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1601 Franken build with 2824-2 (my first build)


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Hi. I'm pretty new to building/modifying watches, but I am just finishing my first 1601 datejust franken build, and thought I would share my project with you- hoping to get some tips/ providing some pointers from my experience.

I have started another build aswell, and would like to perfect my skills and keep building time pieces with a personal touch :-) this topic will include both projects.


- genuine 1601 case

- genuine 1601 bezel and acrylic

- genuine Rolex tube and crown

- ETA 2824–2

- genuine blue dial

- Tudor hands

- movement holder raffles time #1 (slightly modified)

- aftermarket leather strap

# 2

- About the same specs but with the pan pie dial

- aftermarket Jubilee bracelet (signed 554)


Just ask me whatever you want, and I will try to help you out if I can. I would gladly share my experiences/provide tips/pictures/explanations if it could be of any help to others doing similar projects ;-)









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Thanks :-) learning every day. I am looking for some good parts suppliers for rings, holders, spacers, gaskets, crowns etc..

Anybody who can throw in some input here?

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Not very large quantities, but if I know myself (witch I tend to do) there will be new builds until I am completely happy with the result (a perfect 1601 franken). Since this will probably never happen, It would be nice to get to know some (or one:-) supplier of build-parts. Better than using endless time on ebay :-)

Anybody who can supply ETAs with no logos, H4 pinion to raise the hands nicely from the dial- PLeASe contact me ;-)

If anybody wants to sell me 1-10 genuine date just 16xx/16xxx cases or even sub-cases- please let me know if we can work out a deal :-D

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