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Buying a new gen 116520 Daytona, what should I watch out for?

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Hey guys, so I'm looking to buy a 116520 steel cosmograph daytona. I've never bought a brand new, gen, Rolex before. My quarterly bonuses are starting to get pretty sizable so... I'm looking to treat myself. I've been browsing around rolexforums since some sellers have them on hand. There is one a local seller on those forums who seems to sell literally hundreds of new in box Rolex watches, and has amassed a ton of positive feedback. So I'm pretty sold on the seller. I do have some questions that I could ask on rolexforums, but honestly based on my long term experience here and browsing their posts there, people here are way more competent. 


- What is the going MSRP at the moment around the US market?


- This seller has listed 116520s at $11.2k. Is there a chance it's gray market? He says this particular piece is from a US AD, but some of his other pieces are foreign ADs, most likely Asian.


- What are my concerns regarding registration and warranty in a gray market situation? I've bought TAGs abroad before, had no problems with warranty/reg. 


- What else should I look out for on a new piece?


- I'm not particularly concerned on getting sold a rep. New ones have blue lume and 3d bar codes, these things alone I haven't seen in a rep. It would have to be quite a super franken with some amazing docs to pass ;-), but any tips here are of course appreciated.

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