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Happy Christmas to me lol

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Heres a couple pics of the 3 watches i offered myself for christmas, and also a new strap on the way from europe.

Yes, i do realise i have a thing for diver watches lol

Hope you enjoy, Cheers

Wrist size 6.5


Swiss Army Saphire Crystal with moded 22mm strap







This is my New Hublot Diver came in December 31st it was the watch i have been looking at online for the past year. (extremely happy with the product)




Ap Diver V5 arrived december 31st, easy to wear with anything. Its awesome




Citizen Nighthawk Received December 31st (very lightweight unfortunately bracelet a little cheap but overall great)




Strap on the way 22mm for the citizen nighthawk possibly




I hope you all had a great time for christmas and new years

and for those who did get some watches (reps, gens, and jokes) please post i would love to see em all!! :)


Sorry for only having links and not posting the pics straight in, some pics were ginormous and some were small.. dont understand why so you all get photobucket :p


Sirdiesel The French Canadian


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The watches are looking good, the Hublot is a big beast! I always think it's too big for my small 6,3in wrists tho 

I love the SA watch and strap combo! 

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lol mike, keep ur hulk size hands away from my diver :p

although the buckle has sharp corners and hurt my princesse wrist the watch wears well, a bit heavy for most people but i enjoy really heavy watches :)

and i don't think it looks rediculous having a 6.5 with a hublot diver but it sure does grab peoples attention.

finally i know how black men feel :)


was a joke ;)

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love that last strap!!! would you be able to tell me where you got it from? 


and love the collection. quite beautiful and perfect christmas gift.  :)

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Last strap is from an artisan from Europe, I'd have to check my emails I believe his name is Jose. He's not from the forums I googled a lot of strap makers lately

Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk

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