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5508 Build.

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For over a year or so I had a Yuki 5508 Gilt dial and never had a case for it. I heard that the Tiger case would fit it, and it did!
Build specs:
Tiger case.
Yuki 5508 Gilt dial.
Dial/Hands relumed.
Gen spec tube/gen crown
ETA 2879.
Hands from an old Sandoz Submariner.
Drilled out lug holes.
Faded insert from another case.
Phoenix Nato Strap.
The dial was already in rough shape lume wise, and I figured I couldn't hurt it any more than it already was. The previous lume job ended up with half the markers being green and the other half being brown. I am happy with how the hands turned out; not bad for a first try :) 
The 5508 used a 6mm crown, I was going to use the 8mm Athaya, but decided to stick with the 6mm, for now...
I may try sanding down the crystal sometime in the future, but am content for the moment.

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Looks good!

The case could use some softening on the lugs to make it look older


If you did the 8mm crown, it would be a 5510 and the depth rating would be 200m-660ft so you'd need another dial.

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Nicely done!


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Nice, shame yuki doesn't make these dials anymore.. Was a nice cheaper option that fit these clunky cases.

@nanuq is there a thead on that watch somewhere?

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I know this is an old post! I'm thinking of a similar build. I thought Tiger only took 29mm dials while 5508 dials are 27.x mm. Is that not the case?

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Tiger cases have changed. I don't think a Tiger 5508 case has drilled lugholes these days so it's not a good candidate in my mind.

Yuki doesn't make a 5508 dial from what I see on his web site- 6536 is the closest you can get.

I did find a cartel 5508 on Trusty's site


It's a start- you'd need a better bezel insert and bezel which might be tricky and the dial is passable, but until you got it apart you wouldn't know what the dial diameter is- my thinking is that it's 28mm or so but that's just a guess. 

Beyond that you could go to MQ or Phong and build a high dollar 5508- maybe put a 2824-2 slow beat variant in there- typically a 2846-2 won't fit in a 5508/5513 case. 

But you could put a 2846-2 in the Trusty case and that would be a slow beat upgrade. Maybe for $500-600 you could end up with a decent 5508- age the dial, soften the case, if you got a decent bezel insert, maybe no one would notice the bezel.



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