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Incoming Noob CrPO 42 - First Impressions


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Just to add to s3g0y's mouth watering recent pics. My Noob CrPO arrived from Ryan today (excellent as always - 7 days from order to arrival). I'm going to spare everyone a boring review and keep to some concise observations.


-I have a Noob PO LM LE and I've owned the BP CrPO. Overall this is superior to the BP version and at least as good build quality as the LM.

-The case and crystal are superb - better AR coating than the BP version and disappears at most angles, 6-7 crown turns to lock, functional HE valve, perfect SEL.

-The dial is very nice, but suffers with minor QC issues - my 3 and 9 markers are ever-so-slightly off but hardly noticeable. The DW font is beautiful - white silver and raised as gen and mine centres very well ;-)

-The bezel rotates nicely with no play and lines up perfectly at 12. The insert is very nicely replicated and the pearl is absolutely amazing - as gen


-The bracelet is good - on par with the BP and superior to the stock LM. The links and screws look will engineered and the overall feel oozes quality.

-Okay so the display back/ETA clone movement is an obvious tell to those in the know, but it really doesn't bother me. I'm hardly going to be passing this watch around for close scrutiny and the movement is actually quite pleasing to the eye. The decoration is a reasonable disguise and I'd much rather the Noob boys concentrated on the business end which they appear to have done admirably.

-I tried the gen on a couple of weeks ago and from memory this rep is very, very close. If anything the case is slightly too slim (has anyone taken the time to measure it yet?) which is fine with me as the gen sits too tall on the wrist IMO (compared to my gen 2500).

-So is the Noob CrPO better than the PO LM LE? I'd say they are both superb - the stock bracelet on the CrPO is definitely better than the LM, but the display back is a blatant tell. Am I mad having both of them in my collection? Probably. Do I care? Nah.

Cheers for reading - I'll post up some better pics tomorrow.

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From what website did you buy this watch, i,m still not familiair with the websites that sale these kind of watches. Wich one is The best bang for buck i can get? Best site for service.

If possible i want a box too.

Merry Christmas to all!

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