rep after the crap you used to get a couple of years ago.

Buckle, Again nicely executed thumbnail style buckle in titanium.

Finish and feeling, Very good, no sharp edges, nicely finished and clean


In Summary then, This is an excellent watch, no two ways about it, at this price on the high street I don't think I will get anything this quality, never mind such a good replication. It feels good, runs well, look awesome, and made from some quality materiel. I love the style, normal Panerai just became a bit basic for me but the Auto, GMT with date makes this a useful watch.
My thanks go to Precious time (great if you are in the EU) (
http://ptswisswatch.com/ )for supplying this for me (don't worry I paid for it), It took a while to get to me but we can blame GLS for that not the seller.


Just because mine is like this it does not mean that yours will be, that is the nature of the rep game, QC is not a science in the rep world, although it is getting better, treat it like sex for a 17 year old boy, awesome when you get it but it aint happening every date!
If you want to get your watch wet then get it tested!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want it to run well for a long time get it serviced!

The rep game is just that, be prepared for long waits for the post and for the occasional disappointment, but sometimes just sometimes you really get 99% of the watch for 1% of the price!





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Good review, glad you didn't toss it!  Appreciate the time it took and I like your delivery style. Looking forward to more in the future.

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Well you need to read back 7 years there a few of my reviews out there

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Andy how do you feel the crown guard cut outs are compared to gen.  The gen are also angled, but I feel the rep is a little more obtuse and thus has a larger "corner surface".


Overall a beautiful piece!

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Andy how do you feel the crown guard cut outs are compared to gen.  The gen are also angled, but I feel the rep is a little more obtuse and thus has a larger "corner surface".


Overall a beautiful piece!


They dont bother me in the slightest, after all the biggest let down on this is the crown guard as it is more curved, but lets face it in the real world do you think people will notice this, Hell some people dont notice far bigger things so small bits like this wont bother me.

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unless the person is evaluating your watch closely -- and is looking at whether the CG is acurate, they wont be able to tell..


[edited out comment that ran afoul of the forums rules] 


my point is that people can't tell the differences in the crown guards unless they are looking for those differences and you hand them the watch .. on your wrist it looks just fine.

Edited by Ricardo L

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Thanks for the review!

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Just a quick one

If any one swaps there leather strap out when new will you give me an option to buy it.


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Just a quick bump on this to say that I have not worn another watch gen or rep, (and those that know me know I have a bit of choice at home) since I got this, it is a shame that the patina grows fast on the leather pretty fast but it is just a perfect and useable Pam well done to the makers of this one!

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