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IWC Mark xv Thoughts Please

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I am relatively new to this forum, joined a few months back.  Since then I've managed to pick up a sub and Tag Carriera from Trusty Time.


I am now looking to pick up a Mark xv with the cut off hour hand.


I have searched this forum far and wide as well as Trusty's website and other TD's but havent managed to find a really accurate looking version of the Mark xv (the pieces I've seen appear to have the hour hand a tad too long and the seconds hand as silver as opposed to white from the IWC website)


Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you in advance for your help.



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You probably won't find that rep in stock from a dealer anymore. Since they have released both the MRK XVI and XVII, I doubt it's still being produced.


If you're stuck on having the XV, then your best bet is to post a WTB and see if you can find one for sale from a member. You will probably need to do the mods yourself however, and I'm not sure if gen hands can still be sourced. Concepta would know.

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Cro how did you get that bracelet on there? Doesn't a xvi have a 20mm lug width

@DutchGuy2 fitted the XV bracelet to this XVI and I bought it off him on M2M.
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