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Quick review of H-factory PAM 297 O-series

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I just got this watch from Joshua / Perfect Clones. Since I already have H-factory's PAM 299N, I expected this model to be the same in terms of case set, bracelet and sapphire and I was mostly right. The only difference are caseback engravings - quite deep while production number (O xxx/600) is VERY deeply engraved, as per gen photos. But I suspect the production number font is not correct … ? All I know is that font/size is variable on this watch between series so maybe it is correct anyway.


If you are curious about the case set and bracelet, You can always take a look at video I took for 299N:




The CG inner corners aren't so sharp as on Noob version.


Sapphire is very good, without any white halo around the cyclop - just perfect.


Hands - perfect, as known from previous H-factory Pam GMT models.


Cannon pin is semi polished,not flat mirror like - but rather less shiny than chrome effect. Like per gen:








It is easy for the rep to catch the right light angle to get both hand and CP surfaces to mirror light the same way.


Something which got me interested is the dial:


- the lume application is almost flat with dial surface, not beveled, not sunken - just flat

- the black color of dial is a bit different to that known from 299N - a bit more shiny…? But it resembles gen behavior since it is easy to see the rep dial looking like this gen one:




- the rep subdial has concentric circles albeit less visible than on PAM 299N. It is almost the same story as with "299N subdial drama" where gen has subtle concentric circles, too. Most of gen photos of 297 don't show these circles and subdial appears flat. Anyway, when looking hard for lucky photo I found this picture of gen PAM 297O series, with characteristic shimmering on subdial - the proof it has concentric circles:




Anyway, this H-factory PAM 297O probably has these concentric circles too visible (maybe too thin paint layer of too low viscosity of a paint).


Now photos of some rep aspects:
















My personals thoughts:


- I cannot compare it with Noob PAM 297 since I don't have both watches at the same time. It is expected that H-factory has better sapphire with better cyclop and AR.

- I wish H-factory would deal with these pesky inner rounded corners of their CGs. Now I will have to 'mod' it with a diamond file.

- in my opinion, this watch looks better than 299 since bigger skeleton hands match better this heavy SS construction.

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Great review and beautiful watch! I've been eyeing this one :)) I have the 237, but this dial is a bit less busy and nicer IMO.


How does everyone feel about the current runs of reps with superlume?


For me, I think they're all just a bit too green, where the gen has a mix of C1 & C3, it seems, and is shown on the dealer websites that they are C3 only.

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