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Hi All


I picked this up while I was in Saigon in 2011

It felt great and had a very nice bracelet.


I knew nothing about replica watches and decided to learn a bit.


I still know nothing except for the two giant flaws I discovered on this watch.


Clear case back and dot markers.


I have yet to find any other person or dealer who has this watch.


Watch runs very well, a couple of seconds off per day.


My question is, now that I know its flaws should I try and find someone to fix them or just live with this as a fantasy watch. And what movement does it have. I assume its a 7750 but what do I know.


I actually liked it more before I found out it doesn't resemble the gen.


Any advice would be appreciated.






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Its not a A7750 its a basic elcheapo A21J 

could be 



Other Gens with Dots include 





and these 40mm





dont waste your money on upgrading would be my advice


Get a 029 or a 88  (click line twice)



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