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Best base for a Franken Planet Ocean 42mm?


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Im looking to start a Planet Ocean 42mm Franken Project and looking for some advice...
I have read through a lot of threads here regarding franken PO'S, there are some real beauts being created and posted here, and i'm, hoping to achieve something similar. so a few questions:
Is the latest 5th Gen aka V5 PO (From Trevor or similar?) the best base to begin with? i.e does it have all the basics - good case, HE Valve in correct position?.. Any advice? Recommended TD's? As this is the most critical bit, want to make sure i start with a good one!
I know i can source the parts from cousins or ofrei, Right? Below is stage one that should get it looking pretty good:
Gen Bezel(Or insert/Pearl at least)
Sunny Crystal(Got to be done)
Gen Dial
Gen hands
Gen Crown & Tube
Gen HE Valve
I have a surprisingly good(guess i must have been lucky?!) 20mm SS Bracelet, from a PO rep that ive already got, but would look to get at least Gen End links and clasp in time, if not the full bracelet.
Once i get the correct base unit, and all the parts, who would you recommend to get in touch with to undertake the work? Any experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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The one from Trevor is the best base. V5 next to my Frankenstein upo is still so good.


Received my V5 from Trevor on Friday, its a beaut, couple of minor issues(such as the bracelet, what a pain in the [censored] that was!), but these are really great pieces now. will put some pics up in a new thread over the next few days before the Franken project begins!


initially, i think i will be doing the below:


Sunny Crystal


Gen Dial and hands.. and datewheel(although ive heard somewhere that its not straight forward to fit these to a 4813 movement, anyone confirm?..


Gen Crown and tube


Gen He Valve(shame that these are a dummy on this model) anyone had any experience fitting a gen to a V5?..


So any experience anyone has of the above mods would be greatly appreciated!

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