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Good day. I purchased a BP 5004 from Josh over a year ago. I love the watch and am prepared to invest in a complete overhaul. yes, the crown and tube needs to be replaced, a functional power reserve would be fantastic, and of course the strap is rather pathetic. Does anyone have any experience with these modifications  Any feedback, suggestions, sources etc would be most appreciated. kind regards to you all. 


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First you need to uundestand that a working power reserve and proper subdial spacing is dictated by the movement. You can't have both without a GEN 5111 movement. I have a 5002 Franken which will be similar to a 5004. You can purchase a dial , datewheel and crown/tube in OEM. Make sure to have plenty of money handy. You will also need custom labor to have everything fit.

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Forget about the functional PR - for a gen dial with functional PR you need a gen movement because the stems of the rep movement are not fitting. A gen BP-movement is extreme expensive and (nearly?1?) not available! I'm searching for over a year now and not able to source one... You don't really need a functional PR. If you wear the watch with PR it winds up and the PR will show "full" after a short time. The gen will also wind up and show "full". A rep with faux PR shows - "full". So where is the difference?


Crown and tube are nice to change to gen. It will cost you round about 200$. But your first thing to change should be the dial (to gen), the clasp (to gen) and the strap (to gen or to a very good strap maker). Gen dials are easy to source (for the 5002, I don't know exactly for the 5004), search ebay. The price is about 100-150$. A gen clasp and a gen strap is available from an AD. Take some money with you, it's expensive. 700-800$ for the strap and 200-300$ for the clasp... 


But look at some really good strapmakers like HKTan, JacobStraps, Peter or Hamilton. The user rolojack  in this forum has also a source to really fantastic rep BP-straps and to high-end reps of BP-clasps.


Hope this helps you to get your dream watch ready.

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Strap just arrived for mine today from Peter, bespokely crafted in Black Croc with white stitch and only 4 holes, I could have actually just gone 1 but stopped short and just said less holes on show. New Crown set coming as usual problem of stripped thread I fear! I love this watch and just bought a 5002 sister for her.




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