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Stellita Constellation... a super rep? pictorial


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Since I started the fascination with Swiss watches a decade ago, I have owned a few, but never a Constellation.  I would try on the blue and the silver SS models, and I never really felt a connection.  I do like exhibition backs and when I saw the 38mm chronometer I became a fan, but didn't act on purchasing one. A couple of months ago I decided I wanted one, and was told they no longer had the Stellita movement, as the prices sky-rocketed!  I tried a few TDs and only Trusty said he could still get one.  I went ahead... the first QC pics showed a 35mm that was not at all the same watch... fortunately I noticed the issues and was told to wait for new ones.  When the new ones came through... I was impressed.  It was the correct one!


What do I like about it?

  • AR on both sides--invisible crystal sometimes
  • beautiful special sunburst pattern, originating at the applique star above the 6 marker
  • very well detailed and beautifully finished hands (brushed center, sharp edges, bevelled seconds hand) and dial and markers
  • 1:1 case shape and bracelet finishing
  • a very beautifully finished brand new Swiss Stellita SW-200-1
  • a decorated movement spacer ring
  • very accurate and precise
  • excellent finishing... amazing when compared to gen... amazing
  • very high quality overall...








This is the Stellita SW-200-1.  This is the decoration and quality.... did they have to go this far?  no. But they did.






So it dawned on me.  This is a beautiful and well-crafted watch, rep or not.  It shows that some makers choose to excel with quality.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery--and that's exactly what this is.  They could've cut so many corners... but they didn't.  I wish all my reps were THIS good and THIS honest lol. 


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